A screen shows a black hair boy with brown eyes and wearing a school uniform.

"Hi, I'm Ash. I'm an ordinary Hedgehog. To tell you, I don't know what to do in my life but..." Ash explained. "I'm a superhero and with the help of my powers I become a Pretty Cure!"

We see sonic transforming into her Pretty Cure form.

"Great Power of Hope, Neo sailor moon!" sonic yelled and does his pose.

he then blinks and smiles, "Hey, wanna meet my friends?"

Now we see a black hair girl kicking a soccer ball with her knee.

"This is Maya. She's our sports girl and plays alot of them." ash introduced maya. "She is Red Flame of Passion, masked Rose!" Now we see Amy as Masked rose as she turns around.

We see a yellow hair boy reading his script and says them without saying a word.

"This nutaro. he's a actor and very busy but he's cool and a good friend." Ash introduced Nutaro. "he is Effervescent Scent of Lemon, Sailor Venus!" Now we see Nutaro as Sailor Venus as he turns around.

We see a brown haired boy writing on a book as he looks at the books.

"This is kikyo. he's has a temper but he is really shy, kind, can write stories, and a student council." Ashintroduced kikyo. "he is Tranquility of the Green Earth, Sailor Mercury!" Now we see Kikyo as Sailor Mercury as he turns around.

We see a black color hair boy playing a violin.

"This is ranma! The student council like kikyo but she is so cool!" ash introduced ranma. "he is the Blue Spring of Intelligence, Sailor Jupiter!" Now we see ranma as Sailor Jupiter as she turns around.

We see a a girl with long, curly black hair boy eating some taikyaki with neo-Coco, neo-Nuts, and neo-Syrup.

"And last but not least is luffy with neo-Coco, neo-Nuts, and neo-Syrup! he is bizarre but really smart, calm, and cool. We also disagree about food." ash introduced luffy. "he is The Blue Rose is The Secret Mark,Sailor Mars!" Now we see luffy as Sailor Mars as she turns around.

We see ash's head as he said, "We are one great team."

Now we see all of the sailor scouts a roll with Ash in the middle.

"We are The Sailor scouts !" The girls yelled.

Now we see them looking up with them in a circle with ash in the middle with spot lights on them.

"Our job is to protect neo-Coco, neo-Nuts, and neo-Syrup's home and find the four rulers!" ash said. "And insure peace for all worlds!"

"YEAH!" The scouts yelled.

We see a rose as music came on and then the rose petals blew away in a black screen. That's when music came on as scenes of sailor scouts from different shows appeared.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

*I'm waiting for everyone's help

So let's go forward and shout together

Yes! Go! Go! Our feelings are one!

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

A dreaming flower bud never gives up

Even when it seems she'll fail, she believes and goes

These pure single drops of tears

Like the smiling morning dew

On a newly bloomed rose

Now! A gracefully flying chance

With our cute hearts we'll combine our strong courage

Now you and I will aim for it, because the future is here

We'll try to finally obtain it!

But that's the eternal, indestructible Pretty Cure

**A daredevil full throttle

There are no absolute limits

Yes! Go! Go! Let's go, girls!

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

If someone steals the hope from your eyes

Even your character will stop being cute

These beautiful single sweatdrops

Something in my body I'll protect forever

A smile that will never fade

Now! The shape and color of freedom

Let's all tie flower buds and make a bouquet hand in hand

Now you and I are connected because we have a wish

So we'll cross a rainbow and send our love!

That must be the Pretty Cure of dreams and hope (repeat)

If you're ever lonely or sad

When we're grateful, quietly

We can reminiscence

You and I both still

Possess an unknown power!

The seeds of dreams are always nearby

Let's fill up our hearts, that's Pretty Cure!

Trapped in a corner full throttle

We'll create a never-failing storm together

Yes! Go! Go! Following our own paths

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! (repeat)

Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!...

Promise of the Rose

We see a black screen until a door open to see a girl standing there, she looks and sees a girl who is maya as a little girl breathing hard. She came over to the other girl, who's eyes were in the shadows of her bangs, and holds a beautiful white rose.

"Here Kukki." maya said. "This rose is for you."

"Wow. Thank you. Nobody's ever given me a gift before." The girl, now called Kukki, said taking the white rose. "I'll never forget this, maya-chan, and someday, I'll be back with flowers for you."

That's when we see the building wall and maya crying as sparkles of light disappears where the girl was standing.

"Why did you have to go away?" maya asked.

"Don't be sad. Someday, I'll be back with flowers for you. I promise."

The scene flashes to maya who is older and wearing a red jacket, white shirt, red skirt, white socks and orange and red sneakers.

"Forget-Me-Not." ash said. That knock maya into her senses and looks at ash. he wearing a white jacket, pink shirt, a purple skirt, white socks, and brown shoes.

"What? Huh?" maya asked.

"I said this flower's called Forget-Me-Not." ash replied.

"Oh, yeah. Forget-Me-Nots. They's nice."

"Know what they stand for?" ash asked.


"They stand for true love in the language of flowers."

maya giggled. "The language of... uh... hrmm." maya sighed seeing ash lookin at the flower staring at them like he wish neo-coco can kiss him.

maya looks around and said, "Nobody back there. Okay." maya clears her throat. maya was about touch Ash to talk to him. A pair of familiar brown-ish eyes were watching from the shadows between the plants. It was Majorythm who is wearing a pink t-shirt with a bubble in the middle over a white long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, brown belt, and white sneakers.

"Oh, yuck! Ash looks like he wants a kiss from neo-Coco. How gross!" Majorythm said.

"Look at Mster Fish lips, all puckered up like some..." luffy said. he was wearing a purple tak-top, a short dark purple jacket with long sleeve, blue-voliet skirt, black socks, and purple shoes.

The boyss were watching but kikyo didn't want to because he doesn't like spying. nutaro is wearing a yellow shirt with a flower in the middle, a orange skirt, white socks, and black shoes. ranma is wearing a white colloared shirt, a blue skirt, white and blue palted skirt, white pantyhose, and black shoes. kikyo is wearing a pink jacket over a green dress, pantyhose, and Mary Janes.

"This isn't right guys..." kikyo said, trying not to look. "were spying... stop... come on... let's go."

Majorythm saw something maya did and yelled, "HEY..." but the boys closed her mouth and pulled half of her body back.

"Shhhhhhh! You'll ruin everything." nutaro spoked.

"We're not being a very good example for Majorythm. We should go." kikyo said.

"I have to agree." ranma nodded.

"YOU TWO bail when the best part's coming, but we're staying." luffy told ranma and kikyo.

"Huh?" kikyo asked.

The boys try to hold majorythm's mouth and body as she struggles to get out of their grips.

"Would you guys kock it off?" luffy asked. "They're gonna hear us."

maya was tapping ash's shoulder who turned around with his eyes closed and puckered lips which freaks maya out until she saw the shelves moving.

"Hmm..." maya smiled a little and walks off. "Uh-oh!"

Ash still looks puckered and day dreaming looking but he opens his eyes and saw a caterpillar on a leaf. It comes up which scares Ash making him fall over and scoots to the wall. It was Majorythm holding a leaf twig with a caterpillar on it and she, ranma, nutaro, kikyo, and luffy laughing at that.

"Ooh! You snoops are gonna pay!" Ash yelled, but realized Maya's not with him. "Maya? Hey, where'd ya go?"

Maya's outside and she's looking at the rose garden and the fountain.

"It's so nice here. The flowers smell so nice. The fountain's so soothing." maya smiled. "I never noticed how the flowers make me feel so calm."

That's when the fountain stopped making maya wonder, "Huh? Hrmmm, how weird." maya asked. Then it begin to rain rose petals. "Flower petals?" maya asked.

"HA-ha, Neat-o! It's snowing flowers!" ash yelled.

The others are outside and saw the rose petals.

"Mmm, it smells so good!" Majorythm smiled.

"Wow, it's so lovely! Whee!" ash squealed.

As Amy watched she saw a girl with long, aubrun, hime cut hair pulled in a ponytail, her eyes were hiding in the shadows of her bangs, and wears a white short sleeved shirt with a dress over it, white leggings, and red dress shoes. Rin started at her with eyes widen like she knows her before. The rose petals stopped raining.

"Amy, did you see?" Sonic asked.

"What?" Amy asked.

"It was raining rose petals!" Sonic said.

"Hey!" A voice called.

"Huh?" Sonic asked, looking at the girl.

"It's been a long time, Amy..." The girl spoke up as we look at her from down to up to reveal she has red-violet eyes. "...too long."

Sonic looks at Amy and asked, "Are you friends?"

"Huh?" Amy answered. "No."

"I never forgot." The girl said, walking towards her.

"Wha...?" Amy asked.

"It took me a long time...but I kept my promise." The girl said, still walking as the girls started at her. "I finally found a flower worthy of our friendship."

"Friendship?" asked Amy.

"That's right." The girl nodded, holding her hand. "I vowed to return with flowers for you, too."

"Flowers?" Amy asked.

"It's still the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given me, Amy." The girl said, taking Amy's hand and puts her other hand on top making Sonic mad.

"I'm sorry. I have no idea what you're talking about." Amy said, confused.

"You must remember. I promised you." The girl said.Sonic then butted in and went in front of Amy. "Okay. You're done. I need my friend to myself now. Tata Strange-oid."

The girl glared at him and snapped, "Nice try.", then she held his hand up.

Sonic and Amy looks at her and said, "Huh?"

That's when the girl pushed Sonic making the girls gasped as Amy watched in shocked. Sonic felled on the ground.

"Sonic!" Amy yelled.

"No!" The Sailor scouts yelled, running towards him.

The girl is walking back as the others glared at her.

"Coward! Come back here!" yelled Knuckles.

"You should be ashamed!" yelled Cream. "It's not right to push people!"

Far away, the girl stare at them yelling, "No one's going to prevent me from keeping my promise... no one!" That's when the girl was circled around by rose petals and some were blowing towards them like the wind. The girls screamed.

"Flower petals again?" Amy yelled as she stares at the girl.

"There's so many!" Chris yelled.

That's when the girl disappears up into space as Sonic said, "She's going away."

"But to where?" Amy asked.

The sky was light blue and the fountain begins to work again.

"She vanished." spoked Tails.

"Why did she come?" Cream asked.

"That's Kukki." spoked Amy as Sonic stared at her. "Has to be."

"What's going on?" Sonic asked.

It's night time at Cream's house and we hear an announcer. "And finally, we have news from the obersvatory that," As he speaks, Majorythm is sleeping on a couch as Cream covers her with a blanket then joins the others except Sonic and Amy. "this afternoon, a minor planet has been observed approaching the Earth's orbit at an unusually high speed. Around 11:20 tomorrow evening, it should be around twenty-five million kilometers from Earth: still a safe distance in astronomical terms. Anyone with a telescope should be able to spot it..." Before he could say more, the TV was turned off by Knuckles.

"The observatory's equipment has tracked it, too-coco." Neo-Coco spoked, worried.

"You guys look really worried. If that planet keeps its distance, aren't we safe?" Chis asked.

"We're not sure it will." Neo-Nuts said.

"Did you pick up something up, Coco?" Urara asked.

neo-Coco turns into a human and types on the computer. "Computer findings point to yes." That's when the planet appeared on the screen. "We've determined that the planet's about six hundred meteres long... a pretty good size, actually-coco."

"Bigger than I thought. If it plummets to Earth, it could be huge trouble." Cream said.

"Right, but slim chance there." Neo-Coco said. "The planet looks big, but its mass is pretty small. It's as if it's hollow. It'd most likely burn out before it reached Earth."

"So what's got you worked up?" Cream asked.

"The planet's got a mega-high plant energy reading." neo-Nuts answered.

"Huh?" The sailor scouts asked.

"Yeah right, so there might be some unfriendly ferns planning to take over our planet. neo-Nuts, you're being paranoid." Knuckles giggled.

"And if they were going to invade use, wouldn't they be a little more discrete?" asked Chris.

"Or else... maybe they just wanna make some new friends." Knuckles smiled.

"It's hard to tell." said Neo-Coco.

"Ooh, I wonder what it is." Sonic said. Everyone looks at her. She's under the table talking. "Ooh! There seems to be some kind of connection between those two." Sonic got back up on her pillow seat. "Ooh! Rin-chan's not allowed to have secrets."

"Why?" asked Knucklesi. "Because you can't keep one to save your life?"

This made Sonic stare at her, a little mad.

"I think that girl was just some kind of wacko." Cream said, eating pizza.

"Maybe Nozomi-san's right. There did seem to be some kind of connection between them." said Tails.

Cream stares at Sonic. "Sonic, did Amy mention this girl?"

"Uh... No." Sonic nodded. "We don't talk about it our childhood very much, I guess. She says it was too sad."

"That's strange, seeing how everybody's adore with her." Chris said.

"Huh? Everbody including you?" asked Knuckles.

"Of course not. We're friends."


"I just said she's popular."

"I've seen the way you look at her like a fan."

Neo-Coco, turns back into an animal, and Neo-Nuts sighs and looks down.

"Can't they ever be serious-coco?" Neo-Coco asked.

"Doubtful." neo-Nuts nodded.

Sonic layed on the floor with his hands behind his head and thinks about him and Amy.


"I'm so sorry about having no friends." Sonic said, we see Sonic and Amy at Amy's house. Sonic looks at Amy. "So... you've been alone ever since?"

"Yes." Amy nodded.

"You were so young, too. Were you always...lonely? Even before I meet you?" Sonic asked.

"Very much." Amy said.

"Didn't you have friends?" Sonic asked.

"I do now even when we meet, and that's what counts. The past is over. Since I meet you as a child, I haven't had a single lonely day. You're my friend and family now, Sonic."

Sonic puts her head on Amy's knee and said, "Oh, Amy..." Sonic then thought. "You're right about that, Amy. We're friends and family now, and that means, I'll do all I can to protect you, forever."

End of Flashback

Sonic was still laying there as the others spoke.

"So that was your first friend?" Tails asked.

"My first friend was the girl from the grocery store." answered Cream.

"Couldn't you find a place more excited?" Tails asked.

Knuckles laughed.

"Honestly, all you talk about is just looking." said Tails.

Sonic opens the door, sits down, and stares at the night sky. "Amy..."

As the night continues, a glow came out of the sky. It was... a dandilion seed? It flew all to the city and into a tree place. It went into the ground and the glow vanished. A flower bloomed up as a pretty, pink flower.

It's morning time as the girls head for the bus stop to go to school and Majorythm and her Shugo Charas follows them. neo-Coco, neo-Nuts, and neo-Syrup as animals are on Sonic's, Chris's, and Tails's shoulders.

Sonic yawns. "Being a good student AND a superhero is totally exhausting."

"Please, try babysitting a bunch of wannabe Scouts who do nothing but gossip." snapped neo-Nuts.

"Hmm..." neo-Syrup mumbled.

Everyone laughed.

"I forgot. Thanks for lunch, Chris." Majorythm said, holding her lunch bag.

"You're welcome, Majorythm." Komachi smiled.

"You love your pizza, don't you?" Knuckles asked.

"You bet." Majorythm nodded.

That's when Chris and Majorythm stopped and stared back.

"Guys, wait up!" yelled Chris. "Douka shita no, Knucles?"

"I feel it! There's something very bad close by!" Knuckles yelled.

That's when the girls ran to find the problem but Majorythm has trouble catching up to them.

"Wait for me!" Majorythm yelled, holding her charas. She then felled over on the ground. "Don't leave me! How could forget me?"

The sailor scouts stopped running onscreen when they saw something that made them gasped.

"Oh no!" Tails yelled.

"Eww..." Sonic cringed.

They saw every people on the floor unconcious.

"What happened to all these people?" Tails asked.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing!" Cream said.

Tails came up to one person and looks at him.

"Their energy's been stolen!" said neo-Syurp.

"Are you sure?" asked Sonic.

"Girls, be super-alert-coco." Coco said.

Everyone looked around, being alert.

"I'm sure the culprit's gone by now." spoke Urara. "Probably gone to find more victims."

"Or plan the next attack." Syurp nodded.

That's when the person Urar's by grabbed her leg! He pulls her up making her scream as the others gasped.

"He's got her!" Nozomi yelled.

"Let me GO!" Urara screamed.

She kicked him letting go of her. That's when everyone got up like zomibes with vines as the girls gasped. Komachi notice vines were on them.

"They're all...covered with vines!" Komachi gasped.

"They seem to be everywhere." Nuts spoked.

"But where did they come from?" Karen asked.

More vines came and surrounded the people and made them zombies.

"The plants are controlling these people!" spoke Komachi.

They surrounded Urara as she yelled "Oh no!", one grabbed Komachi making her scream, and others surrounded Nozomi making her scream.

"Tak that, plant-breath!" Karen yelled, throwing them away.

The zombies were on Nozomi and one was pulling her nose. "Ooh! Let go of my nose!"

Kurumi had an idea as she runs off and grabs a piece of paper.

"EVIL SPIRITS...DISPERSE!" Kurumi yelled.

Alots of papers with symbols landed on peoples faces and burns the vines making everyone passed out. Nozomi got one person off of her and said, "That's a load off."

Komachi got out a computer and spoked, "Hold on! I'm getting a reading on the energy source that controls the vines!" That's when her computer kept scanning. "Almost there..." That's when it located the target. "Got it!" They saw the flower, the one from last night, "There it is."

"A puny flower?" Nozomi asked.

The flower pop out with legs and the girls gasped as Nozomi yelled, "Eww!"

Coco, Nuts, and Syurp gasped also. Erin screams when she saw the flower "That plant can move!"

"Stop that wicked weed!" Nozomi yelled.

The flower passed Kurumu and it's heading towards Erin.

"It's after Erin! RUN!" Kurumi yelled.

"Erin, start running!" Karen yelled.

"Erin-chan!" Erin's charas yelled.

Erin screams but in a flash Nozomi grabs her after yelling, "I'm coming, Erin."

They then hit a glass window, rolled to floor twice, and stopped.

Back outside, Kurumi yelled, "Nozomi!"

"Oh no! What is it?" Komachi asked.

The flower keeps running until a woman pops out laughing. It has blue hair, pale skin, red eyes, and a top on, bracelets, and shoulder pads. It was running towards Komachi and Kurumi.

"EVIL SPIRITS DISPERSE!" Kurumi yelled, throwing the paper but the plant keeps dodging.

It grabs Komachi and Kurumi into the wall with it's hands while laughing. The hands turns into vines, her eyes glowed, she backs away, her flower opens at the back, and their energy is being sucked.

"I can't fight it!" Komachi yelled.

"It's draining us!" Kurumi yelled.

"It's got Komachi and Kurumi-san!" Urara gasped. "It's the one who stole people's energy before!"

Coco yelled, "We need Pretty Cures!"

Urara and Karen held up their phones and yelled, "Pretty Cure Metamorphose!". They begin to transform into Cure Lemonade and Cure Aqua.

"The Effervescent Scent of Lemon, Cure Lemonade!" Urara yelled.

"The Blue Spring of Intellingence, Cure Aqua!" Karen yelled.

As the plant sucks their energy, Kurumi and Komachi yelled, "Get this weed off us!"

"PreCure Prism Chain!" Lemonade yelled.

That's when two chains went towards the flowers vines, broke them away from Kurumi and Komachi, and the monster rolled over.

"PreCure Sapphire Arrow!" Aqua yelled.

A sapphire blue watery arrow hits the flower monster as it got trapped in it. Karen, Urara, Coco, and the others went to Kurumi and Komachi to see if they are okay.

"Let's hope we're not too late!" Nuts said.

The flower broke out from the aqua color flash and Coco yelled, "It's still alive-coco!"

"That's one stubborn weed!" Karen spoked.

The creature got up and laughed. "Ha-ha ha! Let's play!"

Kurumi got out a make-up looking box and yells, "Skyrose Translate!" That's when she transforms and her hair grows longer with half of it in pigtails.

"The Blue Rose is The Secret Mark, Milky Rose!" Kurumi yelled.

Komachi held up her phone and yelled, "Pretty Cure Metamorphose!". She begin to transform into Cure Mint.

"The Tranquility of the Green Earth, Cure Mint!" Komachi yelled.

"Here I come, ready or not!" The creature yelled about to strike.

"Let burst a snowstorm of roses, envelop the evil power! Milky Rose Blizzard!" Milky Rose yelled.

The rose strike but the flower creature dodges on goes on the walls of a building.

"With Aqua Ribbon!" Aqua yelled getting her item. "The rock-crushing power of a young girl's outpourings...take this! Pretty Cure Aqua Tornado!"

The stream of water was about to hit it but it dodge almost hitting Mint until she dodged. The thud echoed into the shattered window and a piece fell off. Inside the building, Nozomi is on the floor sleeping. Erin's hand came offscreen holding a wrapped up napkin stick and tickle Nozomi's nose to wake her up. Nozomi sneezed making Erin's shugo charas fly backwards fast. Nozomi rolls over sleeping.

"Whoa. Boy, she sleeps like she's dead like Serena..." Erin thought as she puts the straws in Nozomi's nose. "...but at least she doesn't snore. Come on, Nozomi. Wake up!"

That's Nozomi gasped, "Whoa!" and breathed hard making Erin have a sweatdrop.

"About time you woke up!" Erin yelled.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Nozomi yelled, blowing the straws out of her nose at Erin's face which look blank. "I wasn't... sleeping."

Nozomi growled as Erin wipped her face saying, "Could've fooled me. Didn't want you to miss the fight."

Nozomi stops and asked, "It's still on?"

"Yeah and they need help." nodded Erin.

"Ooh!" Nozomi said, getting up and shouted, "Pretty Cure... Metamor...!"

"Oh, sleepzoid..." Erin called.

"I'm a little busy here! What is it, you bratty toon girl?" Nozomi asked.

"Thanls for saving my life." Erin said, blushing and hold a thumbs up. "You're a pal. Now do your thing, Dream princess!"

Nozomi stared but smiled. "You got it. Pretty Cure Metamorphose!". Nozomi begins to transform into Cure Dream.

Back outside, the creature strikes with her vines as Milky Rose yelled, "Let burst a snowstorm of roses, envelop the evil power! Milky Rose Blizzard!" The rose strike and broke the vines.

Karen throws her Aqua Tornado again but it dodges as Karen stops and spoke, "That plant's got turbo drive!"

That's when the creatures vines grabbed Urara and Komachi, and then Kurumi and Karen.

"She's caught 'em." gasped Syurp.

"We've got to get them out of there!" Nuts yelled.

That's when a pink flash went through the vines and broke them off of Kurumi and Karen and comes back and cuts Komachi and Urara's vines. The pink flash disappeared into a hand. The creature growled as the girls looked.

"Look out, stink weed!" Nozomi's voiced yelled and she appears. "How dare you use your floral beauty in such an evil way! Who knows what compost heap you come from, but you're not welcome here... believe me, we get to the root of every problem! Great Power of Hope, Cure Dream!"

"Dream-coco!" Coco yelled.

"I know! That's me." Nozomi smiled.

The creatures vines attack Nozomi but she dodges. Komachi held her hand and yelled, "Pretty Cure Emerald Saucer!" The emerald saucer hits the monster making not move and stunnded.

"Dream, use your power!" Mint yelled.

The monster was about to move because the tentacles.

Cure Dream crosses her arms as it glows and about to attack. The monster is about to move until Dream yelled, "PreCure Shooting Star!"

The Shooting Star strikes right at the monster making it scream and it exploded and pink smoke swirled and went everywhere.

"Good riddance!" Aqua yelled.

"Impressive." A familiar girl's voice said, coming from the smoke.

The girls gasped. The person stand next to the dead flower with familiar shoes.

"I never would have pegged you nitwits as having such awesome power." The girl's voice said,

"YOU'RE behind this!" Dream yelled.

The girl is actually the one from before yesterday at the garden named Kukki which Rin knew who it was! "Uh huh, but as you well know, no one ever works completely alone."

"Who are you?" Nuts asked, as Erin came out offscreen.

That's when flower petals swirls around her and her hair is down to her hips and her outfit is black sleeve-less turtleneck top with unbloom flower on her left chest, upper-length black gloves with red lines, a black skirt, red leggings, red sash, and black boots with linnings on top and toes. (A/N) Almost like Dark Rouge but not completely). The flower unbloomed by itself and a small woman with long pink hair with blue highlights, black chocker and bracelets, and is surrounded by red petals and yellow stiffs.

Erin gasped with eye widen and yelled, "Oh no! The Kisenian Blossom!"

"Quite the little welcoming committee." Kisenian smirked. "Thank you, Kukki."

"Hmm, I believe this planet's perfect for cultivating our plans." Kukki said. "The energy is very good here."

"You know what I always say. Let's put the 'petal' to the metal." Kisenian told Kukki.

"Gladly." Kukki nodded.

Kukki raised her arm and a force pushed Mint and Lemonade away and then Milky Rose who hit the wall. Aqua gasped while Kukki giggled.

"That's not funny." Aqua said, trying to hit her. "You weed!"

Kukki raised her hand, in slow motion, towards Aqua and in a flash Aqua hits the telephone booth.

"Cure Aqua!" Dream yelled.

Kukki chuckled. "We've done the Pretty Cure hash." Kukki's nails grow long. "Now let's try the Dream-kabobs!" Kukki was about to attack but suddenly a fire power hits straight and then suddenly a white rose pops out which makes Kukki stops..

"Huh?" Kukki wondered.

That's when Cure Rouge came out of the background of a ball gowns and tuexedo billboard and shouted, "Nothing good will ever grow in a garden full of darkness, Kukki. We all know it. Red Flame of Passion, Cure Rouge!"

"The girl can just burned up. Whoo!" Dream cheered.

Kukki then notice the white rose was familiar to her. "A white rose!" Kukki smiled as her nails disappeared. "Rin-chan! You remembered the promise we made all those years ago!"

"Kukki, your heart was pure, then, but no longer." Rouge spoked after she came down.

"And you swore me eternal friendship, but now you chose this dingbat over me, Rin-chan!" Kukki told Rouge.

"She is my friend, as you are. If you believe in our friendship, Kukki, you must trust Cure Dream and the people here." Rouge spoked.

"If you say so."

"Believe me, Kukki."

But the Kisenian eyes glow as she chuckled. Kukki's eyes glowed red making Rouge gasped. Kukki jumps up as Dream looks up, gasping. Kukki yelled, "This girl has you bamboozled, Rin-chan!" Kukki takes a sword out about to strike Dream.

"Dream, run!" Rouge yelled.

In a white flash and it disappears, we see Dream on the floor with Coco, Syurp, Nuts, and Erin.

"Kukki, stop!" Rouge yelled.

Rouge is using her item to block Kukki's sword.

"Why should I?" Kukki yelled.

Dream, Coco, Syurp, Nuts, and Erin watch as Rouge blocks the sword.

"The reason Earth is so appealing to you is because we the Pretty Cures drive out the negative forces!"

Kukki screamed, "They ARE the negative forces!" Kukki throws the sword and item away. The sword almost hit Nuts but he dodged.

"Be careful, Rouge!" Dream told Rouge.

Cure Rouge fell to the ground next to Cure Dream. Kukki lands on the ground about to attack.

"Kukki, no!" Rouge screamed.

Kukki's nails grew fast right towards Cure Dream but in a flash they hit... Cure Rouge but we don't see it. In a red flash, Cure Dream gasped, "Oh no..."

Erin just eye widen and gasped as she covers her mouth.

Kukki gasped, "Rin-chan!"

That's when Cure Rouge fell to the ground weakly holding her stomache and Cure Dream catches her.

"Cure Rouge! You saved my life!" Dream cried. "Oh, my friend..."

Cure Dream begins to cry as she holds Cure Rouge while Kukki stands there.

"I can't lose her! She's the only friend I've ever had!" Kukki told to herself. Kukki's eyes turned red and Cure Rouge's body begins to glow as Cure Dream watches confused. Cure Rouge disappeared as Dream yelled, "What?"

Kukki's arms held out and Cure Rouge fell into her arms.

"Give her back!" Dream yelled, getting up and runs towards them.

"Cure Dream-coco!" Coco yelled.

Kukki flies into the air with Cure Rouge. In the white screen, Dream runs as she yells, "GIVE HER BACK!"

Kukki disappears with Cure Rouge. "No! This can't be!" Cure Dream yelled. She stops and watches. She fell to her knees and begins to cry. "Rin-chan..." She kept crying. "Rin-chan..." She begins to cry so hard that she lost her childhood friend. "Oh no..." She yelled, as she kept crying.

We hear crashing noises and we see a car falling off a hill. Then it flashes to a doctor.

"I'm afraid your friends did not survive the accident." The doctor told young Rin, who is in a bed with a cast on her arm, crying. "We did everything we could to save them, but it was too late."

"My friends... everyone... why did you have to leave me?" Rin sobbed. "Why'd you leave me all alone?"

"You're not alone." A familiar young voice said. Rin looks and sees human Kukki then transfom into a fox. "I'm here with you."

The image of Kukki as an animal was turned into human Kukki and older. We see Rin still as Cure Rouge and inside a case full of water.

"Kukki..." Rin spoked but grunt because of the pain.

"You need to rest now, Rin-chan." Kukki told her. "We can talk later."

"You're real. You came back." Rin said. "I thought you were someone I just made up to ease the pain of my childhood loneliness."

"I'm real." spoked Kukki. "Our friendship is what sustained me all this time."


We see Kukki as a red fox with a little light purple fur inside a bubble and was floating around in every dimension.

"Before I came to the hospital, I was drifting all alone in dimensions. I had no idea where or when I was born." Kukki narrated. The fox Kukki looks and sees a hospital building in a portal. "Finally, after a long and lonely journey, I was carried to Earth."

At the hospital, it was raining and Kuki was on the ground as the bubble disappears. Kukki opens her eyes and saw young Rin, who has an umbrella and a cast arm, looking at her.

Now we see Kukki on a bed covered up. She opens her eyes and saw Rin smiling at her.

"As soon as I saw your eyes, I knew it was your good energy that had drawn me. We became friends immediately: two lonely girls." Kukki narrated. We see the top of the hospital roof and young Kukki, as a human, and Rin was there the same way before. "But I wasn't able to stay on Earth, for my human form there would've last for a long time. Leaving was the hardest thing I've ever done."

Young Rin gave young Kukki a white rose. Young Kukki takes the rose and says, "Thank you, Rin-chan."

"That simple flower, a white rose, was the first and only gift I ever received." Kukki continued.

"I'll search the universe and dimensions for the perfect flower to bring back." Young Kukki told her smiling.

Now we see planets as the camera goes down to a red shining star as Kukki narrated, "I looked everywhere, and eventually I found a star where the perfect blossom grew. Finally I could see you again."

We see the Kisenian Blossom who looks up and smirks. Kukki looks at it as it glow.

"When I picked the Kisenian Blossom, a thought struck me." Kukki continued. "On Earth, people had left my friend Rin all alone. I vowed then and there that they must pay. You deserved so much better."

End of Flashback

Rin looks down mad and said, "You're wrong. I have family on Earth. Let me go!" Kukki stood there with red eyes as Kisenian's spirit surrounded Kukki. "I'm happy there, Kukki. That's where I belong."

"No longer. You belong here... with me your true friend, Rin-chan." Kukki spoked in a dark voice.

"Kukki..." Rin spoked.

We now we see the planet that is coming to Earth.

"From now on, only I will give you flowers." Kukki told Rin.

"So the Kisenian Blossom comes from another galaxy?" Lemonade asked in the background.

"And she's the one who sent that vicious vine vamp before?" Aqua asked in the background, too.

Now we see everyone is at a huge pipe hole somewhere as they talked to Erin since she's knows about the Kisenian Blossom.

"That's right! The Kisenian Blossom is on of the most dangerous creatures in the universe: a most wicked weed, indeed!" Erin explained. "Her aim is to try to gather energy from every star and planet. This was the second time I'd ever laid eyes on her when I was with Sailor Moon, but I'd heard the legend often when I lived in the Moon Kingdom."

We see the Kisenian Blossom as a flower as Erin explained.

"On her own Kisenian's just another flower..." Erin explained. We see Kisenian Blossom with a person who is sitting down. "... so she needs someone to act on her behalf: a kind of pawn. So she waits for someone with a vulnerable heart to come along."

"And she somehow puts him under spell." Aqua added.

"Exactly." Erin nodded. We see everything turning red and everything is being destoried. "She plants the seeds of negativity and turns a pure heart into a dark one, and from there, her power will grow until she destorys everything." That's when the plaent got destoried and we see Kisenian's spirit. "Once Kisenian is finished with a particular star or planet, the pawn becomes dispensable and the planet filled with hatred."

"So poor Kukki's just another on of her victims." Aqua said.

"She's got her brainwashed, rinsed, and dried." Erin nodded.

Mint picked up a circle case with the flower in it. "I've analyzed the energy of that flower we fought with, and I've found the same kind of energy is given off by planet that is approaching the Earth."

Lemonade and Aqua gasped.

"Then we've gotta go after her!" Aqua shouted.

"And fast! She must be stopped!" Erin said.

"The future of our planet depends on you girls." Syrup nodded.

"Let's make that planet mulch!" Aqua said, pounding her fist.

"Remember, Rin-san's with them. We've got to make sure we get him out of there safe and sound."

The girls nodded but Dream spoked, "There's no way."

"Huh?" Everyone asked.

"It's too dangerous. We're not going anywhere. It's my fault, and I won't lose any more friends." Dream sobbing. "I'm not strong enough. Rin-chan...sorry I'm wimp who needs protection."

"That's not true!" Milky Rose told her.

"Amai, what's with the wimp talk? Work your charachange on Cure Dream!" Erin said.

"Sugar, Sweet, Yummy!" Amai yelled.

A peppermint hairclip replaces Erin's ponytail and magically a bom-bom and a candycane came into Erin's hand. She puts them together.

"May I remind you you're a superhero? Bang!" Erin asked as she throws the candycane at Dream's forehead and a little flag pops out from the holder. "Why is it do you think we fight for you?"

"Mental void?" Dream asked.

"Because we value your friendship." Aqua answered, smiling.

"Yeah and friends will always fight on the same side." Lemonade nodded.

"Because you brought us together. You and Rouge keep us together." Mint said, as Dream took the candy off and ate it.

"And we can't let our friend Rouge go." Kurumi spoked.

Dream looks at them and said, "Right."

Later, the girls hold hands as Erin gave them stones of the same color as their's.

"There's trouble brewing fast!" Nuts yelled. "PRECURE!"

"TELEPORT!" Coco and Syrup yelled.

"GO GO!" Erin yelled.

That's when the stones in each of their hands holding together is glowing and the girls got wind blow up. The colors glow straight up and that's when they disappeared leaving a hole and cement pieces. Erin saw this and looks up while holding her charas in her arms.

"Nozomi, Pretty Cures, come back safe you guys." Erin thought, worried.

In outer space, we see planet Earth as the camera slowly moves away from it. That's when the Pretty Cures appeared still holding hands and inside a bubble. Mint got googles out and said, "Target ahead!"

We see the planet as the Pretty Cures float around and near it. The planet then opens up and it was shaped like a huge flower and it has a pink color. The pink color is actually pink flowers all around the planet and huge rocks. The Pretty Cures float around as they look at the planet.

"Weird. The entire planet's covered in pink flowers." Lemonade spoked.

Mint's googles begin to blink as she gasped, "Enemy on turbo approach!"

That's when a flying creature that looks like the creature before only with wings and legs flies towards them as the girls scream. It flies passed them and it's sharp thorns broke the rock and the rocks hit the bubble making the girls scream but the bubble was still there.

"Man! We're sitting ducks!" Aqua yelled.

"Hold on! Got a plan!" Lemonade yelled.

"Okay! GO!" The girls shouted.

The enemy was coming back only with sharp throns from its elbow about to strike.

"PRETTY CURE...!" Lemonade yelled as the bubble goes faster.

The creature chuckled as it strikes faster.

"...ATTACK!" The girls shouted.

They strike at each other making a huge ball of exploditions. The girls were flipping over but Nozomi is falling as she waves and screams like crazy.

"...or not." Dream cried.

The others landed safely but Dream landed on her butt as she yelled, "Ohhhh.". The creature screams as it falls to the ground with white streams and lands. It tries to get up in the tornado of white but it got destoried. Dream sighs in relief. Mint types on her computer as Aqua comes next to her as they look at something ahead.

"What is that, Mint?" Aqua asked.

"Hang on. I'm analyzing it now." Mint answered. Her goggles then scanned all the way until they saw a stand. "Looks like the headquaters." That's when she saw Rin inside a glass case. "And Cure Rouge's there."

Nozomi gasped and tries to go. "Then let's go!"

Karen stops her with her hand up and told her, "Wait! It could be a trap."

"Oh!" Nozomi grumbled.

"You've been trained well, Cures..." Kukki's voice called as the girls looked around. "...but rest to assured, I'd never use my friend as bait... at least, not for such an easy catch..."

That's when a light of circle glew and a figure came up covered in flowers as the girls gasped. "It's her!" Nozomi gasped. The figure comes up and the flowers fall of to reveal Kukki.

"...although I didn't think you'd actually come. You don't strike me as that loyal." Kukki finished.

"Hey, Blossom Girl! Give Rouge back to us!" Nozomi yelled.

Kukki walks towards them a little as she told them. "I will release her. I'll take her back to Earth myself... but not now. We're not ready."

"Ready for what?" Kurumi asked.

That's when the flower opens and three dandielion spouts came out up to Kukki.

"To set our plan in motion. These are the seeds of my flower, and pretty soon, we will be close enough to plant them on Earth: millions of pods, each containing the seeds of our power. They'll grow on any surface, and before you know it, Earth will be carpeted by Kisenian Blossoms!" Kukki explained. We see the planet turning around and the seeds goes to Earth. The seeds comes to Earth and now we see the girls' home town covered by the pink flowers.

"And the Kisenian Blossoms feed on…" Komachi asked.

"Energy!" Kukki nodded as the petals circled her. "The human race will be sucked dry and become extinct!"

"Not if I can help it!" Kurumi yelled, throwing her attack but Kukki disappeared before it hit her.

"She disappeared again." Karen groan.

Komachi gasped at her computer.

"What's wrong?" Urara asked.

"We're surrounded!" Komachi yelled. The computer blinks into pink dots that coming to where they are at. "There are negative forces all around us!"

"Where? Where?" Kurumi asked.

"I can feel its negativity!" Komachi spoked. "Oh no! They're multiplying!"

That's when the computer kept blinking loudly. Urara looks down and gasped at the flowers. "The flowers..."

We see the feild and that's when a figure came up and became the creature again only with a snake body, chuckling. That's when we saw more coming up and chuckling. The girls backed up on each other as more came up.

"Nozomi-san, let's nip this in the bud with your Shooting Star. Think you can do it?" Urara asked.

Nozomi held up her hands and shouted, "You bet!"

"Get ready to cover, Cures." Urara yelled.

The snake creatures smirked then growled as they came closer to the girls.

"Let's wilt these witches!" Karen yelled. "PreCure Sapphire Arrow!"

The arrow hits some of the creatures but more came up until Urara yelled, "With Lemonade Castanet! The bursting power of a sparkling girl...take this! Pretty Cure Lemonade Shining!"

The Lemonade Shining butterflies hit some of the creatures.

"Pretty Cure Emerald Saucer!" Komachi yelled, as she throws the emerald saucer hits the monsters strait.

"Let burst a snowstorm of roses, envelop the evil power! Milky Rose Blizzard!" Milky Rose yelled. The rose hits the monsters.

"Pretty Cure Shooting Star!" Nozomi yelled.

Her attack hit all of the monster as quickly as Kukki watches this.

"Better retret, regroup and really nail them!" Kukki commanded the monsters.

The snake creatures back away as Komachi gasped and yelled, "Watch out, you guys! The flowers are fixing to increase their fighting power!"

The flowers made a huge wall of themselves as Komachi's googles disappears.

"So long, Pretty Cuties!" Kukki giggled.

The girls gasped in horror.

"They're multiplying!" Karen yelled.

"There are too many!" Urara yelled.

The monster went over them and about to cover them.

"DREAM, MOVE!" Kurumi yelled, grabbing Nozomi's arm and throws her away and she rolls down the hill.

The creatures came over them as they screamed and Nozomi watches in horror. They got completely covered up and they formed into a hill of pink flowers. Nozomi breathed in horror as she runs up to the hill. She goes to her knees and digs the flowers.

"No! I don't believe this!" Nozomi yelled, still digging. "Oh please, you guys! Don't do this! I need you!" Nozomi stops digging and she begins to cry. "I can't do this by myself."

"What a coward!" Kukki yelled.

Nozomi looks up and saw Kukki on the hill with the creatures behind her.

"I saw how you abandoned your so-called friends! What a wimp!" Kukki yelled.

Nozomi got mad and yelled, "Pretty Cure Shooting..." but got cut by Kukki. "STOP!"

That's when a stalk came up with Kurumi, Urara, Karen, and Komachi tied by vines to the stalk coming way up as Nozomi yelled, "Oh no!"

"Cure Dream, surrender!" Kukki ordered. "Hand over you magic powers or lose your pals!"

That's when a lighting came out and eletricted the girls who screams in pain.

"Stop!" Dream yelled.

That's when they kept screaming until it stopped and the girls were silent.

"You're so mean." Nozomi told Kukki.

"All's fair in love and war, Dreamy Princess. I'm daring you: either your powers... or your fellow Cures. It's your call." Kukki demanded Nozomi.

Cure Dream looks at her stone, her item, and herself.

"Not the items and powers. You can never give it up." Kurumi spoked.

"Don't let her use us against you." Urara spoked.

"The power belongs in your hands only." Komachi spoked.

"You cannot surrender it, not even for us." Karen spoked.

Nozomi stared at them as her eyes welded.

"What's your choice?" Kukki yelled. "You're gonna abandon them again?"

"Never... " Nozomi said, dropping the stone and her items. "You win..."

That's when the monsters stopped and Kukki stared at her. Nozomi looks up and said, "...I'm sorry. I can't turn my back on them." The girls stared at her weakily. "Without my friends, it's not the same. I give up."

"Coward! Fight them!" Kurumi yelled, with tears.

"I can't. I know I can beat them..." Nozomi told Kurumi, about to cry. "and, then you'll get hurt... and I couldn't bear that."

Kukki stared at her for a moment and she then helds her head as the monsters disappears. The stalk disappears and let's go of the girls. Nozomi gasped as the girl sfell to the ground slowly.

"You guys!" Nozomi yelled.

Kukki grunts in pain. "What's happening to me? I'm not used to these emotions."

"Kukki, she's tricked you. All she wants is for the Scouts to help her take Rin away from you again."

Kukki's eyes turned red and said, "My friend. She can't have her!"

Kukki stood there as Kisenian Blossom's spirit went around her and her outfit turns a black long sleeve shirt, red sash, black skirt, black leggings, and black rolled up boots. Kisenian told her, "If you help me fight her, I'll make sure Rin-chan remembers your special bond, but your friendship with her will never come back to life until Cure Dream and the Pretty Cures are gone!"

Nozomi watches them as Kisenian's spirit came closer as she yelled, "Together…we are invincible!"

A red flashes a monster face and it exploded big bright light. Now we see Nozomi shedding her eyes until she half looks and sees Kukki with pink color on her sash and highlights on her outfit and hair and with arms and tentacles around her. The glow disappears after that.

At the headquaters, Rin is trying to break free by pushing the glass. The glass begins to break and it sbroke as the water and Rin came out. Rin hits the floor and gets up weakly saying, "You are not my friend."

Back with Kukki, she raised her hand and a force pushes towards and hits the rock. The rock sbroke and Kukki came out and held to Nozomi with her hands, tentacles, and the other hands.

"Raise your hands if you want to try this energy." Kukki told the flowers.

That's when hands came out of the ground, the ground begins to glow and blew wind through Nozomi and Kukki, and the petals came out of the hands. Nozomi screams in pain because her energy is being drained.

"You can wail all you want, but my followers won't give up until I tell them, so give up your claim on Rin-chan's heart, and I'll tell them to stop!" Kukki yelled. "You don't know what it's like to be lonely without true friends, Cure Dream! Or you wouldn't try to take Rin-chan away!"

Komachi got her head up and looked because the girls heard the whole thing. She begins to remember about her loneliness.

Flashback in Green Color

We see Komachi writing in her books on her desk next to a window as two students stared at her.

"All she ever does is write in books. She's such a bookworm." Student 1 told the students.

"Yeah, Author Akimoto Komachi-san, the wold's writing loner." Student 2 nodded.

Komachi stares at them with a sad look.

End of Flashback

Komachi just looks up a little. Nozomi screams, "Help!" as Kukki talked to her, "You don't know what it's like to have everyone shun you because you're different, Cure Dream."

Karen was half up. She heard the whole thing and remember about her loneliness.

Flashback in Blue Color

We see the outside school, two students were staring at Karen who is sitting next to the tree with a cased violin.

"I heard she is the cool and inspiring girl in every school." A girl told a boy.

"I give her two weeks." The boy said.

"Why bother trying to make friends? She's too cool and poular for friends anyway." The girl said.

Karen looks at them as she puts her hand on the violin case.

End of Flashback

Karen gets up on one knee.

"Maybe you'll understand what Rin-chan means to me... if you get a glimpse of true loneliness!"

Urara gets up weakly and remember about her loneliness.

Flashback in Yellow Color

We see Urara walking outside reading a script as students look at her.

"That girl is so shy. She never says a word. And she always has a smile on her face." Girl 1 told a girl.

"Shy? You mean stuck up." Girl 2 spoked.

"Well, whatever she is, she looks like a total snore." A boy agreed.

"Oh, look at her trying to look like Pretty Cure Splash Star girl." Girl 1 said.

The girls laughed as Urara stares at them with a sad face and trying to hold back tears as the wind blows through her.

End of Flashback

Urara slowly walks towards them. Kukki keeps draining Nozomi's energy.

"Do you know how it feels never to have anyone to talk to: to share things with?" Kukki yelled.

Kurumi slowly walks to them and stops as she remember about her loneliness.

Flashback in Purple Color

We see Kurumi as Milk the Rabbi Mascot as she gives crumps to the birds.

"I heard that rabbit can't turn into a human." Girl 1 told a girl.

"Sounds kinda weird to me." Girl 2 nodded.

"Yeah and she spends all her time with those birds and Coco and Nuts. She doesn't seem to like people."

"Probably thinks she's too good for us. Humph."

Milk looks up and saw the girls with a sad face as she was about to form tears.

End of Flashback

Kurumi slowly walks towards them. Kukki still drains Nozomi's energy, screaming in pain more. Kukki finally let's go of her as Nozomi falls to the ground, breathing hard and her eyes were blank pink.

"You're history, Cure Dream." Kukki snapped at Nozomi as the tentacles came out. "Adios, theif of hearts." The tentacles sharpen and ready to strike Nozomi.

"Don't! DON'T!" Urara screamed, falling to her knees. "Nozomi-san's done more for me than anyone!"

"She's the best friend you could wish for." Karen said, stop walking as Kukki stares at her. "Just ask Rin. And she could be your friend, too."

"You could join us, Kukki. Put your powers towards building more friendships." Komachi spoked.

"You think I'm a dope?" Kukki asked, angerily. "You're just trying to trick me into letting her go so she can take Rin away!"

"You're the one who's been tricked!" Kurumi yelled. "Kisenian Blossom wants to rule alone. She'll destory you, Kukki. Once she gets what she wants, you're history, and Rin-chan will be, too."

Kukki stares at them then Nozomi who is still laying there breathing hard.

"NO! Kisenian is no traitor!" Kukki yelled. "She'll find a place for Rin-chan in her plans... and Cure Dream... is the big obstacle to making that happen." Kukki glowed red and more tentacles came after she yelled, "TIME TO DIE!"

"Nozomi-san!" Urara gasped.

"Stop it!" Karen yelled.

"She's helpless!" Kurumi yelled.

"Nozomi-chan!" Komachi gasped.

The tentacles are about to stab Nozomi until there was a firey flash. Kukki stood there, the tentacles are around Nozomi, and we see a white rose on Kukki's chest.

"A white rose..." Kukki whispered.

On the other side, we see Rin's arm acrossed her face and was glaring at them.

"You chose them?" Kukki asked.

"Yes." Rin answered, falling to her knees.

"She got out!" Urara spoked.

Kukki then fall over still in pain.

"Rin-chan!" Kukki yelled.

Kukki looks at the rose and grunts in pain as cracks broke the power as she backs up and tentacles, and then she screams in pain as the power broke in a huge flash of light and she was wearing the black long sleeve shirt, red sash, black skirt, black leggings, and black rolled up boots. The rose flew out of Kukki's chest and onto the ground offscreen. The light glew dim. Kukki then fall over backwards and grunts in pain.

"Why don't you go after her? She's weak." Kisenian told Kukki. "Get rid of her!"

"We're like sisters." Kukki spoked. That's when we see young Rin as a little girl again seeing young Kukki offscreen."We've shared the same pain. All I've hoped for was to be friends once more."

"I'm sorry, Kukki." Rin spoked.

"Goodbye, Rin-chan. I hope you're happy with your choice." Kukki told Rin.

That's when every flower of the flower planet disappeared completely. The girls looked and they saw no more flowers.

"It's bare." Urara spoked.

"The flowers vanished." Karen nodded.

Komachi fell to her knees and smiled, "Earth is safe. We've foiled Kisenian's mission."

That's when everything begins to rumbled as the girls falled over screaming and the other parts of the planet moved away. The middle part where everyone is moving fast.

The girls hear Kukki's evil laugh, "I forgot to give you your parting gifts! Wouldn't want you to think I was rude!" Kukki explained, looking at them with red eyes. "We've programmed the core of the planet to self-destruct on Earth. In a few minutes, you'll be on a crash course home…without enough power to teleport off this rock!" Kukki laughed more.

"And once we've landed, I'll suck the Earthlings dry in your memory, my faithful servant!" Kisenian finsihed.

"You'll do no such thing, Kisenian!" Nozomi yelled.

Nozomi got up without using her arms, her item Dream Torch, the stone, and a sword called Starlight Fleur came out, and they were about combined.

"NOT THAT!" Urara yelled.

"DON'T DO IT, CURE DREAM!" Kurumi yelled.

Nozomi just stand on her knees combining the items.



Nozomi is still trying to combined them.

"DON'T DO IT!" Rin yelled.

"It's cool. Why have the items if I'm not supposed to use it?" Nozomi told them and stares at them back with her head. "Don't worry. Everything'll be all right. Now, let's get home safe and sound. 'Kay?"

That's when Kukki's hand grabbed them items all the way to Nozomi's chest making the girls gasped even Rin. Nozomi grunts in pain.

"If you think you're going to change this planet's trajectory, you're wrong! Give me the items!" Kukki yelled.

Nozomi's outfit turned into ribbons surrounding her.

"Ha-ha ha! Like candy from a baby!" Kukki laughed.

Kukki tries to get them items but Nozomi's hands went on Kukki's wrist gentley making Kukki's eye widen.

"I can make you better. Your heart is still pure. We can be friends, if you trust me." Nozomi spoked.

"You're lying!" Kukki yelled.

"Maybe you'll believe me if I show you how Rin became my friend." Nozomi said.

Nozomi grunted as the light glow and Kukki screams and it's showing the flashback of the hospital.


We see the hospital building and inside the hosiptal hallway. We hear crying as a door was open to reveal young Rin crying on her bed. She stops crying as she looks down and saw young Nozomi with her hand on her hand and resting her head on it.

"Who are you?" Young Rin asked.

"My name is Nozomi." answered Young Nozomi. "Why are you crying?"

"Because my friend's leaving, and I'll never see her again... and... she's the only friend I got." Young Rin explained.

"No she isn't..." Young Nozomi told Rin as she looks at her. "...'cause from now on, I'll be your friend too. My mommy just had her surgery today, and I got these white roses for her."

Young Nozomi had a bouquet of white roses and she holds one up to young Rin.

"Here. It's a present." Young Nozomi said, wanting to give one to young Rin.

Young Rin sniffled and smiled, "Thanks, Nozomi.", she reaches out the flower and her finger touches the stem and everything was pink and frozen. Kukki is in the background seeing young Nozomi and young Rin.

"Rin-chan's rose cam from you!" Kukki gasped and then flashed to young Rin holding the white rose in front. "It was a token of YOUR friendship?"

The flash ends to Nozomi with her eyes closed. Kukki then felt something.

"The items are changing!" Kukki spoked.

Kukki's hand let's go and the Dream Torch is on the sword's handle and the stone was... "A flower!" Kukki gasped, forming tears.

"Kukki, take the items and get rid of her!" Kisenian demanded.

Kukki just stood there bursting into tears, crying.

"Kukki!" Kisenian yelled. The flash of the items hit Kisenian screaming in pain as she disappears into mist. Kukki begins to sparkle back into a red and purple fox and she fell in front of Nozomi, unconsious.

The red glowing planet is about to strike Earth. The cures looked at Nozomi. Nozomi just stood there with her eyes closed. A song came on as she opens her eyes and the items combine with the sword as she lifts it into the air and that's when Nozomi's ribbons transformed into her second form... Shining Dream!

There comes a time
When you face the toughest of fights
Searching for a sign
Lost in the darkest of nights
The wind blows so cold
Standing alone, before the battle's begun
But deep in your soul, the future unfolds,
as bright as the rays of the sun!

The planet glows as Nozomi helds the sword to try to stop the planet.

"Shining Dream!" Urara yelled.

"Nozomi!" Karen yelled.

"Be strong!" Kurumi yelled.

"We're with you!" Komachi yelled.

"My friend..." Rin spoked.

"Starlight Fleur, protect us! In the name of the Moon…" Shining Dream yelled.

You've got to believe
In the power of love
You've got to believe
In the power of love
The power of love

The sword covers the planet with lines of silver white lines. Nozomi was having trouble controling it.

They say emotion
is a light that flows from the heart
It's a chain reaction,
and nothing will keep us apart
Stand by my side
there's nothing to hide
together we'll fight till the end
take hold of my hand
and you'll understand
what it truly means to be friends

Nozomi yelled, "…I ask you to help me save them! They are family to me! They are my loyal friends, and our home depends on them!"

Rin gets up completely, her item appeared in front of her outfit as she grabs it, and her outfit turns into Shining Rouge!

"Come on, minna-san!" Urara yelled, getting up. "She needs our power!"

"Pretty Cures, this is waht it all comes down to!" Karen yelled, getting up.

Kurumi gets up and yelled, "Right! Nozomi needs us!"

"Together, we can win!" Komachi yelled.

You've got to believe (You've got to believe)
In the power of love
You've got to believe (You've got to believe)
In the power of love
It gives meaning to each moment
It's what our hearts are all made of
You've got to believe (you've got to believe)
In the power of love (power of love)
the power of love (the power of love)

The girls walks up to Nozomi. More shining lines came but rocks were coming off of the planet but Nozomi dodged. Rin puts her Fire Fleur next to Nozomi as her other hand holds Nozomi's shoulder.

The girl's items appeared, and hold each in their hand: Komachi has her Protect Fleur in her right hand while her left has Kurumi's hand and Milky Mirror, Kurumi holds Karen's right hand, Karen holds Urara's hand and her Tornado Fleur, and Urara's other hand has her Shining Fleur. They all transformed into Shining Mint, Shining Aqua, and Shining Lemonade while Kurumi's outfit transform into a super mode.

Komachi remembers her time with Nozomi as her eyes widen.


Komachi writing in her book on a beach. Nozomi grabs the book and pen, yelling, "Hey, bookworm!"

"Hmm?" Komachi asked.

"Today, you're gonna do nothing except play!" Nozomi yelled.

Komachi stared at her for a moment and spoked, "Wow. I've never done that alot before."

End of Flashback

Komachi yelled with tears, "This has to work!"

Kurumi remembers her time with Nozomi with her eyes widen too.

There comes a time
When you face the toughest of fights
Searching for a sign
Lost in the darkest of nights
The wind blows so cold
Standing alone, before the battle's begun
But deep in your soul, the future unfolds,
as bright as the rays of the sun!


Kurumi sighs as she sits in a chair next to a table where Nozomi is sitting.

"You know, too many sweets can be bad for you." Nozomi told her.

"So that must mean that you're in perfect health." Kurumi said, waving her finger making Nozomi sweatdropped and giggled.

End of Flashback

"We're here!" Kurumi yelled.

Karen remembers her time with Nozomi as her eyes widen.


Karen is walking away from Nozomi because she was still sadden about not being the fifth Pretty Cure.

"Even if you decided, you saw what happen." Karen told her.

"I'm not worried about that at all." Nozomi told her. "Adn anyway, we had a lot of fun the other day. You're mature, and clean, Minazuki-senpai. Everyone really can rely on you. You're, like, totally different than me. But, I also found one point where we're the same."

"What's that?" Karen asked.

"We both really love our moms and dads." answered Nozomi.

Karen stops and gasped a little as she looks at Nozomi.

End of Flashback

"Nozomi!" Karen yelled.

Urara remembers her time with Nozomi as her eyes widen.

You've got to believe
In the power of love
You've got to believe
In the power of love
The power of love


Urara is telling Nozomi about her dream in the theater room.

"But to make my dream come true, I think I don't have a choice." Urara explained. "You see, I think I have to do my best by myself."

"But you aren't by yourself!" Nozomi told her. "'Cause we're already friends, right?"

Urara stared at her in shocked.

"You're telling me all these feelings, and we played around so much together." Nozomi explained. "We're totally friends now!"

"Yumehara-san..." Urara whispered.

Nozomi shooked her head. "Nope, call me Nozomi, 'kay? 'Kay?"

Urara smiled big yelled, "Sure!"

End of Flashback

"We can do it!" Urara cried.

You've got to believe
In the power of love
You've got to believe
In the power of love
The power of love

Nozomi stilled held the sword, more lines came, and rocks shattered off the rock.

They say emotion
is a light that flows from the heart
It's a chain reaction,
and nothing will keep us apart
Stand by my side
there's nothing to hide
together we'll fight till the end
take hold of my hand
and you'll understand
what it truly means to be friends

"My friends. I knew I could count on them, as always…and my Rin-chan, too. I can feel their strength in the Sword now." Nozomi thought then shouted."WE ARE PRETTY CURE POWER!"

You've got to believe (You've got to believe)
In the power of love
You've got to believe (You've got to believe)
In the power of love
It gives meaning to each moment
It's what our hearts are all made of (just look inside)
You've got to believe (you've got to believe)
In the power of love
In the power of love
In the power of love

"CURE ROUGE!" shouted Rin.

"CURE LEMONADE!" shouted Urara.

"CURE MINT!" shouted Komachi.

"CURE AQUA!" shouted Karen.

"MILKY ROSE!" shouted Kurumi.

"CURE SHINING DREAM!" shouted Nozomi.

That's when the streams of lights of the Pretty Cures hit the sword and begins to glow on everything. Nozomi still holds it as she cringes until it shattered making Nozomi's eyes blank and falls over. The planet zooms around the plaent leaving a pink strip behind and the song ends.

On Earth back in Japan, we see Coco, Nuts, Syrup, and Erin, holding her Shugo Charas, are sitting on the rooftop of Nozomi's house.

"I wonder how the Cures are doing-coco." Coco asked.

"I couldn't bear it if anything happen to them." Nuts nodded.

"They're alright." Erin told them.

"Huh?" Coco, Nuts, and Syrup asked, looking at Erin.

"They're protected by Cure Power, you guys." Erin told them, smiling and looking up. "They'll get back safely."

"It's just taking so long, though." said Syurp.

Back in space on the small planet, Nozomi is laying on Rin's arm and Rin was holding Nozomi's other hand. Kurumi is trying to wake up Nozomi but couldn't because she might be...gone.

"Wake up! Wake up, Nozomi! You did it! You stopped the planet." Kurumi yelled, shaking Nozomi about to cry. "Oh, Nozomi! No! You said everything would be all right!"

"The sword used all her strength." Komachi sobbed, crying. "We can't lose her!"

"Wake up!" Karen sobbed, crying. "You can't leave us alone like this!"

"Don't go, Nozomi-san!" Urara sobbed, crying. "You're the glue that holds all of us together!"

Rin is crying as tears dropped onto Nozomi because she lost her childhood friend. That's when everything turned into a red scene with sparkles and black splash shaped images.

"I made you a promise, Rin-chan." Kukki's voice said.

"Huh? Wha...?" asked Rin.

We see Kukki standing on one knee in front of Rin still holding Nozomi.

"Kukki..." spoked Rin.

"You saved me. You and Cure Dream delivered me from Kisenian's destructive grasp." Kukki told Rin. "Thanks to you. I'm still able to give you this..." Kukki's hand opened up a pretty flower. Now we see Kukki as a fox as she said, "This is the Friendship Flower. It holds my life energy. Give its nectar to Nozomi."

Rin takes the flower by her hand and pours the nectar from the flower into Nozomi's mouth. The sword, Dream Torch, and stones' pieces begin to come back into each different items again. The girls gasped as they watched this. Nozomi's eyes open as Rin takes the flower away from her mouth. Kukki smiles as she falls to the ground and passes out again. Everyone just stared at her until she looks at Rin.

"We saved Earth?" Nozomi asked.

"Yes." Rin nodded.

"Thank you." smiled Nozomi. "Without you, I never could have held the sword until the every end. So, it's decided that from now on, when I say it'll be all right, you'll believe me?"

"Yeah." nodded Rin, forming more tears.

The girls giggled as they came to Nozomi and hugged her. Kukki wakes up a little and smiles.

"We love you Nozomi!" Karen told Nozomi.

Urara said, "I was so scared!"

"I'm so glad!" Komachi cheered.

Kurumi hugged Nozomi. "Oh! Cure Dream!"

(Woo69.144.204.109Go! Go! Go!)

If you point your hands to the sun (Go! Go!)

And swing your body from side to side (Pretty Cure~)

You'll bathe in a shower of light (Go! Go!)

Today is another sparkling day, all right!

If you be negative, you'll become a hunchback, "What a situation!"

It's only appearance so it's okay, fill up your heart, "Hustle a little!"

Open both your arms and become a flower

Cheerfulness in full bloom, always, anybody

Delivery lovely (Go! Go! Go!)

*So dance the ganbalance (Go! Go!)

And relax your nervousness, too (Pretty Cure~)

Step on the earth on tiptoe (Go! Go!)

Let's engrave the rhythm of life~ Oh! Yes

Your destiny is good luck! Everything jumps~

Pretty Cure magic, happy coming, hey!

If you're too positive, you'll be short of breath, "It's true!"

If you shake a pendelum, you'll come to its center! "Hustle a little!"

Rotate both your arms and become a bird

A full revolution of energy, even if it's close, even if it's far

Delivery heavenly (Go! Go! Go!)

So dance the ganbalance (Go! Go!)

And relax your seriousness, too (Pretty Cure~)

Look at my smiling white teeth (Go! Go!)

Let's run a smiling relay~ Oh! Yes

Imagine the future! The present continues~

Pretty Cure magic, lucky coming, hey!

(Woo69.144.204.109Go! Go! Go!)

But...there are also days when I really feel down and sighs start coming out

If I give a downward glance, my tears will reflect the blue sky~ (Oh! Yes)

If you point your hands to the sun (Go! Go!)

And swing your body from side to side (Pretty Cure~)

You'll bathe in a shower of light (Go! Go!)

Today is another sparkling day~ Oh! Yes

Tomorrow will absolutely be a good day~

Your destiny is good luck! (Your destiny is good luck!) Everything jumps~

Pretty Cure magic, happy coming, hey!