Nazo x
The only known thing about Nazo is in this image



Role in Sonic X




Nazo is a hedgehog-like power, who was oringal going

to appear in the actual show, but removed from the previous show for an unknown reason.


Nazo, name means "mystery" in japenese. Nothing else is currently known about Nazo. He appears in the early trailer of Sonic X. He never appeared in the actual show and SEGA hasn't gave any information about the mysterious hedgehog. Some actaully think he was Super Sonic, but in a different form of him, however; this is a bit unlikely, as his figure is slightly different from Super Sonic. There's a possibility that he's Hyper Sonic, but this is unlikely, as Hyper Sonic randomly changes colors and no Super Emeralds are around. He also has a slight remeble towards Silver the Hedgehog, leading some to think he was Silver. But this is very unlikely since Sonic X debuted before Silver. Many Sonic X fans think he was meant to be put as a villian, by his looks. This is possible, however; his true role is unknown. He is the most popular character of the fan base due to his mysterious nature.

Many fans think this is a clue for Season 4, thinking he will appear in the possible season.