Violet is a female seedrian who is the big sister of Baby Poppy the Seedrian. Violet is known to be a goth seedrian who is a loner and quite shy. She has a special bond with Shadow the Hedgehog who she befriended him, as he grows to like and respect her. She acts like Maria's nature. In a few episodes, it's reveal she has a crush on Shadow, due to she blushes when teased about it.


She wears a flower skirt and a purple amulet. She has long violet purple hair with violets buds on her head.

Sonic XXEdit

She appears in the same episode where Cosmo returns. After stopping Shadow Goddess' plans, they lives with her baby sister in a cottage in the meadows. Once Iris came to watch Baby Poppy for Violet, Violet was taking a walk alone, but saw Shadow. Violet follow the hedgehog who was taking a run. Violet reaches him, a politely greets him. Shadow just looks away. Violet still not willing to leave, goes over to Shadow and tells him it's a nice day today adding isn't it. Shadow still looks ahead. He then has an image on his mind, with Maria. Violet keeps standing next to him, until he shortly walks away. Violet begs him not leave just yet. Shadow stops and thinks about Maria. He then keeps walking away from her. Violet then cries out stop as she runs after him, until Eggman arrives and grabs her, with him please. Violet screams for Shadow for help. When Shadow hears her screaming, it reminds him of Maria. Shadow decides to save her, as he destroys Eggman's flying machine. Violet gently flows down with her flower skirt, and then thanks him. Shadow says he didn't really bhad a choice, as he walks away. Violet begs him to stop, as he does. She then nerviously asks him if he like to spent the day with her. Shadow thinking of Maria promise, he then hangs out with her.

Soon they are through the meadows, with Violet happily telling him the way of life and happy experiences. Shadow says just like Maria, with Violet repling who's Maria. Shadow says nothing, as they came walking. Soon, Violet ans Shadow are near at the shade. Violet tells Shadow that she is going home and then Shadow runs of. in further episodes violet will blush whenever she is teased about her crush of shadow. (similar to how cloud blushes when talked about his relationship with Rosetta.)