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The Chipmunk And Rabbit Musical 2 The Squeakass


(They're back in the 2nd Sonic 2017 musical movie yet!) When the 6 kids performing in the big concert in New York city, a bellboard fell and crashed into Silver, who is ended up in the New York Hospital. Then the Chipmunks had a plan to the Rabbits, they are going to collage that Sonic and the Gang been in there before they left. then the Chipmunks and Rabbits had been announced by the principal about a competition to get $1.000.000 to buy new program speakers. then the people had been robbed by Eggman who is a gangsta man who wants that money. So the Chipmunks and Rabbits must get that money back from Eggman and Sing and Dance their musical performence before Sonic and the Gang finds them missing.