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[1]Cure Happy in the Smile Pretty Cure! Preview[2]Cure Happy in the Smile Pretty Cure Preview[3]Cure Happy in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi Trailer[4]Cure Happy descending from the sky near the end of her transformation.[5]Miyuki meets Candy for the first time [6]Cure Sunny in the Smile Pretty Cure! Preview[7]Cure Sunny in the Smile Pretty Cure Preview[8]Akane in the preview for Episode 1. [9]Cure Peace in the Smile Pretty Cure! Preview[10]Cure Peace in the Smile Pretty Cure Preview[11]Cure Peace in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi Trailer [12]Cure March in the Smile Pretty Cure! Preview[13]Cure March in the first preview[14]Cure March in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi Trailer [15]Cure Beauty in the Smile Pretty Cure! Preview[16]Cure Beauty in the Smile Pretty Cure! Preview[17]Cure Beauty in the Smile Pretty Cure! Preview[18]Cure Beauty in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi Trailer [19]Sakagami Ayumi in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi Trailer[20]Another image of Sakagami Ayumi in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi Trailer

[21]Siren in her human form as Ellen[22]Ellen[23]Siren looking through the window[24]Siren in her Sakura Hojo disguise.[25]Cure Beat's face during Episode 21[26]Cure Beat Holding Hummy (Whole view)[27]Cure Beat invokes the Love Guitar Rod[28]Cure Beat Holding Hummy (Half)[29]" Playing the Soulful Tune, Cure Beat! "[30][31][32]Ellen with Mamoru[33]Angry Ellen[34][35][36]Ellen with all the Fairy Tones[37]Beat Sonic[38]Beat Barrier[39]Siren's angry face towards Hummy[40]Siren sings the Melody of Happiness shown in Episode 13[41]Siren cries[42]Sakura's (Siren) tears came out of her eyes[43]Siren taking down notes[44]Sakura's eyes sparkle[45]Ellen becomes petrified of the ghosts.[46]First appearance of Cure Beat[47]Siren in hiking clothes[48]Cure Beat holds her Cure Module[49]Cure Beat's Beat Barrier on the ground[50]Ellen half awaken[51][52]Ellen going to her first day at Private Aria Academy with Hibiki and Kanade.[53][54]Elen lookin for G-Clef emblem in Hibiki's heart[55]Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen and Ako in their Halloween costumes.[56][57][58]Kanade, Ellen, and Ako's G Clef[59][60][61]Crescendo Cure Beat[62]Suite Cures gaining Crescendo status[63]Crescendo Cures defeating Noise {C}

[64]Masked Cure Muse from TV Opening[65]Masked Cure Muse and Fairy Tone Dodory[66]Masked Cure Muse and Fairy Tone Dodory[67]Masked Cure Muse Looking at Sunset[68]Masked Cure Muse using her Cure Module[69]Masked Cure Muse Attacking[70]Masked Cure Muse Attacking[71]Masked Cure Muse Attacking[72]Cure Muse Speaks At Last[73]Mephisto Can't Harm his Daughter [74]Cure Muse Introducing Herself[75]Crescendo Cure Muse[76]Suite Cures gaining Crescendo status[77]Crescendo Cures defeating Noise [78]Cure Muse Looks at Mephisto[79]Cure Muse's First Transformation[80]Cure Muse tries to Reach her Father's Heart[81]Cure Muse Attacking Mephisto[82]Cure Melody tells Cure Muse that she doesn't have to do things by herself anymore, since she has the other cures to help her out.[83][84]Cure Muse 3rd opening {C}[85] {C}[86]

{C}[87]Ako Stares at the Clock Tower[88]Ako and Minamino Souta's Football[89]Ako smiles before eating a cupcake.[90]Ako Reprimanding Hibiki[91]Ako Smiles[92]Ako meets Dodory for the first time.[93]Ako Smiles[94]Princess Ako beside her Mother, Empress Aphrodite[95]Princess Ako in her Father's Arms[96]Mephisto and Ako[97]Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen and Ako in their Halloween Costumes[98]Ako in her Halloween Costume {C} {C} {C}[99]

[100] {C}[101]Cure Rhythm's face.[102]Young Kanade.[103]Kanade eats cake and drink tea with her club.[104]Kanade acquiring Cure Rhythm's clothes.[105]Cure Rhythm introducing herself.[106][107]Kanade's new transformation in DX 3[108]Rhythm Music Rondo[109]Cure Rhythm shouts[110]Cure Rhythm in episode 27[111]Kanade saying she is perfect while baking cupcakes for the hiking trip with family and friends.[112][113][114]Kanade blowing her Module[115]Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen and Ako in their Halloween costumes.[116][117][118][119][120]Kanade, Ellen, and Ako's G Clef hearts.[121]Crescendo Cure Rhythm[122]Suite Cures gaining Crescendo status[123]Crescendo Cures defeating Noise {C}[124]Chibi Hibiki and Chibi Kanade in eyecatch[125]Hibiki playing soccer[126]Hibiki with Waon[127]Hibiki eating stolen cake[128]Hibiki licking cake off her face[129]Young Hibiki[130]Young Hibiki[131]Hibiki's scary cat face[132]Hibiki Crying[133]Fairy Tones waking Hibiki up[134]Hibiki dreaming about the Kingdom of Sweets[135][136]At Pretty Cure camp[137]Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen and Ako in their Halloween costumes[138][139]Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen and Ako[140]Hibiki and family[141][142]Hibiki's G Clef {C}[143]Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation![144]Hibiki surrounded by ribbons[145]Hibiki gaining her Cure dress[146]Cure Melody's face during transformation[147]Melody and Rhythm about to gain their earrings[148]Strumming the wild tune, Cure Melody![149]Melody and Rhythm after transformation[150]The 4 Suite Cures[151]Cures Melody and Happy, Hummy and Candy {C}

[152]Crescendo Cure Melody and Crescendo Tone[153]Crescendo Cure Melody[154]Crescendo Cure Melody[155]Crescendo Cure Melody holding Rhythm[156]Crescendo Melody in Episode 46 {C}[157]Melody in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3[158]Melody in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3[159]Super Cure Melody in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3[160]Super Cure Melody in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3[161]Super Cure Melody in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3[162]Super Cure Melody in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3[163]Super Cure Melody in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3 {C}

[164]Dark Cure with her Dark Tact in episode 10.[165]Dark Cure as seen in the opening.[166]Dark Cure ready to fight.[167]Dark Cure using her tact to make a sword.[168]Dark Cure's Dark Forte Wave.[169]Dark Cure's Dark Power Fortissimo.[170]The Orb used to restore Dark Cure's powers[171]Dark Cure using Dark Power Fortissimo. [172][173][174]Young Kaoruko[175]Old Kaoruko[176][177]"The flower shining in holy light, Cure Flower!"

[178]Itsuki daydreaming about her home-made dress.[179]Cure Sunshine after her first transformation.[180]Cure Sunshine using Sunflower Aegis.[181]Cure Sunshine using Sunshine Flash.[182]Cure Sunshine holding her Shiny Tambourine.[183]Super Cure Sunshine in her Heartcatch Orchestra stance.[184]Itsuki with longer hair.[185]Sunshine in the Movie[186]Cure Sunshine is fighting against a Desetrian.[187]Cure Sunshine is looking in the sun.[188][189]Itsuki in Opening[190]Itsuki in Opening[191][192][193][194][195]Mirage Sunshine.[196][197][198][199][200][201][202] [203]Cure Moonlight finishes off Dark Cure.[204]Cure Moonlight attacking.[205]Cure Moonlight with her Moon Tact.[206]Cure Moonlight hugs her long lost father.[207]Yuri transforms into Cure Moonlight.[208]Cure Moonlight introduces herself.[209]Cure Moonlight using Silver Forte Wave.[210]Cure Moonlight using Moonlight Reflection.[211]Super Cure Moonlight in her Heartcatch Orchestra stance.[212]Cure Moonlight in the Movie[213]Cure Moonlight's statue in the Pretty Cure Palace.[214]Yuri and Cologne[215]Cure Moonlight accepting Cologne is gone.[216][217][218][219][220][221][222]Erika flying to the Tree of Hearts.[223]Cure Marine using Marine Shoot.[224]Cure Marine using Marine Impact.[225]Cure Marine using Marine Dive.[226]Cure Marine using Marine Dynamite.[227]Pretty Cure using Double Shoot.[228]Close view from Pretty Cure Daibakuhatsu.[229]Far view from Pretty Cure Daibakuhatsu.[230]Cure Marine cries.[231]Erika and the fashion club having a sleepover.[232]Erika's "thinking face".[233]Cure Marine's finishing pose.[234]Cure Marine and Cure Blossom's dual finishing pose.[235]Cure Marine using the Magenta Heart Seed[236]Cure Marine along with theother secondary Cures.[237]A comical image of Cure Marine crying.[238]Erika helps Tsubomi during the fashion show[239]Minature and Angelic Erika[240]A demonic Erika.[241]the before Erika[242]Marine hugs former Erika[243]Erika starts to feel crazy.[244][245][246][247][248][249][250][251][252][253][254][255][256][257][258][259][260][261][262][263][264][265] mirage blossom

[266]Cure Angel (Passion) introduction stance.[267]Cure Passion about to use Happiness Hurricane.[268]Cure Passion setting the Passion Harp.[269]Cure Passion transforming.[270]Cure Passion introducing herself.[271]Cure Passion's introduction stance.[272]Setsuna holding her Linkrun.[273][274]Cure Pine using Healing Prayer.[275]Moebius' data on Yamabuki Inori.[276]Cure Pine introducing herself.[277][278]Pine vs Passion[279]Pine vs Passion[280][281]Cure Pine's introduction stance.[282]Cure Angel (Pine) introduction stance.[283]Inori in the second eyecatch.[284]The Pine flute.[285]Cure Berry with grey hair and Cure Pine in Maria Holic episode 12 [286][287]Peach vs Berry[288]Peach vs Berry[289][290]Fashion shoot 3[291]Cure Angel (Berry).[292]Miki in the Fresh Pretty Cure! eyecatch.[293][294]Cure Berry introducing herself[295]Cure Angel (Berry) attacking.[296]Cure Berry with grey hair and Cure Pine in Maria Holic episode 12

[297]Love in the first eyecatch.[298]Cure Peach after transforming.[299]Cure Peach attacking.[300]Cure Peach with her Cure Stick, the Peach Rod.[301]Cure Peach using Love Sunshine Fresh.[302]Cure Peach smiles.[303]Momozono Love In Precure All Stars DX 3.[304]Cure Angel.[305]Cure Angel In Battle.[306]Cure Peach's finishing pose.[307]Cure Pine, Cure Peach, Cure Passion, and Cure Berry's group finishing pose.[308]Cure Peach's finishing pose after transforming into a Cure Angel[309]Cure Berry, Cure Passion, Cure Peach, and Cure Pine's finishing pose after transforming into Cure Angels[310]Love's child time[311]Cure Peach in Maria Holic episode 12

[312]Milky Rose using Blizzard.[313]The four mascots from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! In Ganbalance De Dance Kibou no Relay.[314][315]Milky Rose's first appearance.[316]Milky Rose's transformation pose. [317]Dark Dream[318]Dark Rouge about to attack Cure Rouge.[319]Dark Lemonade insults her oppenent.[320]Dark Mint before attacking.[321]Dark Aqua lunges at Cure Aqua.[322][323][324][325][326][327][328][329][330][331][332] [333]Mai waiting for Saki in the Pretty Cure Splash Star Movie.[334]Mai in the car, enjoying the wind.[335]Mai as Cure Egret.[336]Mai as Cure Windy[337]Saki and Mai in Pretty Cure All Stars Go!Go! Dream Live![338]Saki, Mai, Michiru and Kaoru[339]Cure Egret using her spiritual powers.[340]Cure Egret's kick.[341]Cure Windy using her newly-acquired powers.[342]Mai, age 9. She meets Saki for the first time.[343]Saki and Mai at the Sky Tree, meeting Flappy and Choppi 5 years prior to the main story. {C}[344]Cure Dream in Ganbalance de Dance Kibou no Relay.[345]Cure Dream kisses Coco.[346]Shining Dream defeatsMushiban.[347]Cure Dream introducing herself in the prequel.[348]Cure Dream using the Crystal Fleur.[349]Cure Dream, now Super Cure Dream thanks to the Miracle Lights.[350]Shining Dream appears.[351]Cure Rainbow Dream in Pretty Cure All Stars DX3.[352]Nozomi saying her catchprase Kettei!. {C}[353]Cure Aqua in the sequel's opening.[354]Super Cure Aqua[355]Cure Aqua introducing herself.[356]Cure Aqua using Sapphire Arrow.[357]Cure Aqua using Aqua Tornado. [358]Komachi in the prequel's first ending.[359]Cure Mint using the Protect Fleur.[360]Komachi about to transform in the prequel.[361]Komachi about to transform in the sequel.[362]Cure Mint introducing herself in the sequel.[363]Super Cure Mint.[364]Cure Mint using her prequel attack, Mint Protection. {C} {C}[365]Urara as a little child.[366]Urara's reaction to transforming into Cure Lemonade.[367]Urara cries.[368]Urara with her Curemo.[369]Urara transforms into Cure Lemonade.[370]Cure Lemonade about to use Prism Chain.[371]Super Cure Lemonade[372]Cure Lemonade using Prism Chain.[373]Cure Lemonade using the Shining Fluer.[374]Cure Lemonade introducing herself in the prequel. [375]Cure Rouge using the Fire Fleur.[376]Cure Rouge in the sequel's opening.[377][378]Cure Rogue introducing herself in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo![379]Cure Rouge introducing herself in the prequel. {C}

[380]Saki smiling.[381]Michiru, Kaoru, Saki and Mai in the last episode.[382]Cure Bright.[383]Mai's drawing of Saki and her sister, Minori.[384]Saki, Mai and Minori.[385]Saki failing to convince Minori fairies were on the grass in the first episode.[386]Saki and Mai in Pretty Cure GoGo Dream Live!.[387]Saki and Mai at the Sky Tree, meeting Flappy and Choppi 5 years prior to the main story.[388]Saki, age 9. She meets Mai for the first time. [389]Shiny Luminous using Extreme Luminario.[390]Hikari in Wonder Winter Yatta![391][392][393][394]Shiny Luminous using Heartiel Action.[395] [396]Cure White's Sparkle Bracelet.[397]Cure White in Extreme Luminario stance.[398]Cure Phoenix White in Extreme Luminario Stance.[399]Cure White's Rainbow Bracelet[400][401][402][403] [404][405]Nagisa over-indulging on chocolate cake.[406][407]Cure Black during Extreme Luminario[408]Cure Black's Sparkle Bracelet[409]Cure Black's Rainbow Bracelet[410][411][412][413][414]