Honey the Cat

Rebecca the Cat

Rebecca is an yellow winged cat . Rebecca was revealed to be Sonic's girlfriend in a past life that Sonic had when his name was Olgilvie Ringbearer, and when he was a guardian of Chaos. In a flashback, Rebecca and Sonic had a strong relationship and planned to secretly marry. When Sonic died she vowed to never love again, but she later became one of Mephiles's servants of Iblis and was given immortality. 100 years later, Rebecca saw Sonic in the Great Forest and reconized him and discovered that he had been recarniated. She ran and hugged him but discovered that Sonic did not remember his past life. After Sonic walked away confused of who she is, Rebecca ran crying realizing that her loved one did not know who she is. When Sonic found his old sword of light and amulet of chaos Rebecca helped him train with them, but Sonic still didn't remember her or his past life. When Mephiles killed Sonic, she comfoted his new friends and told them about Sonic's past life. When Sonic came back to life weeks later, Rebecca decided to let him live his new life in peace.