The episode starts off with Honoka and Nagisa looking at the Green Prism Stone that Pisard dropped in the previous episode. Mipple tells them that they need a Prism Hopeish, which is an item given to them specially from the Queen of the Garden of Light. Its a really important item needed to protect the Prism Stones. She explains to them that it is the Stone Guardian's job to protect them and that she left it with Mepple in the Garden of Light. To which Mepple begins creeping away from the three females. Mipple suddenly yells at him and he jumps out of surprise. Mipple asks him to take out the Prism Hopeish and he admits to having dropped it when he got a shock from the Garden of Rainbows.

It's then they head over to the Wakabadai Public Library and Nagisa located a map to show Mepple. Who explains that the numbers and characters weren't there before. To which Honoka and Nagisa explain that it was just a map. Mipple once again yells at him to remember this as Nagisa suddenly shoves down her head, causing people to stare at them. Honoka apologizes and they both gesture Mipple to be quiet, when Mepple suddenly remembers dropping it by a pool of water. Honoka pulls out another book and asks if it looked like the lake she had the page open to, then Nagisa tries, to which he claims "sort of" to both. This goes back and forth until Mipple yells again! An in attempt to quiet her down, Nagisa accidentally falls, causing all of the books to fall on her. Honoka ask if she is okay as everyone stares again.

A book falls in front of Mepple and he says that the lake on the page is the one he saw. The location was Yama Hyoutan Pond. So they head off there next. Nagasa keeps complaining and asking if they have arrived yet, to which Mepple tells her he hasn't felt any presence yet. They come to a view of the lake that Mepple mentioned when Nagisa accidentally takes a step too far and the ledge they stood on breaks! They fall down the hill and Nagisa grabs a loose branch before they fall further. Then the branch snaps and they land in a tree.

Meanwhile, in the Dusk Zone, the villains discuss the failure of Pisard. Gekidrago volunteers to go next to defeat the cures and the Dark King gives him permission and mentions how Pisard dropped one of them and they need a total of 7 stones to gain eternity.

Meanwhile, going back to Nagisa and Honoka, Nagisa ask Mepple if he should be feeling it by now, to find out he's fallen asleep....

Mipple questions if she should be his girlfriend as he wakes up to say he feels something. Honoka seems a baby bear on a log going down the river! Nagisa suggest they should jump across the rocks to help it when she runs down the slope and starts jumping across the rocks, only to slip on the last one and land on the log the baby bear is on... She yells to Honoka who runs along side them while stating she cant swim. The log hits a rock, throwing Nagisa and the baby bear off of the log and to the shore.

Honoka tells Nagisa to never do such a thing again as Nagisa feels she had to save the baby bear. Honoka calls her brave while they release the bear as the mother bear shows up and they go back into the wild.

Meanwhile, Gekidrago begins knocking down trees in his path when he comes near the bear family Nagisa had helped.

Back with Nagisa and Honoka, they are looking at a picture of the Prism Hopish when Nagisa comments on the...not so well picture.

Then Gekidrago comes out riding the mother bear turned into a Zakena. It begins to chase after them when Mepple tells them to transform when Nagisa informs him that they can't just yet before moving out of the way last second. Causing the Zakenna to run into a rock! After breaking it, it continues to run into the other rocks as Nagisa and Honoka transform. As the Zakenna comes back they jump out of the way and a real fight begins!

In mid-air Cure Black comes back down and kicks the Zakenna. It swipes at her and both Cure Black and Cure White admit this wont be an easy battle. Gekidrago tries to punch Cure White when she flips him instead, as the little baby bear runs in front of them to try and make them stop fighting its mother. The Zakenna lifts its paw to swipe the baby bear when Cure White points out the marking on its head matches the mother bear that they had seen earlier! Now realizing that it is the same mother bear form earlier the cures can't bring themselves to attack with Marble Screw, thinking that it will hurt the bear.

Cure black and cure white run across a bridge when Mepple suggest they try a different attack that will allow them to heal the bear instead of hurt it. Mepple and Mipple explain how to use "Pretty Cure Rainbow Therapy" and the cures use this to return the bear to normal. Now mad at Gekidrago for what he did to the bear they hit him with Marble Screw and knock him into a mountain. A little while later they walk by the somewhat shattered cliff when the Prism Hopish suddenly lands on Nagisa's head. They pick it up and head back to Honoka's house and put in the Prism Stone as the guardian appears before them to give the girls special diaries and a card that will allow them to call him at any time. [1]Uraganos excuses himself to investigate Shiny Luminous.Added by Himawari hanaCirculas is looking out the window of the mansion recalling the events of the previous day while Kujou Hikaru / The boy in the mansion plays with a radio controlled car. He asks just what Shiny Luminous is as Uraganos walks in and comments that she's possibly something other than Pretty Cure, breaking the door frame as he does so.

The car controlled by the boy runs around the room until Uraganos stops it with his foot and gives it back to him. Thinking to himself Uraganos says he will be the next one to investigate Shiny Luminous.

At the Tako Cafe Hikari is helping out by cleaning tables when an old male friend of Akane's, from the company she used to work at drops by to ask for her help. Nagisa and Honoka drop by and wonder if Hikari is alright considering everything that has happened. They head to Honoka's house and recall what happened when they first transformed and had no clue what to do at first. So they wonder if Hikari is possibly in the same state as they were back then. With Sanae's assistance, they make Mochi which she then suggest they take some to Hikari, so they head back to the Tako Cafe.

Hikari tries one and comments on how good it is when she mentions Akane has seemed troubled since the appearence of her friend. The girls try to spy on Akane thinking that he might be a boyfriend of hers but are easily spotted. To rid of them, Akane then sends the three girls on a shopping trip to a market across town but the girls [2]Hikari broughts a balloon.Added by Himawari hanacomply anyway, thinking she wanted some privacy.

The girls get to the department store, look at the directory and start to look around while trying to find the items on Akane's list. Its then Hikari spots a boy who loses his balloon, she proceeds to chase after it but loses track of Nagisa and Honoka in the Process.

Nagisa and Honoka try to find Hikari but mistake someone else for her due to wearing the same clothing. So next they try to go to the Carnival outside but still cannot find Hikari.

Meanwhile Hikari also can't find the boy who lost his balloon but on Pollun's suggestion she tries to shop as she [3]Hikari lends back the balloon to the boy.Added by Himawari hanais supposed to, but is having trouble locating it. She walks outside and runs into the boy and his mother, giving the balloon back and then asking for directions to the Food shop.

As Nagisa and Honoka reach the Food Shop they find Hikari and hurriedly finish up their shopping. Back at the Tako Cafe meanwhile, Akane is wondering what could be taking them so long.

On the way home, the Octopus Carnival ride has been transformed into a Zakenna! It begins to attack the girls as Uraganos comes out to make his appearence known. Nagisa and Honoka transform into Pretty Cure and begin to fight while Hikari hides.

Uraganos gets past them and tries to attack Hikari saying that she's not from the Garden of Rainbows and asks who she is. Poulln jumps on Uraganos's face to save Hakari but gets tossed off in the process. Hikari, wanting to help transforms into Shiny Luminous and uses Extreme Luminario to defeat the Zakenna. Later the three girls [4]Seekun meets Pation in Tako Cafe.Added by Himawari hanameet with Akane and she asks them what had taken them so long. They apoloize and explain that something had come up, they had no choice but to take care of it first. Akane then offers to make Takoyaki with the things htyeh ad just bought.

Meanwhile, it is also then Seekun meets another Heartiel, Pation (Passion)

Kurumi Erika watches as Hanasaki Tsubomi waters the flowers, as she was worried for them throughout the weekend. They then notice that Myoudouin Itsuki is training at the dojo, but then a girl revealed to be Tada Kanae storms in and takes pictures of Itsuki, leaving one of the students to kick them out and close the door. However, Kanae is satissfied that she got a picture of one of the most popular students at school. At lunch, before Tsubomi and Erika can go to the roof, Kanae presents pictures of classmates in different comical situations, two of them being Erika when she falls while skiing and Nishihara Daiki when he gets a football to the face. Neither of the two like the pictures, but Kanae excuses herself by saying that they bring laughter and happiness to the class.

Tsubomi, however, is only focusing on the picture of Itsuki, thinking of it as cool. Kanae then claims that her next goal is to take pictures of the rumored Pretty Cure, which awakens and shocks Tsubomi.

Unable to get any proof of Pretty Cure's existence outside of dreams, however, Kanae goes to visit her idol, Kurumi Ryuunosuke. Ryuunosuke sees through her comical pictures and tells her that they lack love, which triggers Kanae's Kanae's Heart Flower to wither. Sasorina finds her and steals her Heart Flower, creating a Desertrian out of her camera. The camera-Desertrian takes several pictures of running students, in which the flash turns them to stone.

Tsubomi and Erika transform into Cure Blossom and Cure Marine, but in the middle of the fight, Cure Marine turns into stone when she takes Cure Blossom's place. Without the strongest Cure, Chypre and Coffret tells Cure Blossom to use the red Heart Seed, which speeds up her abilities. Confident with her new-found powers, Tsubomi purifies the Desertrian, which turns everyone back to normal again. They reunite the Heart Flower with the crystal, and when Kanae wakes up, Tsubomi encourages her to not give up on taking pictures.

The next day, Kanae gives Tsubomi a thank-you for her encouragement the other day: the picture of Itsuki. As she leaves, she sees Erika teasing Tsubomi for her crush on Itsuki and, wondering if they have the love Ryuunosuke talked about, takes a picture of them. [5]Added by CureMisaKanade always gets angry at her younger brother, Souta's pranks. Even so, like a big sister, Kanade still worries about Souta, inciting envy in Hibiki. As an only child, Hibiki wished she had siblings, just like Kanade and Souta. Hibiki also witnessed how Souta always looked out for Shirabe Ako, a loner from his class. Walking back to the Lucky Spoon together, Souta was reprimanded by Kanade to "help out around the house". Hibiki tried to assure Kanade that Souta was a good boy, but was told that "Hibiki won't understand the pains of having a little brother". Plagued by her loneliness, Hibiki was shocked by Kanade's words and fled.

[6]Added by CureMisaAfter returning home on White Day, Kanade spotted Souta making sweets in Lucky Spoon's kitchen. Souta was making cupcakes for Kanade as a White Day gift. Not knowing that, Kanade got angry at Souta for messing up the kitchen. After screaming that he hated Kanade, Souta rushed from the house, leaving behind the cupcakes he had been making for Kanade. After hearing from Hibiki about how Souta always thought about his big sister, Kanade went into town with the cupcakes, searching for Souta. At the moment, Siren and Trio the Minor also went into town, after being screamed at by Mephisto again about not gathering enough notes.

[7]Added by CureMisaKanade found Souta by the beach, where he told her that he did not wish to see her anymore. Just then, Siren spotted the musical note residing in Souta's cupcake, and changed it into a Negatone. Weakened by Souta's words, Rhythm could not muster any power. Siren then captured the crying Souta, weighing him down with the Negatone's power. Melody went against the Negatone so Rhythm could rescue Souta. Rhythm told Souta that his sister got angry at him because she cared, and told him her true feelings. With that, Souta gradually calmed down.

[8]Added by CureMisaFighting the Negatone alone, Melody blocked the Negatone from getting to Rhythm and Souta. Siren tried to take advantage of the Melody's weakness of being a lonely only child, but Melody wanted to protect Kanade and Souta's relationship, and with that, a new Pretty Cure power, the Miracle Belltier was born. With the Miracle Belltier's light, Melody subdued the Negatone. After making up with Kanade, Souta presented his cupcakes to Kanade as well as Hibiki, who always looked out for him. Kanade told Hibiki that "the three of us are just like siblings", making Hibiki glad. [9]Added by CureMisaThe girls gathered at Miyuki's place to celebrate the completion of their team and to find out more about being Pretty Cure. However, Candy had no answers to their questions, aside from the fact that they were "legendary warriors". Just then, a blue picture book flew down from the sky and hit Miyuki in the face. A lion-like mascot holding a pink trunk popped out from within the pages and introduced himself as Pop. Candy, overjoyed at seeing her big brother, flung herself at him and knocked him to the ground.

[10]Added by CureMisaUnlike Candy, Pop seemed to know more about the Pretty Cures' goal. When he asked for the storybook about the Legendary Pretty Cure, Candy panicked because she thought she had lost it. Miyuki then remembered placing it on a bookshelf in the Magical Library. Pop then opened a portal to the library using Miyuki's bookcase, and the girls were sucked in. At the magical library, Pop explained that the library was where all the fairytales of the world were stored. In her excitement, Miyuki tripped over Candy's pink storybook, and Pop began to tell the story of the Legendary Pretty Cure.

[11]Added by CureMisaA long time ago, there was a peaceful place known as Märchenland, where fairies from all the different fairytales lived in harmony. One day, the evil emperor Pierrot came to wreak havoc. Märchenland's queen, Royal Queen fought to protect her land, but her source of happiness, the Cure Decor, were stolen from her. Pierrot used the Cure Decor to create Red Noses which he gave to his subordinates. With her last energy, Royal Queen managed to seal Pierrot away, and the battle ended. Pop then told the Cures that their goal was to purify the Red Noses and gain back the Cure Decor pieces for storage in the Decor Décor. When the Decor Décor is filled up, Royal Queen would be revived.

[12]Added by CureMisaAt the time, the Bad End Kingdom commanders were playing a game of cards to determine who should go out to collect Bad Energy that day. Joker then made his appearance through one of the poker cards and reminded the commanders of their goal to revive Pierrot and to plunge the entire universe into a Bad End. To prevent that, Royal Queen sent 5 miraculous lights to Earth, and Candy was given the task of looking for the Pretty Cure to help her. However, after Cure Beauty's page in the storybook, the pages were blank, and the Cures were told to continue creating the story in the future.

[13]Added by CureMisaFired up with excitement, the girls were eager to help revive Royal Queen, but Miyuki would not let them get on without a good signature phrase. Akane and Nao were not as keen as Miyuki and Yayoi, but when Reika pointed out that a phrase could help unite them, the girls decided to come up with one. However, they failed to come up with a satisfactory phrase.

Just then, Majorina won the card game and flew off to the human world to collect Bad Energy, which was picked up by Pop. Pop then taught the girls how to use the Book Door to get to wherever they wanted. The girls focused on travelling to the point where smiles were being stolen, but at the last minute, Miyuki spotted a book with a penguin on the cover, resulting in her travelling to the South Pole instead. Pop went after her to bring her back, and along the way, he confessed that although Candy always tried her best, she was a crybaby and afraid of loneliness. Miyuki assured Pop that they would look after Candy and protect her smile, which led her to think of a good signature phrase.

[14]Added by CureMisaAt the park, Akane, Yayoi, Nao and Reika tried to stop Majorina, but she created an Akanbe out of an empty drink can. Just then, Miyuki arrived and the girls all transformed, using their signature phrase for the first time. However, they were quickly defeated by the Akanbe. To protect them, Pop used his special transformation powers to turn into a drink can crusher. Together with the Cures, Pop crushed the drink can Akanbe, weakening it considerably and allowing Happy to purify it with Happy Shower.

At the end of the day, Pop returned to Märchenland, leaving Candy with the girls. Although upset, Candy was happy to know that she still had friends around.

Major EventsEditEdit

  • Gekidrago goes out to attack the cures for the first time
  • The Prism Hopish is found and makes it's first appearance
  • The guardian of the prism stones "Wisdom" makes his first appearance
  • Cure White and Cure Black use their rare purification attack "Pretty Cure Rainbow Therapy" for the first time
  • Uraganos second of the four guardians makes his first appearance
  • The second Heartiel appears
  • The sixth Heart Seed is collected into the Heart Pot.
  • Erika's father, Kurumi Ryuunosuke is introduced.
  • Tada Kanae tries to take a picture of Pretty Cure, but eventually gives up.
  • Cure Melody's Miracle Belltier is born, and with Fairy Tone Miry, she can perform purification attack Music Rondo.
  • Kanade's brother Souta and his classmate Ako are introduced.
  • Pop makes his first appearance.
  • The Cures receive the Decor Décor from Pop.
  • Joker makes his first appearance.
  • The Cures learn the Book Door combination from Pop.
  • The Cures transform as a team for the first time.
  • Pop's transformation powers are shown for the first time.



  • "Gamigami" from the episode title is the sound effect for a person's nagging.
  • The opening features scenes from the movie Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi, with emphasis on the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! Cures.
  • Candy's turban style is seen for the first time.
  • Miyuki's bookcase is seen to be filled with nothing but fairytales.
  • One of the rejected signature phrases the girls came up with was "gonin sorotte, go purikyua!", which was a spin-off of the signature phrase "gonin sorotte, go renjaa!" from the original Super Sentai series, Goranger.
  • The Book Door combination consists of 5 steps:
    • Thinking of an intended destination
    • Pulling a book out from the shelf
    • Pushing books from left to right
    • Pushing books on a lower shelf to the left
    • Pushing books on an upper shelf to both sides
  • The card game that the Bad End Kingdom commanders was playing seemed to be Old Maid, with the Joker card acting as the "old maid".
  • The attack used by the Cures to crush the drink can Akanbe was called Pretty Cure Crush Attack! (プリキュアぺちゃんこアタック! Purikyua pechanko atakku!?).


[15][16][17][18][19][20][21]"See you next week!" Image (ending card)


[22]Failed signature phrase and pose: "gonin sorotte, go purikyua!"[23]Pretty Cure Crush Attack!