Pisard is talking to the Dark King and begs him for one more chance to defeat Pretty Cure. The Dark King is very upset by all of Pisard's failures but agrees to give him one more chance. He walks past a conference table where the other villains are discussing who will go next. Pisard gets mad at them because they are doing it in a way that makes fun of all his failures to this point.

Nagisa and Honoka are hanging out together and shopping when they stop by the Tako Cafe to have lunch. Honoka lends Nagisa a handkerchief and after finishing, they sseperate to head home. But Mipple notices that Pisard is following Honoka and she runs to a currently unoccupied construction site where Pisard demands she hands over the Prism Stone that Mipple has. Pisard manages to get Mipple away from Honoka but she refuses to give up.

Meanwhile Nagisa and Mepple are worried about something and head to Honoka's home to return her handkerchief but they find out she's not home! Wondering what happened to her, Nagisa begins to search by first visiting places Honoka likes, such as the library but to no luck.

She continues to search, eventually finding her just as Pisard is about to harm her!

Deciding to be somewhat fair, Pisard allows them to fight full on as Pretty Cure in order to prove he's as good as the other villians back in the Dusk Zone. So he throws Mipple back to Honoka and the two girls are allowed to transform into Pretty Cure.

After a long battle, Cure Black and Cure White defeat Pisard once and for all! But unfortunately, Nagisa thinks that their troubles are only just beginning..

[1]Hikari after transform into Shiny Lumious for the first time.Added by Himawari hanaPicking up where the last episode left off, Pollun and Hikari are wrapped in a pillar of light as everyone looks to see Pollun change his form into something resembling a compact. Using it, Hikari is able to transform into Shiny Luminous! Much to everyones surprise... Circulas tries to attack her but she jumps out of the way, due to being very [2]The trio performs Extreme Luminario.Added by Himawari hanasurprised by her own powers and abilities, she wobbles slightly upon landing. With her and Pollun's help, Cure Black and Cure White use "Extreme Luminario" to defeat the Zakenna and drive Circulas away!

Later, back in Nagisa's room, Pollun is sleeping in his new form on Nagisa's dresser while everyone is discussing the recent events. Mipple states that the Elder and Wisdom have returned to the Garden of Light after thanking them for the time they had experienced here. They trust the Pretty Cure and Hikari to finish the job. Nagisa complains on how they should have said goodbye in person, instead of a note.

Meanwhile in the Garden of Light, the Elder and Wisdom are sitting on the hill playing Shogi as they discuss the current events. Even going as far as to say that Hikari is the Queen's life. [3]The trio in the small park.Added by Himawari hanaThe following day soon arrives, back in the Garden of Rainbows. Nagisa and Honoka run into Hikari in the Park. They begin to ask if she is the Queen, to which Hikari responds that she doesn't know. Nagisa then starts talking about how surprised she was a year ago when her and Honoka had become Pretty Cure.

It's then suddenly when Mepple and Mipple mention that they feel something Dark coming suddenly. The girls run down by a pathway leading to a river, only to run into Circulas. Pollun pops out of Nagisa's bag and hides behind a small post while they transform into Pretty Cure.

As they begin to fight, Circulas summons a Zakenna while asking if Hikari is the Queen. Once again, the Pretty [4]The trio charges on Circulas.Added by Himawari hanaCure find themselves having trouble as Pollun runs to Hikari to once again become Shiny Luminous. As she jumps behind them the three girls then prepare for a fight as the episode ends with the Cure's charging towards Circulas. [5]Added by ChrismhThe episode begins as Saki is running late to school! While cursing the fact that its located on top of a hill, Flappy intervenes by saying she shouldn't have waken up late then when she scolds him by saying next time he should wake her so she doesn't oversleep. But stating its not his job, Flappy once again claims she better hurry. As she runs to school Saki slowly comes to a stop, seeing a cute boy staring at the sky. Staring for a moment Saki acccidentally interupts at the sight of the plane trail.

She apologizes before explaining that as a child she used to think the planes and clouds were filled with cotton candy and she used to dream of going up to eating it. The male laughs, stating that he likes the idea before having to leave.

....after a moment, Saki remembers she was rushing to school!

After school, Saki is lamenting the fact that she was given a lot of english homework (her least favorite class) due to being late and that she thinks its unfair when suddenly, Kenta runs by while making a joke. She scolds him instead, to which he responds that if she was in a better mood, she would have left. He leaves as Mai mentions they must be close having grown up together. But Saki denies this and instead says he is just a kid he grew up with, nothing more. Its then Mai offers to help her with the homework, as long as Saki doesn't expect her to do all of the work. Agreeing to this, Saki and Mai head over to the MIshou household.

Once they arrive, Saki begins to examine the surrounding area before she notices a very nice bookshelf, then goes on to say all of the books look too complicated for her. She then turns her attention to the gleeful Choppy, holding a clay figure Mai's mother has due to being an archeology teacher. As the two girls sit, Flappy goes on to say that Choppy must be hungry, to which Choppy shyly agrees to. Holding up their Mix Communes, somehow the cookie made by using NigiNigi and another Diamond Card is then transfered to Choppy so that she can eat it. Saki and Mai realize that Flappy gave her a present and think its very adorable, before going on to say that he must really love Choppy.

Its then Saki asks about the large sphere on the roof when Mai takes her up and shows her the giant telescope that sticks out of the top and explains that her father studies Astronomy. Suddenly someone announces they're home and Mai realizes its her brother. She takes Saki down, only for her friend to stare in surprise! Mai's brother is the handsome boy she met earlier!

Meanwhile in Dark Falls, Karehan is by himself trying to determine how to tell the dark lord they are working hard to resurect the bad news that he's failed once more when Goyann approaches and begins to taunt Karehan about his fourth failure. Very angry, Karehan summons a huge gust of wind and destroys part of the wall he's standing by, while stating he WILL defeat Pretty Cure.

Back at Mai's, Saki is very happy to have finished her homework just in time for the crepes Mai made for a snack. She thanks Kazuya for helping her, stating that it sounded much easier when he explained it, and even fun. He begins to talk about the things Mai said about Saki, then goes on to say she is very much as he imagined. Embaressed, Saki quickly tries to change the subject when she points to the book she saw earlier. Kazuya mentions its one of his favorites, then insist she borrows it. Saki at first denies this, but after a moment reconsiders it and accepts the book.

At Panpaka-pan, Kenta is there taking an order from Hyuuga Minori, they go outside and he sits while stating how useful and talented she is compared to her older sister. He is rather annoyed when he begins to ask what's keeping her anyway when they notice her walking by, peaceful and content. She sits down while talking about how wonderful Mai's older brother is, stating that he helped her finish the homework. Saki begins to read the book with Minori but soon finds herself very bored and not at all understanding such scientific terms. It's then Kenta mockingly mumbles that she'd never understand such a book when he accidentally spills tea on it! Saki [6]Added by Chrismhbegins to panic and yell at him while running inside to get a cloth to clean it. She locks herself in her bedroom, stating that no matter how hard she cleans it the stain won't come out.

Flappy tries to insist Kenta didn't do it on purpose so she shouldn't be so hard on him, but Saki doesn't listen. The following day she is still angry, as shown when Kenta approaches her to try and apologize, but Saki instead walks around him and claims she doesn't know him as her and Mai leave. That afternoon soon comes and Mai goes to speak with Kenta, who explains he accidentally spilled tea on the book and Saki won't forgive him. Mai thinks she will if he just sincerely apologizes, but Kenta doesn't see the point since Saki is too stubborn. He then thinks if Mai apologizes to both Saki and her brother, he'll be forgiven but Mai thinks of a better way...

As soon as school ends Saki quickly runs through town while asking if they have the book. Unfortuantly its out of print so nobody makes it anymore, and finding it for sale would be very rare, even the publishers don't have any copies left. In defeat Saki leaves only to over hear Kenta begging for the book at a nearby bookstore. With an annoyed tone she quickly drags the male from the store, scolding him as he tries to apologize once more. Before he can finish though, Saki apologizes to him for getting so angry, despite it being an accident. So they agree to search for the book together....until Kenta states that they both looked through the book stores already...

It's then Mai suddenly arrives and suggest instead of checking book stores, they should check used book stores instead. As they are more likely to have out of print or low on copy books. Going inside, Saki and Mai don't see it but try to ask the clerk, who is revealed to be Karehan! Quickly as he summons small book Uzaina after them, the girls run from the store as Kenta stares at the floating books behind them in surprise. He is soon knocked unconcious by one of them and they transform into Pretty Cure as the multiple books form into one big book Uzaina!

Quickly the girls get to work trying to defeat it, they stare in surprise as it regenerates the books knocked out of it and are quickly knocked into the nearby trees and grabbed by the vines and are being yanked close to Karehan who demands to know where the fountains location is. But Cure Bloom refuses to tell him, stating that she would never tell anybody who hurt Kenta. [7]Added by ChrismhUsing Twin Stream Splash, Cure Bloom and Cure Egret take down the Uzaina! Turning back to normal, Saki approaches the unconcious Kenta who soon wakes up to asks them what happend. Not answering this however, they both go to apologize for ruining the book. Both trying to take the blame as Kazuya tells them its fine, since he can still read the book and its just a small stain. Saki goes on to say how awesome he is as Kenta makes a remark about her not being able to read it, Saki scolds him by stating he only reads manga as it is. the two of them continue to tease each other and argue.Kurumi Erika sees that one of the houses in the neighborhood is opening to be a Miura Ramen Shop, in which the Miura family's ramen is her favorite. However, when they meet [8]Cobraja's image was shown.Added by Penamesolenthe son, Miura Akira, he coldly tells them to not come to the opening. Erika proceeds to tells Tsubomi how he would proudly promote the first Miura Ramen Shop a year prior, so his present attitude is strange.

It is revealed that Akira thinks his father has stopped to care about him and his baseball activities ever since he started with ramen, and so his Heart Flower is withering. This makes him easy target for Cobraja, who is skipping his job to take pictures of himself. Then, he reveals that Akira's Heart Flower was wilting, before he steals it.

Afterwards, the girls turned into Pretty Cure and Cobraja introduced himself. He then throws his images to the Pretty Cure, making them unreasonable. Now, the ramen-like Desertarian prepares to attack the raman shop, but he refuses then starts to sob. Now, the Pretty Cure uses Floral Power Forttisimo to bring back Akira.

After they saved Akira's Heart Flower, Akira's father asks him to play some baseball. Now, Akira's feelings grew elegant, when his father tells him that cheer him at baseball is also his dream. [9]Added by CureMisaBattling a Negatone, Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm could not unite, and thus failed to conjure their final attack. In order to boost their Harmony Power, Hummy suggested that Hibiki and Kanade practice piano together. However, Hibiki was still not enthusiastic about music and refused to practise, resulting in a quarrel with Kanade again.

Depressed at home, Hibiki received a call from her mother Maria, who was working overseas. She had volunteered Hibiki and Kanade as reporters for a friend's TV show, which would focus on Kaon Town. Although Hibiki and Kanade thought that they would reject the offer, they were tempted by a buffet and an interview with Ouji respectively, and agreed to become reporters.

[10]Added by CureMisaOn the day of filming, Kanade was nervous about being a reporter, while Hibiki was too relaxed. With their contrasting personalities, their reporting style was totally opposite as well. On one hand, having written a script and memorized it, Kanade explained the town's history, as if giving a lecture. On the other hand, Hibiki reported on anything and everything she could lay her eyes on. Pointing out each other's faults, "You're too precise", "You're too vague", the two started to bicker again. Witnessing this scene, Siren and Trio the Minor smiled. Siren then decided to take over the TV camera and use the network to broadcast the Melody of Sadness.

[11]Added by CureMisaHibiki started to introduce the busking musicians about town, but soon met an old lady along the way and started to chat about irrelevant things. Just as things were getting out of hand, Kanade stepped in and followed up on Hibiki's report. Next, it was Kanade's turn to report on the Musical Princes. Being too nervous, Kanade could not deliver her report well. Just then, Hibiki delivered a pinch to Kanade's butt, bringing her back to herself, prompting Kanade to ask Ouji about why he loved playing music. "Why do I love playing music?... Because I managed to meet these precious bandmates whom I can unite with," he told Hibiki and Kanade. He added that Hibiki and Kanade were at that moment united.

[12]Added by CureMisaHibiki and Kanade had finally come together as one. At that point, Siren and Trio the Minor appeared, planning to use TV to broadcast Siren's voice. However, Siren spotted a musical note hiding inside the TV camera, and changed it into a Negatone. Melody and Rhythm had a hard time battling the Negatone, until they remembered how they helped each other during the reporting session. Working in harmony, they rained strong blows upon the Negatone, and subdued it successfully with their final attack. Knowing that their hearts have become one, Hibiki and Kanade raised their Harmony Power, and began their piano practice.

One day, Miyuki was late and running to school again, when she spotted Reika watering the flowers outside the school building. Reika told Miyuki that she loves flowers, and having lots of them in school made everyone feel happy. Hearing the bell, the two rushed off to class. Miyuki continued keeping a close eye on Reika, and thinking her responsible, clever and gentle, she decided to ask Reika to become the fifth Pretty Cure.

[13]Added by CureMisaDuring their lunch break, Miyuki announced to Akane, Yayoi and Nao that she had decided on a potential person to become the last Pretty Cure. She then led them to the sports hall where Reika was practising archery. The four asked for Reika to become Pretty Cure, but Reika turned down the offer as she was busy. When asked why she was busy, Reika admitted that the student council was busy preparing for a storytelling event which they organize for a nearby elementary school each year. As the council president was sick, Reika as vice-president had to take over his duties.

[14]Added by CureMisaUpon hearing that the story to be told was "Snow White", Miyuki enthusiastically agreed to help out. Reika was initially hesistant at first, not wanting to burden the girls with work, but when the other girls also happily volunteered to help with the preparations, she gave in with gratitude. Everyone worked together, drawing and designing various props, and at the end, Reika was extremely grateful for their help.

The next day, the girls continued to help out at the storytelling event. Just as everyone was enjoying the show, Majorina suddenly appeared and offered her poisoned apple to the girls. She then created a Bad End alternate reality and plunged everyone into sorrow. The girls transformed into Pretty Cure to fight.

[15]Added by CureMisaMajorina summoned a mirror Akanbe, which reflected itself to create 7 other replicas to surround the Cures. Unable to tell which was the real monster, the Cures aimed their purification attacks at different monsters, only to fail each time. In the midst of battle, the Snow White prop for the storytelling event flew towards Majorina, who called it meaningless and stepped on it. Seeing this woke Reika up from her sorrow, and when she heard Majorina insult the efforts everyone put into the event, she stepped out to shield the Cures and said that she would not forgive Majorina for what she did. This gained Reika her Smile Pact, and with Candy's guidance, she transformed into Cure Beauty!

[16]Added by CureMisaThe remaining Akanbe replicas attacked Beauty at once, but with her wisdom, Beauty easily spotted the real monster and hit it to the ground. Then gathering her fighting spirit into her Smile Pact, she performed Beauty Blizzard and purified the Akanbe.

[17]Added by CureMisaIn the end, the girls finished the storytelling event successfully, and Reika asked to become part of the Pretty Cure team. The others were overjoyed and said that they really liked Reika, and welcomed her to the team.

Major EventsEditEdit

  • Pisard is defeated for the final time and returns to the darkness from wence he came.
  • The other villains from the Dusk Zone make their first appearance
  • Kujou Hikari becomes Shiny Luminous for the first time
  • Extreme Luminario is used for the first time.
  • Saki's crush on Mai's older brother begins in this episode.
  • Karehan makes his skills known in this episode: Manipulating anything made from wood or plants.
  • This is the first time (outside of eyecatches) that sending gifts is shown through the Communes.
  • The fifth Heart Seed is collected into the Heart Pot.
  • Cobraja is introduced.
  • Miura Akira's father opens a second ramen shop.
  • Hummy reveals that the Cures need to up their Harmony Power to become stronger.
  • Hibiki's mother Maria is shown for the first time.
  • Aoki Reika becomes Cure Beauty again for the first time
  • Majorina makes her first appearance as a villain
  • The other 2 members of Nanirogaoka Middle School Student Council is shown.
  • The Smile Pretty Cure! team is complete!



  • For a split second as Saki takes a few steps while holding Flappy in Mai's house. Her neck/collar area turns black/a dark color.
  • "Dotabata" in the episode title means "slapstick" in Japanese.
  • The Cure Module's function as a wind instrument is demonstrated for the first time. According to Hummy, Fairy Tone Dory's power is that of dreams, healing the player's heart and allowing her to dream.
  • Miyuki gave Reika the nickname "Water Fairy" or "mizu no yousei" after seeing her watering the flowers in school.
  • Candy's butterfly style was seen for the first time.
  • Reika mistakes Candy for a mechanical doll the first time she saw her.
  • Yayoi's line: "We are just superheroes passing by.", is a reference to Kamen Rider Decade.
  • The Nanairogaoka Middle School council is shown to consist of 4 members.
    • President: Irie
    • Vice-president: Reika
    • Secretary: Kurata
    • Finance: Terada


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[26][27]Opening trailer of DX3[28][29][30][31][32]"See you next week!" Image (Ending card)