The episode begins with the Dark King having a discussion with Pisard, who explains that he is trying to get the energy from the Pretty Cure's town. Dark King strikes with a flash of lighting, stating that Pisard can easily be replaced and that he better remember this. Pisard promises that he will not fail next time.. [1]Added by ChrismhMeanwhile at the Wakabadai Station, Nagisa is with her friends Shiho and Rina while thinking about how Pisard came again to try and take Mepple and Mipple. She also begins to think about Fuji when he suddenly appears behind her. Thinking that he was talking to her, she begins to blush and panic, only to see that it was his friend behind her saying he was late and he runs by her without even saying a word...

At Verone Acadamy, the principal and Vice Principal are discussing how nice the weather is. Stating that is is spring, though still a bit chilly. He goes on to ask if the Student Teachers will be coming the following day and begins to think about their age. In the classroom the students are being given the itinerary for the field trip coming up next week when Yoshimi mentions one of the girls will have to be the Leader. While she is thinking this over, Nagisa and her friends are discussing the student teachers when she is caught by their teacher, who ask if she was listening. Despite her claims that she was, Nagisa is put in charge of being the field trip organizer.

Nagisa protest, to which she realizes that her doing it on her own may not be a good idea and ask Honoka to help Nagisa with the pamphletes for the field trip.

Later, having just changed after Lacrosse practice, Rina mentions how she plans to run home quick, and then to the hairdresser. Shiho ask if its because of the new student teacher coming the following day and proceeds to agree with her. Nagisa tries to tell them they are getting too excited when Honoka walks past them, causing Mepple to wiggle about and Mipple to do the same.

Both Honoka and Nagisa both deny having heard any weird voices and begin to discuss the field trip while walking of. Leaving Nagisa's friends confused, questioning if they were also close like that. As the two walk home, Nagisa scolds Mepple over how he has to be quiet, only to ask when he got up. Soon coming to Honoka's place, she invites Nagisa in just to be greeted by a big dog!

Walking through the hallway, Nagisa mentions how quiet everything is. To which Honoka explains her parents aren't home and that they both work out of the country. Reaching her room, Honoka leaves for a moment while Mepple and Mipple come out to see each other. When she returns she ask how their forms work. To which they explain: In their home world they always look like stuffed animals, but in this world they are reduced to cellphone-like beings in order to save energy. So only for a little while each day, they can be their true forms.

Mepple then goes on to explain the Prism Stones, A life stone with the power of creation. TheGarden of Light was protected by the seven stones but when Dark Zone attacked they stole five of them. So they were given the remaining two. So it is the Pretty Cure's mission to protect the holders of the Prism Stones and gain the remaining five. Suddenly, the story comes to a stop as Honoka's grandmother arrives with cookies and is introduced to Nagisa. After a moment she proceeds to leave and notices how well of a pair to the two girls make.

Meanwhile in town, Pisard is spying on the people as they walk about. Thinking about when he met Nagisa and Honoka a few days earlier, he then begins to plot his next move.

The following day, a mysterious stranger wanders the locker area when a man finds him and ask if he is a student teacher. A bit surprised as he thought the teacher couldn't come due to a cold, soon the introductions of the new teachers is underway outside. Its then they introduce the last teacher, who is scanning the girls trying to find Pretty Cure. He doesn't seem to notice that a lot of the girls, and their teacher seem to find him appealing for the time being until he spots Nagisa. [2]Added by ChrismhAfter the mini-assemly, Mr. Kazama is walking with Miss Takenouchi, who introduces herself as his mentor. Her feelings for him soon become evident, as she ask if he thinks this is fate they met. He begins to realize that he can use this, and getting closer ask Yoshimi to bring him Nagisa. During class she stops to get Nagisa to come to the Gym with her, while Pisard is waiting for them. The Vice Principal comes by to ask where his students are, but after the new student teacher looks at him, he immediatly retreats out of fear.

When Nagisa arrives to the Gym she notices the teacher from earlier, he then demands the Prism Stone and pulls out miss Yoshimi while stating he can't guarentee she will be safe if he doesn't get what he wants. Nagisa tries to tell him she doesn't have it but he aims one of his razor sharp nails at Yoshimi and tells Nagisa to quit pretending. Suddenly Honoka shows up, holding both Mepple and Mipple. She goes to Yoshimi after Nagisa is knocked down while Mipple tells her and Nagisa to transform.

After they transform, Pisard forms a Zakenna which proceeds to posess the nearby gym device and proceeds to through its multiple layers at Honoka and Nagisa. They dodge just barely and begin to climb the nearby gym ropes when they notice miss Yoshimi walking along the bars at the top. Basketballs come bouncing after them, trying to knock them off.

While Nagisa climbs down with their teacher, Honoka defends them from the balls but ends up taking one in the stomach. She insist she is okay though as Nagisa ask.

As they reach the floor, the Zakenna posessing the stage curtains springs to life and wraps the three females and flings them at the wall. Leaving a big crack in it! Cure Black and White decide to use Marble Screw on the Zakenna and the small stars remaining proceed to run away.

Meanwhile in class, Shiho begins to notice that Honoka, Nagisa, and their teacher have been gone for sometime now. Rina however, mentions how nice it is to not have class.

Back in the Gym, Nagisa and Honoka try to wake up Miss Yoshimi. Upon waking up she ask them why they are not in class, which Honoka explains that they're not really skipping class. But she simply pushes them back to the classroom while Honoka mentions she doesn't seem to remember anything that happened just then.

Trying to be quiet since Nagisa is sleeping, Wisdom, the elder, Pollun, and Seekun play in her room but they end up waking her up as she complains they're too loud in the morning.

On the way to school, Nagisa explains to Honoka that she told them to stay home but knonw to her, Pollun has stowed away in her bag. Again the two of them run into Hikari, who wonders of who they are really but she is quickly pulled off by two of her classmates. Explaining that Honoka is president of Science Club, and Nagisa is [3]Pollun in Nagisa's bag.Added by Himawari hanathe captain of the Lacrosse team, in a way they are like school superstars.

Later in class the Teacher asks a quesstion that Hikari doesn't really understand. In her mind, she hears the voice of the Queen tha tells her she actually knows more then what she thinks. Meanwhile, Nagisa discoveres that Pollun has stowed away in her bag and he tries to hand her the lunch she had put in there. She scolds him and tells him he has to stay quiet until Class is over. At the Misumi household, Wisdom and the Elder are trying to hide from Nagisa's mom as she does house work. Seekun, still wanting to look for the Queen escapes from Nagisa's bedroom and they are forced to chase after her until they get stuck underneath a tabl in the living room. In no time Seekun escapes out the front door when Ryouta arrives home.

Back at school, Pollun notices Seekun and begins to chase after her. Hikari is wandering around the school when she spots Honoka leading the science club and Nagisa practicing in Lacrosse. While on the edge of the field, Hikari spots a butterfly and becomes interested in it, following it around and wander too close to the sudden shot made by Nagisa! Amazingly, it barely misses her and everyone becomes impressed by her dodge.

After practice, Nagisa discovers Pollun had gone missing again and they begin to search for him, winding up in the Park. Hikari is at another part of the cafe when she suddenly sees Pollun there, who had temporarily lost Seekun as he entered. At first, she thinks Pollun is a plush toy but when he introduces himself and explains that he isn't a toy, he notices that he seems to have known Hikari for a long time. [4]Hikari watching Pretty Cure's fight with Zakenna.Added by Himawari hanaSuddenly, spotting Seekun he proceeds to chase off after her again. It's then Hikari seems Nagisa and Honoka on a park bench in the distance as a Zakenna begins to attack! Scared suddenly, Hikari hides behind a nearby tree as she watches them transform into Pretty Cure.

In no time they manage to defeat the Zakenna and transform back into normal. Leading Hikari, still in hiding, to wonder about the Pretty Cure and who they really are. in the Dark Falls where the leader is speaking with another of his followers about the Pretty Cure. Karehan asks for another chance while promising he will defeat them this time and capture the mascots. [5]Added by ChrismhMeanwhile, at school Saki is currently in the middle of practicing her pitches as Mai draws her. She is very unaware of the coach who approaches her and comments on how Mai's picture really comes to life. However, when Mai says nothing she shakes her shoulder gently, causing Mai to snap out of her concentrated focus. Coach mentions how well it is, as well as good to have such concentration on things. Its then Saki and the other girls ask of their opponents coming up for the Championship matches soon coming.

On the way home, none of the girls seem confident anymore. Having learned that they will be challanging the team who previously came in first place/won. They all notice how confident Saki seems however, and begin to ask how she can be so happy reguarding the subject when she explains that since they lost the first rounds the past two years, they will never suspect them to suddenly win!

Back at home, Flappy tells Saki how hungry he is, so she summons NigiNigi and ResuResu once again. As she is feeding Flappy, its then her sister comes in to see Saki when suddenly she closes the door and forces her sister out of her room. She asks what she wanted when Minori explains that dinner is ready so the two sisters hurry up and head to the table to eat.

Its then Saki's mother comments on how fast she ate, to which she simply explains her mother makes the best Hamburger curry. She also adds that she and Minori will be coming to cheer her on, and that her dad is in charge of the Bakery while they're gone.

Meanwhile, Mai is overlooking her drawing with Choppy. Who thinks Saki will have a good game tomorrow. Mai also thinks so as the very next day soon comes and Saki visits the Sky tree as she had done so previously when having doubt or just relaxing. She is sure she will have a good game and heads to school, only to see how bad everything seems. The other team looks even tougher then last year!

The team begins to play when soon before they know it they reach the half way mark, and their doing terrible! Saki can't seem to focus and she feels as if she's letting down the entire team. Mai then gets an idea and shows her the picture she drew, hoping to inspire Saki and her teammates. Feeling a bit more excited they try harder, but the game is suddenly interupted by a heavy wind! Saki and Mai watch as everyone is evacuated from the stadium/field. They stay back and try to determine where the strong winds are coming from, only see see Karehan suddenly appear and form an Uzaina using a Baseball bat.

Saki and Mai waste no time transforming in to Cure Bloom and Cure Egret and begin to fight the bat Uzaina. Quickly it sticks them against the wall with its massive baseballs and having cornered the Pretty Cure, Karehan demands they give him Flappy and Choppy but they refuse. So using a mock like substance he begins to cover them, threatening to drown them in it. As Saki and Mai are being covered, their hands slowly touch. Forming strong enough power to burst open the mock and glue like substances all over them! They quickly use Twin Stream Splash to defeat it with ease!

Back at the game, its time for Yuuko to bat. She feels she can't do it until Saki reminds her not to give up until the very end. She also mentions the picture Mai drew of her and announces that she knows she can do it. Yuuko hits the ball, allowing her to get to first base and then comes Saki's turn. She hits the ball, allowing them to win the game!

At a hill in the night, Cure Blossom is looking up at the mysterious guy, wanting to thank him for saving herHPC01. However, he surprised her by gently embracing her, and saying that he is being too forward, pushes him away. Accidentally she pushes Chypre and Coffret, as the whole meeting was just a dream. The fairies ask her what the dream was about but she blushes before stating it is a secret. At the window, she meets Erika, who greets her before asking why she doesn't have the school uniform on. Tsubomi realizes that she did not turn on the clock before going to bed and hurries to change.

On their way to school, Erika expresses her happiness when pointing out that Tsubomi followed her advice about taking off her glasses and changing her hairstyle. Tsubomi admits that she thinks that if she changes her outer look, her personality might change, as well, which Erika agrees on. The school clock rings, but when Tsubomi calls Erika "Erika-san" (a common formal way to say someone's name in Japanese), she tells her to stop using "-san", or else Tsubomi will have to buy her milk. [6]Coffret congrats Erika to becoming 2nd Cure.Added by Himawari hanaAt lunch, Erika takes Tsubomi to the roof, where she claims is the best place to eat thanks to the great view. While eating, Erika mentions that she recently has dreamed about someone called Cure Moonlight who get defeated, and much to Erika's shock and Tsubomi's grief, Chypre and Coffret jumps from Tsubomi's lunch box, exclaiming that it is a sign that Erika can become a Cure as well. Tsubomi explains everything to Erika, saying that her dreams about Pretty Cure were all real, and that she is Cure Blossom, which shocks Erika.

Erika thinks back to Cure Blossom's cute outfit, but before she can give an answer, the student council president Myoudouin Itsuki appears, asking her where the member list for the fashion club is, as he cannot allocate clubs without it. Upon leaving, Tsubomi is blushing and says that Itsuki is cool, in which Erika states that it is the grandchild of the chairman they are talking about, after all. Chypre and Coffret come out from their hiding place, reasking Erika about becoming Pretty Cure, but although Erika likes the thought, she declines the offer, stating that she does not have time. She then leaves and thanks Tsubomi with her for help. Not knowing what to do, the fairies go to Cure Flower for advice. Meanwhile at the Desert Apostles' head quarter, Sasorina reports the news of the new Pretty Cure after Cure Moonlight's defeat. Sabaku states that it will be a bother if she continues to collect Heart Seeds, but Sasorina claims that since she recently became Cure Blossom she can be easily defeated before leaving.

Back at school, Tsubomi and Erika, now with banners promoting the fashion club, visits a first-year classroom to ask them to join, but nobody is interested. However, Erika notices a girl looking out at the window. She asks her [7]Erika and Tsubomi searching the Fashion Club members.Added by Himawari hanaif she wants to join the club, but the girl Ueshima Sayaka, states that she does not want to join such a weak club. Seeing Erika getting angry, Tsubomi takes her away before a fight starts. At the end of the day, Erika is depressed that they did not recruit any new members when they hear Sayaka askin the soccer coach to join but he refuses as girls cannot join this club.

Erika tries to recruit her again, saying that soccer is stupid. But Sayaka tells her to to insult the Soccer Club before turnning away in tears. Under a bridge, Sayaka asks herself why they can't let girls play soccer, before angrily training with the ball while Sasorina notices her wilting Heart Flower. Sayaka sees some elementary students play soccer, and she is reminded of when both genders could play soccer. Kicking the ball one final time, Sasorina grabs it and steals her Heart Flower.

Having seen Sayaka's Heart Flower being stolen, they see as Sasorina makes a Desertrian out of it, ordering it to lure out and defeat Pretty Cure. When they are gone, Chypre takes care of the body crystal. Meanwhile [8]"I'm Kurumi Erika, the 2nd Pretty Cure!"Added by Himawari hanaTsubomi asks Erika again to become Pretty Cure, but before Erika can explain to her, the Desertrian is threatening the elementary students, asking them why girls cannot play soccer in high school. Seeing the chaos, Tsubomi transforms into Cure Blossom in front of Erika, who admirers how cool she looks. Cure Blossom tries to fight the Desertrian, but is losing. Understanding how much Cure Blossom want to protect everyone's heart, Erika is given the second Heart Perfume by Coffret, and surprisingly transforms and names herself Cure Marine without any guidance, explaining that she learned everything from her dreams, and that she had been thinking of a name ever since they revealed themselves to her at lunch.

Cure Marine is much better at fighting off the Desertrian than Cure Blossom, telling the latter that she gains strength meanwhile. After purifying the Desertrian, Sasorina furiously tells Cure Marine that she will be her opponent, but then Cure Blossom comes forth and tells her that she would have to fight both [9]Cure Blossom and Cure Marine decides to be opponent of Sasorina.Added by Himawari hanaof them. Sasorine then decides to leave. They put the Heart Flower back to the body crystal, and Sayaka wakes up, Tsubomi explaining that she fell asleep during training. Sayaka then apologizes for insulting the fashion club, and tells them that she plans on starting her own soccer club for females, and happily runs toward the sunset while Tsubomi explains the red pionsettia's meaning to Erika. On their way home, Erika gives Tsubomi back the doll from yesterday, now all repaired, but a little girl and her mother comes, and she recognizes the doll as hers.

Tsubomi explains how Erika fixed it for her, and after encouragement from her mother, thanks Erika. Erika states that doing that gave her a happy feeling, and they vow to do their best to protect people's Heart Flowers and save the fashion club. [10]Added by CureMisaMorning. As Hibiki and Hummy slept, loud music suddenly started playing. Hibiki's father, Dan Hojo, also the music teacher at Hibiki's school, was listening to classical music. Hibiki, who claimed to hate music, was in a bad mood after being awakened by music in the morning. On her way to school, Hibiki met with senior Ouji Masamune, who invited her to attend a concert that day held by the Musical Princes, conducted by Dan. However, Hibiki had no wish to attend a concert conducted by Dan. Hibiki revealed that she decided to stop playing music in third grade, during a piano recital in which she performed. No matter how Kanade tried to find out what happened on that day, Hibiki only demanded to be left alone.

[11]Added by CureMisaAlone at home, Hibiki thought back to the days when she was a kid. Her father conducting, her mother playing the violin, and Hibiki playing the piano. Born into a family of musicians, Hibiki practiced on the piano with all her might under the loving eyes of her parents. Alone with her thoughts, Hibiki remained depressed. Kanade and Hummy arrived bearing cake, hoping to hear about what happened during that recital in third grade. Kanade insisted that Hibiki did not make a single mistake, so why did she grow to hate music... Kanade wished to understand the reason behind Hibiki's hatred of music, and hear Hibiki play the piano once again. Touched by Kanade's words, Hibiki told her story.

[12]Added by CureMisaWhen Hibiki was in third grade, there was a time when a much-anticipated trip to the amusement park was cancelled at the last minute as Hibiki was made to perform at a piano recital. Even though she made no mistakes and thought that her father would praise her, Dan appeared stern and told Hibiki that she did not perform well. Shocked at this, Hibiki started to hate music. She felt that Dan had said that she had no talent. Kanade suggested that Hibiki go to ask Dan about what he really meant. With her catchphrase "I'm betting my pride as a woman on this!", Hibiki decided to attend the concert conducted by Dan.

[13]Added by CureMisaAt the concert venue,Trio the Minor appeared. Changing a cello into a Negatone, the minions sounded a sorrowful melody, causing the audience to fall into sorrow. Hibiki and Kanade transformed into Pretty Cure to fight the Negatone. Halfway through the battle, the Negatone headed towards Dan. Unruffled, Dan played the piano, returning the audience to smiles. Looking at Dan, Melody realized how reluctant she had been when she played the piano during the recital. Melody and Rhythm then dispatched the Negatone easily, capturing the musical note. Hibiki learnt from Dan that music needed to be played with joy, and found a new acceptance for music.

Yayoi, a girl from Miyuki and Akane's class, is a crybaby and a weakling. However, she loves manga and anime, and is really good at drawing.

[14]Added by CureMisaOne day, Miyuki and Akane were having lunch on the rooftop, when they spotted Yayoi sitting alone. Creeping up on her, they noticed that she was drawing a manga scene of superheroes. Miyuki and Akane praised Yayoi's drawing and said that she should show it off to the rest of the class, but Yayoi asks them not to say anything and ran away.

In class, Reika was telling everyone about a poster competition the school was organizing, and requested for volunteers to take part. Nobody came forward, and Miyuki, remembering Yayoi's talent for drawing, nominated for Yayoi to be their class representative. Yayoi was afraid at first, pointing out how the representatives of other classes were better than her. However, Miyuki told her to just try her best, and Yayoi admitted that she really wanted to try this out too. Thus, Yayoi started working on the poster. Miyuki and Akane also happily volunteered to help her out by modelling and providing refreshments for her.

[15]Added by CureMisaA few days later, the results of the competition were announced. Yayoi was a little disappointed that she had only been awarded the "Good Effort Award", and when students from the winning class jeered at her, she tore her poster from the board and ran away with it. Sitting outside on the steps, Yayoi was feeling depressed about her lack of talent when Akaoni appeared. Calling her a "weakling" and feeding off her sadness, Akaoni created a Bad End alternate reality and plunged everyone into sorrow. Miyuki and Akane appeared to battle, and Akaoni created an Akanbe to fight them.

The girls transformed into Pretty Cure, but the Akanbe was strong and they had a hard time fighting it. Frustrated, the Cures performed their finishing moves on the Akanbe, but as they did not have enough fighting spirit, the Akanbe could not be purified. Angry at Akaoni for insulting Yayoi, Happy shouted that she would never forgive him. Hearing this woke Yayoi up, and the Cures did their best to protect her from the Akanbe. However, they were easily defeated. Feeling afraid, Yayoi almost ran away, but in the end, she plucked up her courage and ran to protect her friends.

[16]Added by CakegobblerYayoi's strong wish to protect her friends gained her the Smile Pact, and she transformed into Cure Peace! Although excited at becoming a real-life superhero, Peace was still a timid girl inside, and ran away from the frightening Akanbe instead of fighting it. In her terror, she unknowingly released a bolt of lightning which struck the Akanbe and stopped it in its tracks. Candy explained that Peace has the power of lightning, and taught her to use her finishing move. Charging up her Smile Pact, Peace performed her move Peace Thunder, successfully purifying the Akanbe and gaining a Cure Decor piece.

[17]Added by SmaragdorAfter the battle, Yayoi admitted that although she lost the competition, she learnt that friends will always be there for her. Shyly, she asked if she could call Miyuki "Miyuki-chan" instead of the formal term "Hoshizora-san", and Miyuki happily agreed. Still a crybaby, Yayoi started to cry out of happiness.

Major EventsEditEdit

  • The first episode that Nagisa sees Honoka's house
  • We learn why Mepple and Mipple have their different forms.
  • Hikari meets Pollun for the first time
  • Hikari discovers that Nagisa and Honoka are really Pretty Cure.
  • The second Heart Seed is collected into the Heart Pot.
  • Kurumi Erika receives the last Heart Perfume.
    • Erika transforms into Cure Marine again for the first time.
    • Kise Yayoi becomes Cure Peace again for the first time
    • Akaoni makes his first appearance as a villain



  • This is the first, of many times the enemy disguises themself as someone else.
  • Pisard's disguise name while in his human form is "Mr. Kazama Yuuichi"
  • This episode shows that Flappy's favorite meal is rice. While Saki really likes Hamburger Curry but its stated several times that her favorite food is sweet things.
  • "Kurumi" is the name Milk's human form uses as her given name, though in Erika's case is her family name. Coinsidentally, Erika tells Tsubomi that if she ever calls her "Erika-san" again, she has to buy her milk.
  • Yayoi mistakes Candy for a little piglet when she first sees her, making her so far the only one not to think Candy is a farm animal.



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[29]Yayoi draws some Maho Shoujo art[30]Mikawa-san greatly resembles Tsubomi