Mulling over last nights events, Nagisa wonders if it was all a dream. Unfortunately, Mepple keep [1]Nagisa felt depressed about being a PrecureAdded by Chrismhs interrupting class, proving this isn't the case.

In the Dusk Zone, Pisard reports to Dark King that he found Mepple and Mipple, but the Pretty Cure warriors interfered before he could find out where they hid their prism stones. Dark King reveals that when he has all seven prism stones, he will be able to keep the darkness from consuming him and live forever.

Mepple demands that Nagisa feed him, which she grudgingly does before going to meet Honoka in the lab to tell her she doesn't want to continue fighting. Despite the danger however, Honoka plans to keep going, thinking its really interesting. Suddenly, a soccer ball that the Boys’ Division accidentally kicked through the window interrupts them. Nagisa angrily heads to the field, but is smitten by Fujimura. At home, Nagisa agonizes over her sudden feelings when Mepple starts telling her about his home, the Garden of Light. It had been a happy place until the Dusk Zone came. Fearing its annihilation, the Queen sent Mepple and Mipple to the Field of Rainbows along with two of the prism stones. At Honoka's home, Mipple tells her the same story. Her grandmother hears them talking, but Honoka says she was talking to herself.

Meanwhile, Pisard notices how much energy there is in the city and decides to give the energy to the Dark King. He purchases a powerful vacuum cleaner and fuses a Zakenna with it. Everywhere throughout the city, power is sucked away.

Mepple feels the dark force and demands that Nagisa help stop it. She is reluctant, but a news flash shows that the power outages are spreading. She meets up with Honoka and notices that Shiho and Rina are trapped in an elevator. They head to the top of the building and find Pisard, who sets his Zakenna on them. The duo transform into Cure Black and C [2]Cure Black was strapped by a cord.Added by Chrismhure White, confirming Pisard's suspicions about the legends from the Garden of Light.

The Zakenna attacks them, but White manages to spin it in the air. Black goes to kick it, but is slowed down by a burst of air. The vacuum sucks up Black and blows her through a doorway. It catches White with its cord and throws her through the door too.

White finds herself in the elevator shaft with Black, just above Shiho and Rina. Pisard cuts the cables and the elevator tumbles down. White quickly ties a cable around her and Black and they hold onto the opposite walls. The elevator slows down just enough to keep everyone alive.

Pretty Cure goes back to confront Pisard. The Zakenna attacks them, but a shield they managed to produce protects them. They unleash their Pretty Cure Marble Screw and drive off Pisard. Black gives the vacuum a final kick before it returns to normal.

The next day, Shiho and Rina tell Nagisa about their near death experience and rescue. Desperat [3]This is Cure Black's footprint into the vacuum cleaner at the end.Added by Chrismhe, Nagisa distracts them, saying they'll be late for school. The episode ends with authorities trying to determine the cause of the power outages and the salesman trying to sell the same vacuum cleaner, still bearing the imprint from Black's attack.

Hikari is standing on a hilltop with cherry blossoms swirling about wondering who she is and asking questions to the disembodied voice of the Queen. The Queens voice informs her that her name is Hikari and that she has a fated encounter with some people that are waiting to meet her. She then runs into Akane who is fixing up her small cafe for it's reopening. At first Akane doesn't know Hikari at all but seems to sense something from her, so she offers to take Hikari in. [4]Seekun in Nagisa's house.Added by Himawari hanaMeanwhile, Nagisa is talking to her mom while carrying a big plate of snacks and he mom comments that it seems like a lot just for her and Honoka. Wisdom and Elder are sitting at the table while commenting on how nice the day it. Nagisa comes in to see them arguing over the last cracker as Honoka mentions they're loudness could attract attention. As Nagisa tells them they can have one of each snack, Seekun suddenly swoops in and takes them, causing Pollun to chase her around the room until Nagisa yells at them to stop.

Nagisa asks them how long they plan to stay and if the Garden of Light is in trouble. Wisdom explains that the Prism Stones will be safe as the Elder says they have to search for clues in the Garden of Rainbows. It's then Seekun goes up to a nearby mirror and asks what the object before her is, to which Nagisa and Honoka explain as the Elder continues to talk of the Heartiels and that 12 of them have appeared. Seekun is one of them, she represents curiosity. Seekun then ask where the Queen is, but they don't know and she explains that the Queen's life and Heart are seperated from the Heartiels. The elder then explains to Nagisa and Honoka what happened to the Queen and how Mepple and Mipple's change to the new cellphones is related, and how the three elements that make up the Queen should be close by to one-another. He also explains that Light and Darkness are two sides of the same coin and something similiar may have happened in the World of Darkness.

They also comment that unless the queen is retuned that the power of Darkness might overtake them at any time. Pretty Cure is the only one who can prevent this by resurrecting the Queen. While they are taking, Seekun slips out the window and starts looking for the queen all on her own. It's then suddenly that Hikari is shown in a crowd of people looking up at the sun...

Nagisa and Honoka meanwhile, notice her again as Hikari comments that she feels as if she's known them from a long time ago. But Honoka and Nagisa have no recollection of this strange girl. Hikari introduces herself, and [5]Hikari in the hilltop.Added by Himawari hanathat she feels that they can both teach her many things and helpd her figure out who and what she is. She suddenly disappears again. Mepple and Mipple note how she seems familiar to them, as if they met her before.

Back in Nagisa's room, the Elder and Wisdom are telling Nagisa they have to find the missing Seekun, but she tells them to stay in her room and she and Honoka will search instead, due to them sticking out like a sore thumb. On the way to school, Nagisa bumps into Fujimura, then they begin with small talk on how good he looks in a high school uniform. After he leaves, Honoka shows up and the duo continue to school.

Once there they see the new freshman students walk by and see Hikari with them! Rina and Shiho comment that the new girl seems mysterious. Meanwhile at the Mansion, the mysterious boy is running around and playing with the Zakenna butlers. As he does, something seems to be born from the darkness.

After school, Nagisa and Honoka come to Akane's cafe when Nagisa mentions that a lot of things are on the menu and begins to wonder if Akane can handle so much work. It's then Akane introduces Hikari as her new partner, then ask Nagisa and Honoka if they have met "her cousin". Akane explains that she has been living with her, so she can attend Verone Academy and is helping her out at the shop. Nagisa and Honoka begin to speak with Hikari as she brings Nagisa some ice cream, accidentally she spills it and goes to get her another. But ask them not to tell Akane about it. Hanoka begin talking to Hakari as Hakrai brings Nagisa an ice crem cone The shop begins to get busy and Hikari runs off to attend to other customers. While Nagisa and Honoka feel low about not finding any of the Heartiels yet, its then Seekun shows up. [6]The mysterious boy meets the villains appeared.Added by Himawari hanaCirculas then appears and starts asking where the queen is and attacks the girls, they ask of his identity as he calls out a Zakenna, which is easily defeated. Circulas runs back to the Mansion, where the boy and butlers greet him.

There are three other shadows on the wall and Circulas comments that all of them are there to be the boy's power and instruct him on how to be dark king one day.

Meanwhile Nagsia and Honoka worry that Circulas was looking for the Queen and wonder where they should be searching. Saki and Mai preparing for school. Saki runs quickly to the top of a hill as Mai says goodbye to her family. Meanwhile, in a very dark place, Karehan is talking with the dark overlord who asks if he's located the Fountain of the Sun yet. Karehan regretfully explains that when he came close, someone interfered and that next time he'll require the information need. A strange person behind him explains that the mysterious forces were Pretty Cure. [7]Added by ChrismhSoon the end of the school day comes as Saki asks her friends, Hitomi and Yuuko if they wish to help her plan a party at Panpaka. Kenta, another friend of Saki's wishes to help plan the party also and Saki turns to talk to Mai when she realizes that Mai left. Going to find her, Saki sees her outside enjoying the windy weather. She begins to speak with her when they bring up what occured the day before. Leading Flappy and Choppy to appear and begin to speak with them.

They explain that a group from the Dark Fall plan to use the Fountains in order to resurrect their ruler, Akudaikan. They begin to explain how Akudaikan is trying to take over a special tree and fountains that control the life of all worlds. He has already taken over six of them and only one remains! The Fountain of Sun. Saki and Mai try to argue against this, being only middle school students but they are sure they can cave everybody, being Pretty Cure.

Its then suddenly Saki remembers she was going to plan a welcome party and hurriedly rushes home to prepare. Heading inside to have her snack, both Saki and Minori go on about the chocolate cornets when suddenly Flappy interupts, causing her sister to ask who said "Lapi". Saki excuses herself while repeating the word Lapi in order to throw off her sisters suspicion and runs to their bedrooms before telling Flappy he can't just speak openly like that without getting caught by someone. He mentions being hungry and how she's supposed to take care of him before instructing Saki to take out the NigiNigi and ResuResu Cards.

Meanwhile, at Mai's she is outside looking at the sky when her brother comes out to mention dinner is ready. Seeing her in deep thought he asks her if something is bothering her, before explaining that when someone looks to the sky, it usually means such a thing. Its then Mai mentions how she met Saki earlier, and that she had met her previously five years ago.

Her brother mentions how Mai and Saki are friends, and that it was a fated meeting. Mentioning that once again that dinner is ready he goes inside, leaving Mai to think about her new friend.

That following day, Saki, Yuuko, Hitomi, and Kenta are all busily working on the party for Mai. Its going fine as Saki asks Kenta why he's running around for. He explains that he's busy decorating, leading to the two of them arguing when Saki claims he's bad at Home Ec based things. Hitomi and Yuuko simply watch, stating that its common for the two of them.

Meanwhile, outside Mai approaches the Pakapan bakery and sees Saki's mother there. She asks if Saki is there when she realizes who she is and brings Mai inside, informing Saki and co. While rushing around, Saki stops to tell Mai they're not ready yet and ask her instead to wait in the back Garden in the mean time. Mai sees no problem in this and heads to the backyard. While back there, Mai sees the bench near her seat and begins to draw it. Within sometime, she notices Saki there, then sees the table fully decorated! Apologizing for how distracted she got, Mai explains how whenever she draws art, she gets fully into it. Saki sees this as a good thing, not being able to focus on much herself.

As Saki goes on to tell Mai that she can call her Saki, and then asks if she can call Mai, Mai, the girls ovehear Karehan and he summons a flower bush like monster! Quickly they tranform into Pretty Cure and begin to fight. However due to being new to this, they don't do too well and are instantly slammed down by the bush monsters vines. Karehan demands they hand over Flappy and Choppy but refuse to as Saki expresses her anger at him for ruining Mai's party.

They continue to fight as Karehan tries to use the vines to crush them, at Flappy's advice they begin to focus their power into their hands, throwing the large enemy some distance away into the water. They are told to go after it but are unsure how until told to focus the power into their legs and in one long jump they go flying into the air! Panicking as they do, trying to determine how to land. They see that the forces around them save them and they resume fighting. After a few more hits and using Twin Stream Splash and Karehan is defeated!

Back at the party, Saki and Co. Have finished decorating for Mai's welcome party when one of them mentions that "Come on in" seems weird to write on a cake. Saki tries to explain it as Mai comes over and thanks them all for this party as the other students soon begin to arrive. Kenta is very annoyed when Saki mentions having invited the entire class and he begins to chase her around as Mai laughs.

Aono Miki started her routine morning run through the city.After she was done she took a shower and had a big breakfast.After that she gets dressed saying I'm perfect.

On the other hand Momozono Love wakes up thinking that the events of episode 1 were all a dream.Then at the very moment she sees Chiffon and Tarte in her room and thinks she is stll slepping but later finds out it's not. Tarte explains to her the story of him and Chiffon coming to the human world and Labyrinth.Her mother comes in and remindes her about the dance lessons that Chinen Miyuki promised to teach her as a thanks for saving her.So she gets ready and goes to tell her friends Yamabuki Inori and Aono Miki.But Yamabuki Inori or as she calls her Buki said she refuses to dance. So she goes to tell Miki. Instead she found out she has gone out and stays to help Miki's mother with her new hairstyle. Miki has gone out in a date with her brother where she talks about her dreams and asks him about his. That's when Eas from Labyrinth sends a Nakewameke to gather sorrow from the people. Miki gets caught in the middle with her brother Kasuki. She tries to save him and thats where Burun the blue pickrun sees her and gets inside her cellphone and Miki transforms into Cure Berry. Love shows up later and she transforms into Cure Peach and together with Cure Berry fight off the monster. Then later both Miki and Love go to the dance class as Bukki watches from a far. [8]The mysterious man saves Cure Blossom.Added by Himawari hanaAfter transforming and naming herself, Cure Blossom gets cheered on by Chypre and Coffret, but Sasorina tells the Desertrian to attack them, causing Cure Blossom to panic and jump away, but because of her new powers, she jumps several hundred meters in the air, which panics her even fruther thanks to her fear of heights. When she lands on the ground again, Coffret asks Chypre if it was a good idea to make Tsubomi Pretty Cure, which makes Chypre wonder.

The Desertrian comes closer, which causes Cure Blossom to panic and run around, eventually hitting a tree because her Pretty Cure powers makes her unable to stop normally. Again and again she and the fairies have to avoid the Desertrian, but it ends with Cure Blossom just hitting another tree. Sasorina wonders if she really is Pretty Cure, and Cure Blossom admits that her powers are too strong and that she cannot control it. When the Desert Apostle tells the Desertrian to finish her off, Cure Blossom once again runs away, but the fairies tries to stop her by holding her skirt, embarassing them all. Sasorina stops her from running away by attacking her with her hair, and the Desertrian takes a strong hold on her to squeeze her to death. Just as Cure Blossom is about to give up, a rose petal falls down, and the scenery turns dark and blue. A storm of rose petals forces the Desertrian to let go of Cure Blossom, and when it disappears, a mysterious man is protecting her. Seeing his gentle face, she falls asleep, and the fairies thank him for saving her. Just as Sasorina orders the Desertrian to attack, he uses a heart-shaped item to distract them long enough for him to disappear with Cure Blossom and the fairies.

Tsubomi wakes up by the sound of her grandmother calling her name. She finds herself in her grandmother's [9]Tsubomi founds Chypre and Coffret hugging Coupe.Added by Himawari hanabotanic garden, and Kaoruko explains that she found her there. Chypre and Coffret come out from the stomach of a giant creature and hug Kaoruko, calling her "Cure Flower". Tsubomi is shocked that she knows them and that they called her Cure Flower, and Kaoruko admits that she used to be Pretty Cure. She says that although she has always been the director of the botanic garden, when she did research on the Tree of Hearts, she met Coupe and became a Cure. Chypre and Coffret are shocked to see Coupe there, and exclaims their admiration for him, making Tsubomi feel awkward. When the fairies call Tsubomi the history's weakest Cure, Kaoruko gets an explanation about the situation. In return, Kaoruko explains to Tsubomi the concept of the Tree of Hearts and the Heart Flowers. Coffret then gives Tsubomi the crystal of Kurumi Erika, whose Heart Flower was stolen. Just then, an explosion occurs, and they go out to find the Desertrian and Sasorina, who tell them that this time, they will not get away. The Desertrian, being made out of Erika's negative feelings, admits that Erika only wanted to make Tsubomi popular, but that her older sister still treats her like a child. Seeing Erika's body in pain, Chypre sees that more flowers of Erika's Heart Flower, the white cyclamen, are turning red. Tsubomi is informed that white cyclamen means purity, the red cyclamens means jealousy, and that when all the flowers have turned red, the Heart Flower will wilt, making Erika sleep inside the crystal in eternity. Tsubomi tries to find her Heart Perfume, but does not find it. The Desertrian prepares to attack, and they all hide behind the bushes. Kaoruko gives Tsubomi [10]Angry because Desertrian destroys the flower, Cure Blossom said her catchphrase.Added by Himawari hanathe Heart Perfume, stating that it was laying beside her when she found her. Telling Erika to keep fighting, Tsubomi stands before the Desertrian and transforms into Cure Blossom, claiming that she will save Erika. She manages to fight it in the beginning, but again runs away when the Desertrian creates a giant hammer and gains the ability to teleport.

Cure Blossom then falls before some wild flowers, and by witnessing the Desertrian destroying them, gains a new power. She destroys the giant hammer and beats down the monster. Although surprised at her rise of power, Sasorina uses her tail hair to grab her, and prepares to stab her with her poison needle. However, angry at Sasorina for stepping on people's heart, releases herself and drags Sasorina down. Chypre and Coffret explains to her that in order to properly defeat the Desertrian and take back Erika's Heart Flower, she needs to summon her Blossom Tact. Summoning it and using Pink Forte Wave, the Desertrian is purified and separates into the doll and the Heart Flower, which changes back to the original color.

Connecting the two crystals, Erika returns to normal, and apologizes to Tsubomi for her energtic personality. Tsubomi promises to join Erika's fashion club as long as Erika makes the doll from before pretty again. After thanking Tsubomi and her grandmother she leaves, and Chypre lets out a Heart Seed. Kaoruko explains that the [11]Tsubomi gets Heart SeedAdded by Himawari hanaHeart Seed is born from the Heart Flower when it is purified, and Coffret gives Tsubomi the Heart Pot, where she must collect all the Heart Flowers in order to restore the Tree of Hearts. Kaoruko warns Tsubomi that the Desert Apostles' attacks will keep getting stronger, but Chypre is assured that Tsubomi is all right. Coffret admits his doubt for Tsubomi being the history's weakest Cure, and wants to find someone to become a Cure so that he can be a partner, too.

On their way home, Kaoruko again warns Tsubomi about Pretty Cure's powers, and Tsubomi tells that she feels like she has changed by becoming Cure Blossom. Her grandmother admits her worry for Tsubomi getting into danger, but Tsubomi assures her that she will be okay. Ready to give her best, she falls backwards into a bush, all laughing under one shining star. [12]Melody and Rhythm still bickeringAdded by CureMisaHibiki and Kanade, now as Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm, still could not work together, and so took the brunt of the Negatone's attack. Reverted back to their civilian forms, the two could only watch as Siren and the others took their record and the musical note away. After being defeated so easily by the enemy, Hibiki and Kanade started bickering again. To soothe the two, Hummy told them the story of how the Legendary Score, on which the Melody of Happiness was written, was stolen by the enemy, and how she needed Hibiki and Kanade's help as Pretty Cure to collect the musical notes back before Siren did. Even so, Kanade did not believe that she could work together with Hibiki as Pretty Cure, and ran from the scene.

[13]Hibiki waiting for KanadeAdded by CureMisaHummy, not understanding why Hibiki and Kanade always quarrel, asked Hibiki for a reason. On the first day of middle school, Hibiki and Kanade initially agreed to meet up and enter the school together, but Kanade never appeared at the appointed place. Feeling deserted, Hibiki entered school, and saw Kanade already inside, smiling and talking with other friends. Hummy felt that there must be a reason for Kanade's behaviour, but Hibiki had no heart to listen. Meanwhile, Siren and the other reported to Mephisto about the shortcomings of the new Pretty Cure. Mephisto told Siren that, as long as their hearts could not unite, the two girls could not transform into Pretty Cure.

[14]The other 3rd Sakura treeAdded by CureMisaThinking about each other, Hibiki and Kanade remained depressed. Just then, Hibiki met a little girl, Arisa, waiting for a friend in front of the school gates. Just like Hibiki on the first day of school, they had promised to meet under the third Sakura tree from the school gates. Kanade came by then, and led Arisa to another Sakura tree at the opposite side of school. And waiting there was Arisa's friend, Rena. After witnessing how Arisa and Rena mixed up the meeting place, Hibiki and Kanade realized how they made the same mistake on the first day of school. Just then, Siren and Trio the Minor appeared, planning to steal their Cure Modules so they could not transform into Pretty Cure.

[15]Defeating the Negatone as oneAdded by CureMisaThe record Negatone created by Siren started to resound with a sorrowful melody, causing Arisa, Rena and other people around to fall into sorrow. United by anger, Hibiki and Kanade transform into Pretty Cure! Admitting their mistake during the first day of school, Melody and Rhythm got through to each other. As one, they chased after the Negatone, took back their precious record, and returned the musical note to Hummy. Acknowledging their misunderstanding from that first day of school, Hibiki and Kanade apologized, embarrassed. Together, they told Hummy that they would work together as Pretty Cure from now on.

After her transformation into Cure Happy, Miyuki is now officially a Pretty Cure. Candy tells her that there are a total of 5 Cures, causing Miyuki to fall backwards and hit her head from excitement.

[16]Added by CureMisaDuring gym class, Miyuki decides that the kind-hearted Yayoi, and the energetic Akane, could become Pretty Cure too. When Miyuki says that she wants Akane and Yayoi to become Pretty Cure, the two girls become confused. Candy, who is hiding behind a bush hears this. Akane, who is being hugged by Miyuki because she is "begging" her asks, "What is this Pretty Cure?". As Miyuki was saying, "Just become a Pretty Cure with me!", Candy throws herself into Miyuki and takes her somewhere a little futher away, warning Miyuki that "not everyone can become Pretty Cure". Upon finding Miyuki a little bit later, Akane turns down the offer stating that she is busy with the volleyball club.

Later, when Miyuki goes to watch and support Akane during her volleyball practice tryouts, Akane seems to not be doing her best. Two girls beside Miyuki doubt if Akane really is the ace, saying that they thought that Yuka, the current volleyball ace, was better. Miyuki, looking back at Akane, sees that she looks frustrated. [17]Added by CureMisaAfter school, Miyuki sees Akane working hard underneath the upcoming bridge and offers her support and she begins to help with training. The next day, Miyuki goes to support Akane again at the volleyball practice trials. Just as Akane delivers powerful attacks at the opposing team, Wolfurun appears to collect Bad Energy and causes everyone to fall into despair.

[18]Added by CureMisaMiyuki transforms into Pretty Cure, and Wolfurun creates a giant volleyball Akanbe to go after her. Unable to fight properly, Cure Happy is in a pinch when Akane wakes up. Identifying Miyuki, she risks herself to help her friend, and thus gains her Smile Pact and transforms into Cure Sunny.

[19]Added by CureMisaSunny easily defeats the Akanbe with her strength and finishing attack, saving another Cure Decor piece. A strong friendship starts to form between Miyuki and Akane as Miyuki expresses just how happy she is that Akane can be a Pretty Cure with her.

Major EventsEditEdit

  • The Dusk Zone is seen for the first time.
  • Fujimaru Shougo is introduced.
  • What happened to the Garden of Light and why Mepple and Mipple went to Earth are revealed.
  • Kujou Hikari meets Fujita Akane and starts living with her and helping out in her shop.
  • Kujou Hikari appears at Verone Academy for the first time and becomes a first year student.
  • The first of the four guardians: Circulas, emerges from the darkness to attack Pretty Cure.
  • The Dark Fall's plans are stated.
  • Saki learns about taking care of Flappy and the Cure Diamonds to feed and tend to him.
  • NigiNigi and ResuResu appear for the first time.
  • Aono Miki becomes Cure Berry again for the first time
  • The first Heart Seed is collected into the Heart Pot.
  • Hanasaki Kaoruko used to be Pretty Cure.
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi joins the fashion club.
  • Hibiki and Kanade manage to mend their broken friendship.
  • The Cures used their combo attack, Passionate Harmony, for the first time.
  • Kanade's fetish for cat paws is revealed.



  • As Shiho and Rina talk about being stuck in the elevator, the dark stripes on Nagisa's bow are missing.
  • Although his eyes are normally black in color, they appear dark red like Mipple's in this episode.
  • This is the first time a Cure needs a whole episode to be able to control her Pretty Cure powers.
  • Both the cheer song (Played during when Akane plays volleyball) and the theme of Chypre and Coffret (Played when Candy is eating a giant strawberry summoned by the Smile Pact) from Heartcatch Pretty Cure! were played during the episode.
  • Akane mistakenly calls Pretty Cure "kiripura" when rejecting Miyuki's offer, and later as "kyuapuri" just before she transforms. She also mistakes Candy's ending phrase "~kuru" to be part of a complete sentence.
  • "Gaga-n" from the episode title is a sound effect used in anime to display a feeling of shock.


[20][21][22][23][24]Outa Yuuko[25]Itou Hitomi[26]NigiNigi and ResuResu[27][28][29]Besides looking like Nagisa, she also has similiar points![30][31][32]

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