[1]Added by CureMisaThe episode opens with Under a clear blue sky, the annual music festival in Major Land was being held. Amidst cheers, Hummy and Siren, the Fairies of Songs, mounted the stage. Just as Hummy and siren with princess rythm was about to sing the Melody of Happiness, a song that promises happiness to the world and peace to everyone, Mephisto, along with his minions appeared, bringing along darkness. Snatching up the Legendary Score on which the Melody of Happiness was written, Mephisto and his minions rewrote the score into the Melody of Sadness. To protect the Legendary Score, Aphrodite immediately scattered the Score's notes into the human world. the minions set off to the human world to chase after the notes. Hummy and siren, told by Aphrodite to search for the note and protect the princess, left for the human world as well. [2] Cure Moonlight doing Floral Power Fortissimo.Added by Himawari hanaCure Moonlight fights against Dark Cure before the Tree of Hearts while Sabaku, Chypre and Coffret watch. Claiming that protecting the Tree of Hearts is her destiny, Cure Moonlight summons her Moon Tact; Dark Cure does the same with her Dark Tact. Cure Moonlight manages to give Dark Cure an injury, but suffers a severe blow herself, making her deform half-way. Sabaku watches as the Tree of Hearts, to his surprise, does not die even though all the flowers have fallen. Cure Moonlight tells him that as long as Pretty Cure exist, the tree will never die. Dark Cure attacks Cure Moonlight once again, and the latter uses her Pretty Cure Seed to protect Chypre and Coffret, telling them to take the Heart Perfumes to go search for her replacement. Just then, the Pretty Cure Seed breaks, and to Dark Cure's shock, Cure Moonlight readies herself for her fate. An explosion is last seen.

An old bird-like fairy called Tiramisu holding Chiffon comes to a shrine and summons four Pickruns to make the Pretty Cure legend come true and save Chiffon. The Pickruns then fly away. [3]Added by Saxaphonegirl[4] Added by Himawari hanaNagisa playing lacrosse with her team, presenting her talent in sports. Meanwhile, Honoka is with her science club, accidentally making a small mess while demonstrating a successfull experiment. At the end of the intro, the two girls are seen walking past each other without noticing one another.

After the opening, Nagisa and her friends, Takashimizu Rina and Kubota Shiho, talk about an up-coming shooting star, and Honoka later tells them about the shooting star's origins before leaving. The girls then tell Nagisa about Honoka, and how she is the star student and "Queen of Knowledge", as well as really popular with the boys. [5]Nagisa as she is nervous when Mepple arrives.Added by Caramelangel714Nagisa returns home by sunset. Stressed out, she immediately confines herself to her bedroom, laying down on her bed while lamenting that she is more brainy type of girl instead of a sporty type. A shooting star suddenly passes through the sky, capturing Nagisa's attention. Wondering if this was the same star storm that her friends were talking about, she gets off her bed and goes to her balcony to watch as more shooting stars descend. Nagisa suddenly remembers to make a wish on one of them when suddenly she sees one heading straight for her room!

Panicked, Nagisa watches it as it bounces around her room and hits her between the eyes, knocking her down. The "star" then explodes into fragments of glowing light as what appears to be a small UFO to Nagisa falls in the center of the room.

Meanwhile, Honoka arrives home to hear her dog, Chuutaro, barking. He leads her to the storeroom where she finds a glowing package. She opens it and finds a similar looking device.

After Nagisa recovers, she carefully prods the tiny vessel with her lacrosse stick until it opens, revealing its passenger. Terrified, Nagisa orders it to stay away from her, even as it tries to make friendly conversation. They are both interrupted by Ryouta, Nagisa's younger brother. Nagisa tries to show him the alien, but finds that the "ship" to look nothing more like a cellphone. Unimpressed, her brother leaves but not after Nagisa trips him with her foot. She tries to investigate the odd shards of light, which transform into cards. But the alien insist he needs to find someone.

Due to his limited mobility, Nagisa is forced to carry the visitor in her lacrosse stick. Along the way while shortcutting through various establishments, the creature explains that his name is Mepple, a warrior from the Garden of Light who has been tasked to protect Mipple, the princess of the Garden of Light.

Mepple's sense of direction leads him and Nagisa to a closing amusement park where they are confronted by a strange looking man who introduces himself as Pisard. Pisard snatches Mepple away and demands that he turns over the Prism Stones when Honoka comes running up to the confrontation carrying Mipple. Nagisa uses this opportunity to swat Mepple from Pisard's grasp while he is distracted. Enraged, Pisard uses his powers to throw around various objects while Mepple and Mipple instruct Nagisa and Honoka to transform by swiping the Queen card through the Card Commune. The two are transformed into Pretty Cure, confusing Nagisa as she has no control of her actions during the transformation.

The duo can barely control their actions as Pisard launches a fierce attack on the both of them. Both are able to use their power to hold him off, however. Desperate, Pisard summons an evil spirit which takes possession of a roller coaster that attacks Pretty Cure. Overwhelmed, Mepple and Mipple order the duo to hold hands, summoning black and white lightning and combining it into an attack called Marble Screw which exorcises the demon and returns the roller coaster to normal and forces Pisard to retreat.

After the battle, Mepple and Mipple reunite, they explain to Nagisa and Honoka that they are destined to fight alongside them as the Emissaries of Light. While Honoka is smitten with the thought of fighting for justice, Nagisa is in disbelief and instead questions why this is happening to her.

Nagisa is getting ready for her fist day of school while eating potato chips. Ryouta comes in and tries to snatch some but Nagsia quickly stops him and he runs to their mother to complain. She is then scolded as she complains that they were her favorite chips. Its then her father walks in while brushing his teeth, trying to get into the conversation but everybody complains that they can't understand him.

Its then Nagisa and Honoka go to school, but first they say good morning to Mepple, Mipple, and Pollun.

Meanwhile in the garden of light everything seems peaceful, but it is revealed that the Queen had been dangerously wounded by the Dark King when he was previously defeated. Its then she begins seperating into her three original parts: Her life, her heart, and her 12 wills. All of the parts wind up in the Garden of Rainbows. Its then a strange girl appears... [6]Cure Black and Cure White return again.Added by Himawari hanaIn the Dusk Zone, evil forces bent on resurrecting their king awaken.

While on their way home, Nagisa and Honoka are suddenly attacked by a Zakenna. At that very moment, Mepple and Mipple suddenly wake up and allow the girls to transform into Pretty Cure again again!

After defeating the Zakenna, the two continue to walk together where they spot Hikari/the strange girl across the street. They feel as if they've met her before, or know her from where but she vanishes within and instant.

As she arrives home, Nagisa gets a note from her mom saying she had taken Ryouta out shopping. Suddenly, a noise surprises her and nervously she enters her room to see the Guardian of the Prism Stones, and the Elder drinking tea.

They explain what happened to the queen and [7]Seekun, the first Heartiel.Added by Himawari hanaintroduce Seekun, the first of the Heartiels to her. They feel as if the Queen is somewhere here in the Garden of Rainbows.

Meanwhile the Zakkena butlers are cleaning the mansion when the door opens and Kujou Hikaru / The boy in the mansion walks in, The butlers welcome him home to the mansion...

Saki is practicing her pitching in Softball with her team when a strange cloud flies over field, casting a dark shadow. The team continues to practice as Saki strikes out one batter after another and mentions that if she strikes out ten, she can get ice cream. When asked who had promised such an odd thing, Saki and the catcher, Yuuko admits to this and apologizes.

Meanwhile, Mishou Mai and her family drive into town for the first time in five years when her brother asks her how it feels to be back in town. Mai thinks it feels nice as the car pulls up to the house with a small observatory [8]Saki and Mai's reunion in Sky Tree.Added by Himawari hanaand the family go inside. Saki sits below the Sky tree with the ice cream she had won from her friends and begins to chomp down when she notices Mai there. Which surprises her and makes her choke for a moment. The two girls stare at each other and just as they are about to comment on how they had met before, a strange light suddenly falls from the sky! A small crater suddenly turns into Flappy while he comments he had no intentions of landing so hard. After a few seconds, another strange creature, Choppy joins him and lands on top of Flappy! They begin to explain that they are from the Land of Fountains.

The two mascots reminds Mai and Saki that they have met before, five years ago when they were younger. Now they need their help. In the middle of explanaining, its then Minori runs up as Saki tries to tell Minori about Flappy and Choppy but sees they are gone. Unaware that they turned into cellphone like objects and hid themselves in the girls pockets. [9]Happy Flappy and Choppy after Saki and Mai's reunion.Added by Himawari hanaMinori explains that their mother needs her to do some deliveries for the Bakery because the car broke down. Saki rushes off back to the bakery to pick up the packages and gets into her bike and begins to deliver the items. Suddenly Flappy cries out, causing Saki to stop and asks why he looks like a cellphone now.

Flappy explains that in order to hide, they take the form of the most natural object at that time in order to blend in. The dark shadow appears again and Flappy senses that Choppy is in danger so they hurry back to the Sky Tree.

Meanwhile, back at the tree, Mai is talking to Choppy when Saki and Flappy show up and the girls cannot still remember. So growing impatient, Choppy and Flappy make the girls remember how they met five years ago at a Festival when they both followed shooting stars to the Sky Tree. They meet each other but their meeting is interupted by Saki's mother and Mai's brother and leave without saying anything else.

Its then Karehan shows up and demands that Mai hand over Choppy and the location to the Fountain of the Sun. Mai refuses and just as something bad is about to happy, the mascots try to fight on their own in their light forms to protect Saki and Mai but fail badly. [10]Cure Bloom and Cure Egret's expression after first transformation.Added by Himawari hanaPicking them up the mascots desire to protect their friends become so overwhelming that they help them transform into Cure Bloom and Cure Egret! Karehan then turns one of the nearby trees into a Uzaina and the girls defeat it using Twin Stream Splash.

The next day in school Saki begins to wonder who that girl was that she had met, due to them not properly introducing themselves to one-another yesterday. Suddenly Mai walks in and is introduced as the new transfer student when Saki suddenly recognizes her! She then begins to introduce herself

Yumehara Nozomi was running late for her school, but then she saw a pink butterfly. So Nozomi chased after the pink butterfly, but bumped into Coco, a mysterious man. Coco leaves quickly after he brings the butterfly to Nozomi. Natsuki Rin was worried about Nozomi's timing to be in school.

Nozomi and Rin were in time for the school. Then, Minazuki Karen greets this morning. But Akimoto Komachi meets Karen instead. All of the other children rushed into Rin of all of the activities. So, Nozomi took off to find her activity. She then meets Kasugano Urara, the celebrity who transfered to the school. When in class, she founded Coco, who was looking for something urgent. Nozomi chased after Coco, but couldn't find him. She founded herself in the library with Kamochi and Karen.

Nozomi strolls the view of the library, then sees Coco in his magic. Nozomi spotted a magical butterfly case [11]Coco as he turns into a tanuki.Added by Caramelangel714called the Dream Collet, hidden onto the other books. Coco viewed her and commands her to give him the Dream Collet. After the Dream Collet dropped on the floor, Coco turns himself into a tanuki, making him weaker and nervous.

Girinma came by to snatch the Dream Collet, tunring himself into a bug-like antagonist. Girinma attacks Nozomi, but the pink butterfly blocks his attack. The pink butterfly came on Nozomi's left wrist turning into a Pinky Catch. Nozomi transform into Cure Dream, but was very frantic to fight back. Coco encourages her to fight the Kowaina using her Dream Attack. She then defeats the Kowaina with her Dream Attack.

Coco tells Nozomi that she will find the other people who will be Pretty Cure, but Nozomi was absolutely shocked.

Nozomi is writing a letter to Coco. After the departure of Coco, Natts and Milk the Pretty Cure have been getting on with their normal lives. Rin has designed some more accesories,Urara is becoming famous, Komachi is writing a novel and Karen is studying to become a doctor. [12]Flora's message.Added by SaxaphonegirlThe girls meet at school on how they miss the mascots. Nozomi is wondering how she will deliver the letter to the Palmier Kingdom. Out of nowhere, a mysterious boy appears saying he can deliver the letter and he gives her a letter. Nozomi opens it and rose petals erupt out. A hologram woman appears and introduces herself as Flora, guardian of the Cure Rose Graden. She asks for help to protect her , they are reluctant but Nozomi reasurres them and all agree. The hologram disappears and the letter morphs into the 'Rose Pact'. [13]The Five Lights.Added by SaxaphonegirlIn the Palmier Kingdom, everyone is helping re-build the kingdom a mysterious force has attacked the council. Milk tells Coco that a mysterious force attacked them and said they were from 'Eternal'. Coco and Natts see the five lights are flying to Earth, which means Pretty Cure's power is needed again. The boy wants to talk about the Rose Pact but the girls all start asking questions over each other. Out of frustration he takes Nozomi to a bell tower. He talks to Nozomi when [14]Syrup and Scorp's chase.Added by SaxaphonegirlScorp appears asking Syrup why he has been running from Eternal. Nozomi blunty shows the Rose Pact to Scorp, thus starting a chase. It ensues and Syrup gets heavily injured. The rest of the group catch up with Nozomi when Scorp appears, inquiring the Rose Pact. The group soon runs away since their Pinky Catches have been taken from them in the last episode ofYes! Pretty Cure 5. Soon the Five Lights appear and turn into CureMos. They transform with diffrent clothing from before. Coco and Natts are here too. Pretty Cure 5 is [15]Added by Saxaphonegirlnow back...

In the human world, Momozono Love cries in front of her friends, Miki and Inori, who are curious about what happened. Love said she was rejected by a senior, but the person who was rejected from a senior was actually another girl called Yumi who likes the senior. The boy was now in front of Love and Yumi. Love pushed Yumi foward to confess her liking for the boy, but he rejected Yumi saying that he already has someone he likes. Love gets mad and starts shaking the boy begging him to go out with Yumi. Yumi pulls Love away saying "That's enough!"

After school, Love decides to get doughnuts, but ends up getting lost and finds a fortune telling mansion. When she went inside to ask for directions, she was greeted by a mysterious girl, who offered to tell her fortune, predicting that she will recieve great happiness. Love leaves in a good mood and finds her way back.

When she arrives home, her mother tells her that she was able to get tickets to the concert of the dancing group, Trinity, which Love really admires. When she's at the concert, it was suddenly interupted by a Nakewameke, created by Eas, a servent of Labarynth, who is gathering sorror to fill the Fuko Gauge.Miyuki, the lead dancer of Trinity, is frozen on the stage while everyone else runs away. Love, noticing this, takes her and runs away into a storage room back stage. When the Nakewameke breaks in, Love trys to protect Miyuki, though she ends up getting knocked out. At that moment, her phone falls out of her pocket and the pink Pickrun dives into her phone, transforming it into a Linkrun that Love uses to transform into Cure Peach. As Peach, she defeats the Nakewameke with her finisher, Love Sunshine. Afterwards, as a thank you for saving her, Miyuki offers to teach Love dancing. [16]Added by CureMisaSuddenly, Hanasaki Tsubomi wakes up from dreaming about Cure Moonlight's defeat while she and her parents drive to Kibougahana, where they are moving to. [17]Erika stalks Tsubomi.Added by Himawari hanaAlthough surprised at the dream's realistic feeling, she soon forgets about it when she meets her grandmother Hanasaki Kaoruko, who is waiting for them.

Some days afterward, Tsubomi runs over to Myoudou Academy, where she is starting, talking about her situation and her shy and reserved personality that she promises herself to change from. However, she encounters problems when she introduces herself before her new class, as Kurumi Erika always cuts her off because she either speaks too low or writes her name with too-small letters. Because of this, Tsubomi gains a slight dislike toward Erika, though Erika does not mind and is very familiar with her. Tsubomi soon finds out that everyone except for Erika had quit the fashion club, making her the only member. Seeing the new girl, Erika asks her to join to avoid being cut off, but Tsubomi rejects her before running away.

At the end of the day, while Tsubomi notices that Erika is following her, it turns out that they are actually next-door neighbors, and upon getting to know that Tsubomi is trying to change from her shy personality, Erika forces Tsubomi to come into her family's shop, Fairy Drop, to let her change her

look. [18]Erika changes Tsubomi's look.Added by Himawari hanaAfter some time, Tsubomi is given a new hair style, contact lenses and a new dress, but she runs back home in embarrasment afterward, as Erika's personality clashes too much with her own for her to be with. Kurumi Momoka, Erika's sister, tries to give Erika some advice, but the girl shoves her off, going back to her room in frustration. Meanwhile, Tsubomi wonders if she ever will be able to change her personality, and falls asleep, dreaming once again about Cure Moonlight.

After taking on the dress Erika gave her, Tsubomi goes outside, thinking about her dreams and why they feel so realistic, before Chypre and Coffret fall down onto her face. Feeling that the Desert Apostles are close, they hide underneath Tsubomi's dress, making her breast appear large. Sasorina then appears, asking her if she has seen the two fairies, which Tsubomi denies in fear. Although suspicious of her large breasts, Sasorina continues to look for the fairies, and when she is out of sight, the fairies introduces themselves to Tsubomi, the latter doing the same afterward before being asked to take Chypre and Coffret to Cure Flower. [19]Tsubomi panicking.Added by Caramelangel714Meanwhile, Erika is at a playground, and Sasorina, spotting her wilting Heart Flower, steals it. Seeing this and being explained to about the situation, Tsubomi asks Sasorina to give the Heart Flower back, but Sasorina only uses it to create a Desertrian that tries to hurt Tsubomi, causing the latter and the fairies to run away from it. [20]Cure Blossom, Chypre and Coffret after seeking the blossoming tree.Added by Himawari hanaWhen they find a place to hide, the fairies explain to Tsubomi that the Desertrian is made from the Heart Flower's owner's worries, which explains why the Desertrian constantly talks about Erika's hatred and jealousy for her older sister.

Realizing this, Tsubomi stands up for Erika and tells Sasorina not to insult or use Erika's feelings, causing Chypre's Heart Perfume to react. Now assured that Tsubomi is a part of Pretty Cure, they give her the Heart Perfume and tell her to transform. Although not understanding what they are talking about, Tsubomi does as they say, and transforms into Pretty Cure. While Sasorina is too shocked to act, the fairies tell the Cure to give herself a name, and upon having a vision of a tree in blossom, she names herself Cure Blossom.

Aphrodite told Hummy and siren about fighting warriors who live in the human world; the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure--- At that moment, in the playing field of Private Aria Academy, Hojo Hibiki, with her catchphrase "I'm betting my pride as a woman on this!", victoriously landed a soccer goal. Hungry, the Soccer Club helper headed over to the Sweets Club to snitch some cake. However, she was caught by Sweets Club member Minamino Kanade, who commented on Hibiki's "bad manners", rousing her to anger. The other students were shocked at Hibiki and Kanade, who bicker whenever they see each other. Though they were like this now, they used to be best friends who played together everyday when they were kids. After they went their separate ways, both Hibiki and Kanade felt regret about quarrelling.

[21]Added by CureMisaAlone, Hibiki went to the Concert Hall where she used to spend time with Kanade. There, she met a mysterious girl, Ellen. With stinging words, Ellen swayed Hibiki's heart, then, seeing the G Clef residing in Hibiki, Ellen reverted suddenly to her cat form to steal it. Hibiki tried to escape, but were surrounded by Trio the Minor. At this moment, Hummy appeared along with the Fairy Tones, and somehow started bickering with Siren. Looking at Siren and Hummy, Hibiki was reminded of herself and Kanade. Just then, Kanade appeared, holding a record. That record was a precious one, holding memories for the two of them.

[22]Added by CureMisaSpotting a note sitting on the record, Siren charged up the record, turning it into a Negatone. Hibiki and Kanade were shocked to see their precious record turned into a monster. With their feelings united, the G Clefs in their hearts started to glow. Shouting in harmony "We won't forgive this!", their Cure Modules appeared and they transformed into Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm! However, due to their shock at suddenly becoming Pretty Cure, the two could do nothing but run away from the Negatone's attacks. Unable to unite as Pretty Cure, the two started to bicker again.

Hoshizora Miyuki is late for the first day attending her new school, having just transferred from another town. She introduces herself while running and remarks that she likes picture and fairy tale books. She still takes the time to look around and thinks that something happy might just happen. As she scoots around a corner she sees nothing at first, but then hears something suddenly cry out. As she starts to look around, a book flaps down and opens to a picture of Candy, which becomes real and pops out of the book!

[23]Added by CureMisaThe mascot hits Miyuki in the face, however, causing both of them to fall back. When Miyuki gets a good look she picks up Candy and hugs the mascot while saying she's cute. Miyuki starts asking Candy questions about what and who she is. Candy then jumps back to introduce herself while Miyuki thinks this is fate. Candy then runs off, leaving the book behind. After picking it up, Miyuki remembers that she is late for school and runs to class.

Miyuki gets to school and is trying to introduce herself to the class, but she is really nervous and does a very small, un-informative introduction. Its then Hino Akane gets up out of her seat and says she'll do the introduction, saying that Miyuki seems friendly but out of it and has a younger brother who likes to look at the stars and says his name is Mitaro. Akane then attempts to keep telling jokes but is then interrupted by Midorikawa Nao and Aoki Reika who say that Miyuki should do her own introduction. Akane then proceeds to introduce Miyuki to Nao, Reika, and then herself.

[24]Added by CureMisaKise Yayoi then chimes in, then apologizes by saying that Akane only did that to break the ice. Akane on the way back to her seat then introduces Yayoi and calls her a crybaby, though Yayoi claims she has only cried three times so far. Since she is a lot less nervous now, Miyuki redoes her introduction and does a better job of it this time. She also says that it is nice to meet the class and that she loves happy things and looks for Happiness everyday. The teacher and Akane remark that Miyuki's seat is right behind her and Miyuki sits down. Shortly after she notices Candy hopping about but when she tries to tell Akane, she looks to see nobody is there which ends up distrupting class...

Later after class Miyuki starts looking for Candy again by exploring the school. First she looks in the music room and then the science lab and finally the library. While looking at the books, she spots a shelf with a glowing book titled "The Magical Door" and pulls out the book before noticing a light behind it. She then shoves some books aside, and it seems to start working something like a combination lock. This continues as she notices several other lights on the shelf that work the same way until a portal opens and pulls Miyuki in. She then finds herself in the Magical Library. Candy is still searching but runs into Wolfurun and has to run away. Inside the magical library, Miyuki puts Candy's book on the shelf and then pulls it off to see Candy running from a crack in one of the books. Trying to get to Candy, she drops the book and manages to operate the same combination that pulls her through the portal and back to the human world, outside of a bookstore near Candy.

Miyuki then manages to follow Candy and catches the mascot as she falls off a building. Candy who is freaked out from Wolfurun tries to run away, again saying that the wolf is coming from the sky. Miyuki doesn't believe Candy at first, but soon sees Wolfurun, who blacks out a book with some ink and creates negative energy from sad people which he absorbs into a book. Wolfurun and Candy explain about the bad end scenario and then Candy says everything will be happy if you work for it.

[25]Added by CureMisaMiyuki says that Candy is right. She then remembers how her day was earlier and wants to protect Candy. Miyuki's power then triggers; with Candy's help she transforms into Cure Happy. At first Miyuki is really scared and she freaks out after transforming. Cure Happy runs away scared and hides behind a wall of a brick house, thinking the wolf wouldn't chase her there. Wolfurun laughs, then turns the house into an Akanbe. When the monster attacks she jumps sky high, but still can't control her powers and gets freaked out more.

[26]Added by CureMisaShe manages to knock the Akanbe down in this state and lands on it by accident, freaking out again when she sees where she landed. As she again runs away, Candy tells Cure Happy to use "Happy Shower" to purify the monster but nothing comes out. Cure Happy then gets over her fear, and with new found confidence and the determination not to lose to Wolfurun she concentrates really hard, pulls off the attack, and acquires the first piece of Cure Decor. Wolfurun runs away and everyone goes back to normal. Candy then asks Miyuki to help save her world to which Miyuki agrees.

Major EventsEditEdit

  • Nagisa and Honoka meet Mepple and Mipple for the first time.
  • The Dusk Zone is introduced, with Pisard as the enemy of the episode.
  • Nagisa and Honoka gain the power of Pretty Cure, transforming into Cure Black and Cure White respectively.
  • Nagisa starts her catchphrase "arienai", which is translated to "unbelievable" or "I can't believe this"
  • Mepple and Mipple are awakened from their sleep
  • Although her name is not mentioned Kujou Hikari is shown for the first time.
  • What happened after the end of Futari wa Pretty Cure is revealed.
  • Kujou Hikaru/The boy in the mansion is also shown for the first time.
  • The first of the Heartiels "Seekun" is found and introduced.
  • This episode introduces the somewhat modified version of the Cure uniform.
  • Nagisa and Honoka enter their final year of Verone Academy middle school.
  • Saki Hyuuga and Mishou Mai meet again
  • Flappy and Choppy make their first appearance
  • Saki Hyuuga and Mishou Mai become Cure Bloom and Cure Egret again for the first time
  • Mai's house is shown for the first time
  • Saki's family's bakery "Pakupan"/Panpakupan is shown for the first time
  • Pretty Cure get the Rose Pact.
  • The Pretty Cure transform again for the first time.
  • Momozono Love transform into Cure Peach again for the first time!
  • Love meets her idol Chinen Miyuki and is offered to be taught dance lessons by her.
  • Cure Moonlight is defeated, and the Tree of Hearts's flowers have fallen.
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi and her parents move from Kamakura while she starts going to the Myoudo Academy, where she meets Kurumi Erika.
  • Erika becomes the only member in the fashion club.
  • The Desert Apostles are introduced, and Sasorina is the villain of the week.
  • Tsubomi gains a Heart Perfume in order to transform into Cure Blossom.
    • Tsubomi transforms into Pretty Cure again for the first time.
  • Mephisto steals the Legendary Score.
  • The Notes of the Legendary Score are scattered to the winds.
  • Hojo Hibiki and Minamino Kanade become Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm again for the first time.
  • Hoshizora Miyuki meets Candy and they become friends
  • Miyuki becomes Cure Happy again for the first time
  • Wolfurun makes his first appearance again
  • The Magical Library and Book Door Code are shown for the first time.


  • Starting with this season, Cure Black's outfit had been changed due to the complaints of how revealing her previous costume was.
  • This is the first season where the first Pretty Cure to appear have met each other previously. The second is Fresh Pretty Cure, where Love, Miki and Inori have known each other since childhood, and the third is Suite Pretty Cure, where Hibiki and Kanade had been friends in the past until a misunderstanding occured.
  • If it's been five years since they met, then the two of those years had been when the previous Pretty Cure was active, if one does not consider this an alternative continuity.
  • This episode confirms that cellphones are still very popular, two years later from the original Pretty Cure series.
  • Tsubomi's breasts becoming large due to being the fairies' hiding place has become a popular joke among the Pretty Cure fan community.
  • "Nyapu" from the episode title comes from the word "nyan" which is the Japanese equivalent of "meow".
  • This is the third time that the series mascot falls from the sky and hits the lead Cure in the face.
  • This is the third time that after transforming the Cure freaks out and can't use her powers right for a minute.
  • During the scene where Miyuki introduces herself to the class, Akane cracks a joke on Miyuki's family name by making up a little brother for Miyuki and calling him Hoshizora Mitaro. Hoshizora stands for "starry sky", mita means "to see (past tense)", and tarou is a common ending particle for male names. The joke was that the brother's name would mean "I saw the starry sky".
  • The first pink glowing book that caught Miyuki's attention in the library was aptly titled Fushigi na Tobira (ふしぎなとびら "Magical Door" or "Mysterious Door"?).



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