Episode 2: High what?

At a part of Moonlight town a pink porter suddenly opened in an alleyway as six figures walked out of it. They were each wearing cloaks: the first was wearing a pink cloak, the second one was wearing a blue cloak, the third one was wearing a black cloak, the four one was wearing an orange cloak and the five one was wearing a yellow cloak.

"Is this the right place?" asked the first one, sounding like a girl.

"It should be," said the second one, also sounding like a girl.

"I hope you're right," said the third one, sounding like another girl.

Unknown to them a shadowed figure was watching them and sighed.

"Great just what I needed…" sighed the shadowed figure, sounding like a boy, 'More magical users looking for the gems'

The shadowed figure ran off as the six walked out of the alleyway and removed the cloak by throwing them into the air.

The colors of the cloak slowly turned into bed room walls as a familiar cabbit was sleeping in his bed.

"Klonoa…" said a familiar female voice.

Klonoa slowly opened his eyes to see Amanda, now wearing a pink scarf, white shirt with the Crest of Light, lilac-colored scarf belt, underneath, a white shirt splits two separate ways with dark pink on the ridges above a light pink skirt, Lilac shorts can been seen below the mini-dress and white slip-ones with pink and lilac lines, pink caps, a star shaped locket, lilac elbow-pads, pink bracelets and a crystal star hair clip and a pink bow in her hair, on top of the bed, smiling. Her hair was also brown with blonde highlights and electric blue eyes.

"Good morning!" said Amanda.

Klonoa paused for a moment before his eyes widen as he did one thing…scream.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" screamed Klonoa as he fall out of the bed.

Amanda giggled a bit at this before she got off of the bed while Aurora fleeted next to her and laughed.

"That's not funny!" snapped Klonoa.

"Then why are we laughing?"

Klonoa turned to see Wing, SG, Erin and Kim near one of the windows in his room, each wearing a new outfit.

Erin now had glasses on and was now wearing a bubble shaped hair clip with a pink heart on it, a white t-shirt with a light pink heart on it, a stripe pink with a light blue on the other side, a light blue bracelet, a pink belt with a bubble buckle, sky blue skirt and white slip-on shoes with blue and pink lines. Her hair was also short and didn't have the bow in the hair.

Kim now has long brown hair, blue eyes and was now wearing a blue star shaped necklace, blue star shaped ear rings, a sleeve less red t-shirt with a black stipe on it, white/black figure less gloves, light blue jeans and black shoes with white shocks.

SG now had black hair and was now wearing high ponytail tied with a red bow, piece of her covering half of her face, a purple t-shirt with a black jacket, her skull charm, goth black ribbed pants with pink rims, black boots with pink skulls on them.

Wing now had normal brown hair which had a hairclip in it, and was now wearing a white shirt with a picture of a panther, with a purple jacket, blue jeans, and white shoes.

"You…did not…sneak in…thought there?!" asked Klonoa.

"Hey if Robin Hood could do it we can to," said Wing.

Klonoa just looked puzzled as SG sighed and said, "Don't ask."

"What? He's a cool character!" said Wing.

"Yeah but we don't read the book ten times a day," said Kim causing Wing to growl angry.

"But don't you read those books about that one card game the kids call Duel monsters?" asked Erin puzzled.

"Ok…you have a point there," said Kim as she smiled sheepishly.

"You better get dress Klonoa," said Amanda, "After all you'll make us late for our first day of school."

"WHAT?!" asked Klonoa in shock.

The last thing the cabbit wanted was the five Precures to be going to his school let alone be in his room.

"Yep. It's the best way to protect you after all," said Amanda.

Klonoa's eyes rolled as he fainted causing the girls to yelp again.

"H-He fainted again!" cried Amanda.

"I…I think we really killed him this time…" said Wing weakly as SG sighed a bit.

After getting Klonoa up and the daily things a person does to get ready for school, Klonoa, in his normal outfit, and the Precures were walking to the cabbit's high school.

"OK here are the rules for high school. 1. No using magic! 2. No talk about the gems! 3. No talk about the magic world!" snapped Klonoa.

"OK, ok, we get it. No magic," said Erin.

"Jeez you're as bad so Professor Snipe!" groaned Kim.

"Another rule: No talk about the teachers you had in the past! Number 5: No weapons or magic tools and the last one…the mascots need to hide themselves in your locker, bags or act like they are stuff animals!" yelled Klonoa.

"Good thing we told them to stay home tonight then huh?" whispered Amanda to Erin.

"Looks like it," said Erin.

"I heard at!" snapped Klonoa.

The girls rolled their eyes a bit as they looked up to a normal looking school…at least a normal looking one for Klonoa.

'Guess they don't use castles for schools here,' thought Kim.

As they walked in SG looked a bit puzzled to see at there won't a lot of monster type toons in the building.

'Where the heck are all the other monsters?' thought SG.

Erin looked around and frowned a bit as she sighed.

'Guess I'll have to keep my toon jokes to myself,' thought Erin.

The gang continued to their own class room as Wing was able to peek into a few of them and looked a bit puzzled.

'Where are the classes about how to talk to pokémon and animals?' thought Wing.

Amanda looked to see posters for plays, clubs and other stuff and smiled.
'I wondering if things will be like they are back at home,' thought Amanda.

"You guys coming or what?" asked Klonoa.

The girls nodded as Klonoa opened a door. They looked to see some of the students were there but the teacher wasn't.

"Um Klonoa…where's the teacher?" asked Erin, puzzled.

"They come in when the bell rings," said Klonoa.

"Wow, that's a lot different than at our school," said Kim.

"What was one of the rules?" asked Klonoa.

Kim just rolled her eyes as the others sighed. Seemed like the cabbit wasn't going to let them be at all.

"Klonoa you really need to calm down," said SG.

Klonoa just signed as he looked out the window and yelped suddenly causing him to crash into a desk. He looked up to see everyone in the room staring at him causing him to sigh.

"Are you ok Klonoa?" asked Amanda as she helped him up.

"Yeah…I'm fine," said Klonoa.

Wing and SG looked out the window to see a small yellow fox jump down.

"Looks like The Magical Hearts are here," whispered SG.

"That last it isn't someone else. After all they won't hurt anyone who can't use magic," said Wing.

SG nodded as the door opened. Klonoa smiled as he heard the door opening.

"Hey you two about time you got here," said Klonoa.

"Sorry but you know my brother. He can be a grump in the mornings," sighed a female voice as the Precures looked to see who it was.

The first one was a human girl who has long golden hair in a pigtail, blue eyes and is wearing wears a pink sleeve-less t-shirt, a pink short shirt, black legging and sleeves, white gloves and white/pink shoes with a pink hat with a white pigtail, and ear things on it.

The second one is a male raccoon who is wearing a black eye mask, a blue hat, a blue t-shirt, golden wristbands and blue shoes.

"Hey! It's not my fault my clock stopped working," said the raccoon.

"That thing hasn't been working for weeks!" snapped the girl, "You keep saying you'll get a new one but you keep forgetting to."

"Same old Sly and Ciel…" sighed Klonoa.

"Who…and who?" asked Kim, a bit puzzled.

"My friends," said Klonoa.

'I should have known…' thought SG before noticing a look on Wing's face, "Um Wing are you ok?"

Erin noticed this to and waved her hand in Wing's face before shrugging. SG then made a sign as Erin nodded, pulled a bucket of water out of nowhere and dropped it on Wing who yelped.

"What was that for?!" asked Wing.

"Hey you were the one spacing out on us," said Erin.

"I…was spacing out?" asked Wing.

"Oh big time," said SG.

"You like the raccoon," said Erin in a sing like voice causing Wing to cover her mouth.

"Erin please keep your mouth shut!" whispered Wing as she blushed.

"Keep her mouth shut about what?"

The three looked to see Klonoa, Ciel, Sly, Kim and Amanda looking at them. Klonoa slapped himself on the face as Kim and Amanda giggled a bit while Ciel and Sly looked puzzled.

"N-Nothing…" lied Wing, blushing like mad.

'Same old Wing…' thought SG and Erin as they giggled a bit.

Just then the bell ringed causing everyone in the class to get to their seat as the teacher walked in. Outside the window, the small yellow fox who had blue eyes, a pink heart on her head, a pink bow around her neck and tail, a red heart on the bow around her neck, black paws and a white stomach.

"Do you see anything Jenny?" asked a female voice.

The fox, Jenny, jumped down as a light sundered her turning her into a human girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes and was wearing a yellow t-shirt with the word 'fox' on it and a fox's tail, a red skirt with orange jeans under it, white socks, red shoes and a red bracelet.

"It's just the Precures. I think it's safe for you girls to come out," said Jenny.

With this five girls walked out from behind the tree.

The first girl has long brown hair, green eyes and is wearing a blue sleeves t-shirt, red and white arm warmers, a yellow belt with a red heart on it, a pink/light pink/light blue skirt, white socks, red boots and a golden heart shaped necklace.

The second girl has long black hair in a ponytail, golden eyes and is wearing a grey sleeves less t-shirt, purple figure less gloves, a purple skirt with two yellow belts going across it, grey jeans under it, brown boots and a necklace with a grey gem on it.

The third girl has short red in pigtails, blue eyes and is wearing glasses, a blue t-shirt under a grey jacket, a brown belt, dark blue jeans and grey shoes.

The fourth girl has short blonde hair, brown eyes and is wearing an orange sleeves less t-shirt with a picture of a fairy on it, a white t-shirt under the orange one, a pink skirt, orange socks and yellow/white shoes.

The fifth and final girl has darker skin, short black hair, brown eyes and is wearing sleeves less light green dress, white socking, and green shoes.

"I don't see how human can dress like this…" sighed the second girl, "Why can't we wear our normal outfits?"

"Cause they will call us freaks and losers remember?" asked the fourth girl.

"Good thing SG wasn't there…" said the fifth girl, "She would have beaten them up."

"Well at the moment I wish she was there to do so," said the first girl, "It would had teach them not to make fun of people."

"I thought you hated people getting beaten up Jessica," said the fifth girl to the first one, Jessica.

"Much of the time I do," said Jessica as she shrugged.

"Will I guess with Jessica on those kids," said the second girl.

"Only you would Viper," said the fourth girl to the second one, Viper.

"Oh come on Ashley…do you really want those kids to call other people at?" asked Viper to the fourth one, Ashley.

"OK you have me there…" sighed Ashley.

"Are we going to get a move on…or am I the only one who cares about the gems?" asked the third girl.

"Shelby, you, Briana, Viper and Ashley know at Jessica has the controller since she's the leader of the team," said Jenny to the third girl, Shelby while the fifth girl, Briana nodded.

"I know I know…I guess I'm just worried the others will get the gems first," sighed Shelby.

The girls then started to head into the building…only to be thrown out by a teacher.

"If you girls aren't students then stay out!" snapped the teacher before she slammed the door closed.

The girls then sighed. Looks like they would need to think of another way to get in…

Just then Jenny noticed some familiar creatures floating to the school.

"Hey girls, look who it is," said Jenny, smiling.

The girls looked and smiled when they saw Jewel, Breezie, Chestnut, Sakura and Aurora coming towards them. As the girls stood up Jenny turned back into her fox form, after making sure no one would see this.

"Hey!" called out Jessica.

"Long time no see you guys!" said Viper.

"Hey guys, desu!" said Jewel.

"What's new with you girls, chu," said Chestnut.

"Well we tried to get into the school," started Jessica.

"Before we were kicked out by one of the teachers," sighed Shelby.

"I'll tell you what, a lot of people are so rude here unlike they are back at home," said Viper as the girls nodded their heads in agreement.

"Do you want us to get the Precures, desu?" asked Aurora.

"If you don't mind," said Jessica.

"We don't mind, chu! Wait here, chu!" said Chestnut.

With this, the mascots flew up to the window. Chestnut saw the girls and Klonoa and started to hit the window. Klonoa noticed this and gasped. Quickly, Klonoa throw his book at Chestnut who yelped. The cabbit sighed before hearing coughing making him turn…and see his teacher looking at him. The mascots watched as Klonoa was being scolded by the teacher while some of the students in the class chuckled and giggled a bit at this. Just then a ball was heard ringing as the students in the class leaved the room, much to the dismay of the mascots.

"Plan B?" asked Sakura.

"Plan B, desu/chu," said the others as they nodded in agreement.

"Man Klonoa, why the heck did you throw your book suddenly?!"

At another part of the school, Klonoa, Sly and Ciel were eating their lunches.

"Well…" started Klonoa.

"Hey guys!"

The three turned to see SG, Erin, Kim and Amanda coming towards them.

"Do you three mind if we sat next to you?" asked Kim.

"Please go on ahead," said Ciel.

"Thanks," said Kim.

As the girls sat down, Erin was looking at Ciel and Sly back and front of some reason. Klonoa noticed this and groaned.

"Is something wrong?" asked Klonoa.

"Well I remember Ciel calling Sly brother but how can that be?" asked Erin.

"Huh?" asked Klonoa.

"Well she's a human and he's a raccoon…so were one of their parents a human and the other a raccoon or something like that?" asked Erin.

"Erin…it's possible one of them could be adopted," pointed out SG.

"Oh right…sorry about that…" said Erin.

"It's fine. Please don't worry about it," said Ciel.

"By the way…where's the other girl?" asked Sly.

"Other girl?" asked Amanda, before realizing who Sly means, "Oh you mean Wing!"

"Funny she was with us just a moment ago…" said Kim.


The gang turned to see Wing falling down the stairs. Once she had landed on the bottom, luckily not hurt, some of the students started to laugh at this. Wing just growled as she stood up.

"Yeah, yeah very funny! Why don't you jerks try to take photos next time?!" snapped Wing angrily.

At the table SG sighed while Klonoa, Ciel and Sly just looked a bit shock.

"Does she normal act like this?" asked Ciel.

"Only when she gets mad enough," said Amanda.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Sly.

"Well Wing tries to stay as calm as possible but when she gets mad…" started Erin.

"She snaps," said SG, sighing a bit, "Similar to how the Beast from Beauty and the Beast would snap to disciple it in a way."

"'Snaps the beast'?" asked Klonoa.

"I've seen that movie before and trust me, she is nothing like the Beast," said Sly.

"She like the one in the version from our world," whispered Kim only to have Klonoa kicks her leg a bit, "Hey! Klonoa, what was that for?"

"One of the rules, remember?" whispered Klonoa to Kim.

"Ok, ok, just calm down," whispered Kim.

"Well…it's more like how SG would get if someone calls her a…f word," said Amanda.

"You mean the curse word?" asked Klonoa.

"No…f-r," said SG.

"Oh. Well I guess at makes sense when you think about it," said Ciel, "But why do people call you that?"

"They're don't do it much anymore," said SG.

"Why is that?" asked Ciel.

"Well…" started SG only to hear coughing from Klonoa making the skeleton groan.

As if on cue, a girl named Mandy walked over and looked at SG, Amanda, Erin and Kim. The girls noticed this and looked puzzled.

"Is something wrong?" asked Erin.

"Well it's just what are some freaks like you four doing here?" asked Mandy with a laugh.

"Freak?! Did you just call me freak?!" asked SG angry.

"Just forget about her," said Sly, "She's just a spoiled brat whose parents get her anything she wants."

Course, SG didn't listen as she stood up and walked up to Mandy who was smirking a bit. Amanda, Erin and Kim yelped as they tried to get their friend to sat down while Mandy just laughed.

"Wow! You girls act like you're from a different world!" laughed Mandy.

'You don't know the half of it!' thought Klonoa.

"Mandy why don't you just shut up and leave us alone?" asked Ciel.

"Yeah. Big time with the fact no one likes you," said Sly.

Mandy just rolled her eyes.

"Funny. I never know you three liked to hang out with freaks!" said Mandy.

"Why you!" growled SG.


Klonoa yelped, knowing who the voice belonged to. Quickly the cabbit ran to the window were Jewel was outside. Before anyone could see her, Klonoa grabbed her and hid Jewel inside his hat. He then quickly ran outside and throws Jewel out of the building before he closed the door and ran back to his seat.

'That was to close…' thought Klonoa.

Just then, something at sounded like hitting was heard making Klonoa's eye widen. He slowly turned to see Mandy on the ground while Amanda, Erin and Kim hold back a tricked SG.

"SG j-just calm down," said Erin.

"Why should I?!" asked SG angry.

"You don't want to lose control again do you?" whispered Kim, "If you unleash her here not only will you be kicked out of the contest but everyone here will learn about the magic world."

This got SG to stop as she calm down. Amanda, Erin and Kim let her go as Mandy stood up.

"Y-You freak! Wait till I tell my daddy about this!" yelled Mandy as she ran off.

The girls and Klonoa just sighed.

"That was to close…" whispered Amanda.

"What was to close?"

Amanda yelped to see Ciel next to her and was looking puzzled.

"I-It's nothing," said Amanda.

Just then the bell ring. As everyone was heading to their classes, Ciel stopped as she looked out the window to see a purple raptor with red stripes on his back on a tree bunch. The raptor seems to have noticed Ciel as he glared at her before jumping down, much to the girl's shock.

'W-What in the world?!' thought Ciel, 'W-Was that a raptor?!'

"Hey sis!"

This snapped Ciel out of it as she turned to see Sly waiting for her.

"You coming or what? You know what happens if we're later again!" said Sly.

"O-Oh…coming!" said Ciel.

Quickly the girl ran to her brother. As the two leaved, Ciel looked back one last thing to see if the raptor was back in the tree, only to see he wasn't.

'I guess I was seeing things…' thought Ciel.

Outside the school, the same raptor at Ciel has saw walked out of the bushes and groaned.

"Great…one of the gems is in there," sighed the raptor, "The only question is…how can I get in there…"

The raptor then noticed Jessica, Ashley, Shelby, Viper, Briana, and Jenny, now in her human form again, being let in by Wing who was looking around to make sure no one saw them. Before the raptor could get in Wing's vision, she closed the door on him, making him groan a bit in pain.

Inside the Magical Hearts sighed as they fall to the ground, most likely tired.

"You girls ok?" asked Wing.

"Yeah…thanks for sneaking us in Wing," said Jessica.

"We own you one," said Viper.

"It's no problem. So are you guys in the contest too?" asked Wing.

"Yep! We thought there was a gem in here so we thought we would check this place out," said Ashley.

"Sadly an old woman kicked us out before we could look," explained Shelby.

"I think I know why she did that," said Wing.

"Why is that?" asked the Magical Hearts puzzled.

"This is a school," explained Wing.

"This place?! A school?! I thought it was mall or something!" yelped Jenny.

"Well that would explain why we were kicked out," said Viper as Briana nodded in agreement.

"Guess since we won't students the teacher was worried we would hurt the toons here," said Briana.

"The only question can we become students here?" said Jessica.

"I have an idea," said Wing, smirking a bit, "See SG, Amanda, Erin, Kim and I throw off our voices to sound like our parents so we could come here."

"Why didn't we think of that?" asked Ashley.

"Cause we didn't know this place was a school that's why," said Viper.

"Oh right," said Ashley.

"Just one question…" started Shelby.

"What?" asked Wing, Jessica, Viper, Ashley, Briana and Jenny at the same time.

"Anybody have a phone with them?" asked Shelby.

The girls just looked at each other before falling anime style making Shelby sweat drop.

"I'm taking that as a no…" groaned Shelby.

Wing stood up as she sighed.

"Look, why don't you guys wait here while I go get SG, Amanda, Erin and Kim," said Wing, "That way we can all try to think of an idea on how you can come to this school."

The Magical Hearts nodded. Wing then opened the door to the hallway and made sure no one saw her as she closed it and headed back to the class room.

Back in the class room, Wing had explained the problem to SG, Kim, Erin and Amanda. Erin smiled when she heard a plan SG had in mind.

Quickly, the girls ran to the bathroom as SG pulled out her cell phone.

"OK now we need to keep quiet so they think we're really Jessica's parents," said SG.

"We know, just hurry up and make the call," said Kim, "Who knows when someone's going to walk in on us."

SG nodded as she quickly typed in the school's number. She then given the phone to Erin who coughed a bit before the person on the other line picked up.

"Hello?" asked the person.

"Yes, hello, my name is Rapunzel and I'm calling to try to get my daughter, Jessica enroll in your school," said Erin in a completely different voice.

Erin then made a sign for the others to guard the door. This made Amanda, SG, Wing and Kim smile. Seem like the plan was working.

Outside the building, The Magical Hearts were waiting for the Precure girls to get done.

"Do you think it will work?" asked Ashley.

"I hope so," said Shelby.

Jessica sighed. She then noticed a familiar raptor making her smile.

"It's Krocken!" said Jessica.

The others looked puzzled for a moment till they looked up to see the raptor.

"Hey, you're right!" said Briana.

"HEY KROCKEN, OVER HERE!!!" called out Viper.

The raptor, Krocken, looked puzzled till he saw Jessica and her friends.

"Well if it isn't the Magical Hearts," said Krocken as he walked over, "Here for the contest to correct?"

"Yep," said Jenny.

"So how have you been? It's been a long time since we've seen you," said Jessica.

"Just the same stuff," said Krocken, "Thought I did hear a rumor."

"What is it?" asked The Magical Hearts.

"Well it just started but the word is that one of the gems was eaten by a normal," explained Krocken.

"WHAT?!" asked The Magical Hearts in shocked.

Later in the class room, Klonoa sighed as he sat down.

'Man I can't believe what happened at lunch today…' thought Klonoa, 'If stuff like that happens every day there's no way I can keep the secret…'

He then looked out the window and yelped. The reason…Krocken was right out the window looking into the class room. Quickly, Klonoa covered the raptor's view as the cabbit looked around to make sure no one saw Krocken.

However, Klonoa faulted to see at Ciel was staring at Krocken before the cabbit moved in the way.

'A raptor? But I thought these were just in fairy tales,' thought Ciel.

Just then the door opened…as Jessica, Viper, Briana, Ashley and Shelby walked in with Wing, SG, Amanda, Kim and Erin behind them.

"Thanks again for your help and for showing us around this place," said Ashley.

"It's no problem," said Erin, smiling.

"Now remember what we told you," whispered SG.

"No talk about magic," whispered Jessica.

"Still can't believe how uptight this Klonoa person sounds," said Viper only to hear coughing…and turned to see Klonoa looking ticked.

"Oh hey, you must be Klonoa," said Viper.

"Yeah…wait if the girls told you then that means…" said Klonoa as his eyes widen.

"That's right," said Amanda, smiling.


The girls cheered a bit while people just stared at them as Klonoa hid.

'Why does this always have to happen to me,' thought Klonoa as he sighed.

Sly chuckled a bit as Ciel just stared, sweat dropping a bit.

"I have a feeling this year is going to be a lot more fun than the others," said Sly.

"You can say that again," said Ciel.

'So sadly now I have MORE trouble to worry about!' said Klonoa's voice.

The teacher then walked in to see Jessica on top of the desk while the girls yelped. Klonoa however just sighed as he walked up to his desk.

'However, what I didn't know was that someone close to me was about to learn the true…" said Klonoa's voice.

Ciel watched as the Precure took their sits and then looked out the window to see Jenny turn from her human form into a fox, making her eyes widen a bit.

'Could it be…that magic is real?' thought Ciel in disbelief.