Sonic's love story is my made up story type like episode. Plot:

The episode starts with Sonic and Amy on a date for Valentine's day then they see Tails and Cosmo on a date together. Then Amy asks Tails if she can have a conversation with Cosmo alone. So while Sonic took Tails to Emerald Hill for an adventure Amy talked to Cosmo asking her about her and Tails' relationship. Meanwhile Rouge sees Knuckles and talks to him. Then Knuckles gives her a card pleasing her. Then Rouge gives Knuckles a gift: a kiss on the cheek. On Angel Island Cream and Cheese are sharing lunch with Blaze. Cheese then sees Cosmo walking towards them crying. She then tells Cream and Blaze about what Amy said about her and Tails. Shocked Blaze cheers Cosmo up by giving her a love potion to put in Tails' cup of tea the next time he has one. The first part of the episode ends with Amy feeling guilty about what she told Cosmo. Sonic and Tails come back then see Cosmo, Cream, Blaze and Cheese.


In "Sonic's love story part 2" Cosmo pours the love potion into Tails' tea. When Tails drinks the tea he falls in love with Cosmo. Also Amy tries to cast a love spell on Sonic but it backfires when Rouge and Knuckles trigger the trap set for Sonic then when the full moon is shown the potion poured into the lake is activated and the two fall in love only to see Amy rage in anger and to Sonic's sigh of relief but worried.