at school


Kyon:What is it haruhi?

haruhi:I heard a new student is coming right?


haruhi:is she a precure?What's her name?

Next door

Teacher:now let us introduce our new student,come in majorythem!



Majorythem:I'm majorythem!I'm transfer here from canada!I am 10 years old!Nice to meet you!

(Opening futrui wa precure)

that night

Majorythem:Huh?Sonny-kun?come on fuu-chan!

Fuu-chan:This late at night-fuu



a screen-like cage appears and smoke comes inside

Sonny and majorythem:(Coughing)

Majorythem:Where are we?And why are we bound in these ropes and chains?

Baron salamander:BE QUIET!!!minions!

Majorythem:Baron salamander why you--(Muffling)

Baron salamander:(Evil laugh)

All precure:give the transfer student back!!!!

Cure black:Emissery of light!I'm cure black!

Cure white:Emissery of light!I'm cure white!

shiny luminous:The shining life!I'm shiny luminous!

Cure bloom:The flower that bloom on the earth!I'm cure bloom!

Cure eglet:The shiny wing!I'm cure eglet!

Cure bright:The light of the moon!I'm cure bright!

Cure windy:The wind in the sky!I'm cure windy!

Cure dream:The great power of hope!I'm cure dream!

Cure rouge:The fire of passion!I'm cure rouge!

Cure lemonade:The great scent of lemon!Cure lemonade!

Cure mint:The tragilly of earth!I'm cure mint!

Cure aqua:The foutain of stream!I'm Cure aqua!

milky rose:The blue rose is the secret eblem!I'm milky rose!

Cure peach:The pink heart is the proof of love!Fresh picked!I'm Cure peach!

Cure berry:The blue heart is the proof of hope!freshly harvest!I'm cure berry

Cure pine:The yellow heart is the proof of prayer!Freshly caught!I'm cure pine

Cure passion:The scaret heart is the proof of happiness!freshly ripe!I'm cure passion!

Cure blossom:The flower spreading throughout the land!I'm blossom!

Cure marine:The flower swaying in the sea breeze!I'm cure marine!

'Cure moonlight:'The flower that glistens in the light of the moon!Cure moonlight!

'Cure sunshine:'The flower that bathes in sunlight!Cure sunshine!

'Cure flower:'The flower shining in holy light!Cure flower!

'Cure melody:'Strumming the wild tune!Cure melody!

Cure rhythem:Playing the graceful tune!Cure rhythem!

'Cure muse:'Playing the Goddess' tune!Cure muse!

'Cure beat:'Playing the spirit's tune!Cure beat!

Cure happy:Kirakira Sparkling Light of the Future! Cure Happy!

'Cure sunny:'The Sun, sansan, hot-blooded power! Cure Sunny!

'Cure peace:'Pikapika glittering, rock, paper, scissors ♪ Cure Peace!

'Cure march:'Courage rinrin, a clear-cut match! Cure March!

'Cure beauty:'Shinshin, falling and gathering, noble heart! Cure Beauty!

sonny and Majorythem:Shawn-kun!

shawn:Majorythem transform!


Fuu-chan:precure seed,go!

Majorythem:Precure open my heart!

Cure union:The rose who bring all the flowers together!Cure union!

Baron salamander:Gerrrrrrrrrr!Minions retreat!

The next morning

Majorthem:Umm...I want to join you haruhi!



ending ganbalance de dance(all star version)